Adam "Doomkid" Post is the creator of several WADs for both single player and deathmatch game modes, and is also notable for having contributed to several community projects such as The Plutonia MIDI Pack, Doomworld Mega Project 2014, Duel40 and Deathmatch Revival among others.

Doomkid is the sole designer of several WADs, including The UAC Rebellion, Revenge of the 90's, TheDevilzWork and The Sinister Seven. His Deathmatch wads are popular in the Zdaemon and Odamex communities, including the Doomkid's Deathmatch series, the Z-Match series and Dwango: 20th Anniversary Edition (Dwango20.wad), a compilation of older Deathmatch maps.

A member of the community since March 2000, Doomkid can be found regularly on the Doomworld and Zandronum forums, and was a regular Doom Connector user. He has been in several notable clans including Clan Delta and Relentless Beating and is currently a member of Unidoom. Doomkid maintains his own website centered around Doom WADs and a multiplayer Doom tutorial. He currently maintains a YouTube channel centered around Doom releases and unlicensed video games.