The first few Dafydd novels take place roughly in the 21st century (between 2000 and 2099, c. 2022 if using the classic timeline dates).[1] A more specific timeline is given in the 4th book but re-adjusted to the People's Glorious Revolution/Liberation.

There does appear to be some discrepancies in ages, such that Albert appears to be about 17-27 around the events of third novel. But yet his age of death according to the 4th book would seem to make him born after events of the 3rd book. Although it's possible he suffered time dilation and was out of sync with earth's time, just not as much as Flynn and Arlene were by the time they returned to earth. It's not clear how they are calculating his 'age' (132 years including dilation or 132 actual years of life (dilation ignored))


  • 3,000,000,000 BPGL - The First Men/First Ones create the first Gates.[2]
  • 2,000,000,000 BPGL - Species that would become humans started to evolve a couple of billion years ago. Possibly connected to the First Men/First Ones.
  • 18,000,000 - Six Million Year War begins.
  • 12,000,000 - Ancient books are written[3]
  • 7,000,000-6,000,000 BPGL - True humans evolve.[4]
  • 1,000,000 BPGL - Ancient civilization builds Gates on Mars, Phobos and Deimos.[5]
  • 300,000 BPGL
    • Various aliens discover technology for Gates.
    • Earth had seen many invasions over several hundred thousand years or so by the Klave, Freds (artichokes, demon aliens) and the Resuscitators (Res-Men, Newbies, Human travelers form earth).
  • 30,000 BPGL - Klives build an observation base near earth, but are soon attacked.[6]
  • 10,000 BPGL - Human civilization begins (or begins again after having been destroyed in previous alien attack).
  • 641-631 BPGL (1490s-1500s)Freds discovers Earth humans while Spain and Portugal were still sailing out in wooden wind-driven ships to map the "New World."[7]
  • 531 BPGL - Freds return to Fredworld [8]
  • 309 BPGL (1822) - Freds start heading towards Earth (on a 200 year journey)[9]
  • 301 BPGL (1830) - Mormon religion begins.[10]
  • (1930) - Stogie space ships are the craze in art.
  • (1941) - Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December.
  • (1945) - [11]
  • (1950) - Saucer shaped flying ships are the craze in art.
  • 150 BPGL (1981) - The first human shuttle launches.[12]
  • 148 BPGL (1983) - Goforth is born.
  • 132 BPGL (1999) - Flynn Taggart is born.
  • 129 BPGL (2002)
    • Weem joins the military.[13]
  • 127 BPGL (2004)
    • Goforth joins the marines.[14]
    • DCX-2004 is built.[15]
  • 126 BPGL (2005)
    • Flynn is humiliated by his father at a museum.[16]
    • Albert Gallatin is born.
  • 123 BPGL (2008) - Jill Lovelace is born.
  • 122 BPGL (2009)
    • Flynn Taggart rides a roller coaster.[17]
    • Child born to a family in Riverside.[18]
  • (2010) - Future veteran of the Doom War is born.[19]
  • 119 BPGL (2012) - Goforth joins the Light Drop.
    • Arlene spends two years plastering walls for a living.
  • 115 BPGL (2016) Arlene spends two years of College.[20]
  • 116 BPGL (2017)
    • Flynn begins Catholic highschool.
    • Arlene joins Weems unit. He is interested in her, but she is not in him.
  • 113 BPGL (2015)
      • Flynn leaves Catholic high school. Flynn Taggert joins the Marines. He turns down a chance to join the baseball leagues during the twelve year strike, and instead joinst he Marines service and begins training.[21][22][23]
    • Arlene slept with Weems[24]
    • Deimos is abandoned by the military.[25]
  • 109 BPGL (2019)
    • Flynn enters active duty Light Drop Infantry.[26]
    • Three-month mission in Peru.[27]
    • He meets Arlene Sanders. They go out to see Journey to the Center of the Earth movie together
  • 107 BPGL (2021)
    • Flynn is at Camp Pendelton.
    • Flynn is sent to Kefiristan a few months later.
    • Earth Base in Hawaii starts picking up alien signals from space.[28]
  • 106 BPGL (c. 2022)
    • FLynn finishes his time in Kafiristan.[29]
    • Then the Pearl Triangle.
    • Taggert feels guilty for the stuff he is involved in.[30]
    • Mick Jagger comeback tour planned.
    • Flynn is transferred to Mars.
    • - Knee Deep in the Dead
    • - Hell on Earth
    • - Infernal Skies
      • Jill Lovelace was around 14.
  • 9 BPGL (2119) - Mission lauched.
  • 1 PGL (2128)
    • The People's Glorious Revolution occurs freeing Humans from the aliens control
    • 13 PGL (2140) - Disrespect to Death-Bringing Deconstructionists assigned to PARI lunar base launched
  • 31 PGL (2158) - Gallatin Albert dies (age 132).
  • 44 PGL (2171) - Gallatin Albert's body exhibited in Hall of People's Heroes for last time (since his death). Body interred beneath Tabernacle of People's Faith of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake Grad.
  • 37 PGL (2164) - Prototype of life-stasis created.
  • 50 PGL (2177) - Full implantation of life-stasis successful.
  • 96 PGL (2223) - Human construction begins.
  • 142 PGL (2270) - Construction completed.


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