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Timeline for the Doom novels by Daffyd ab Hugh.


The first few Dafydd novels take place roughly in the 21st century (between 2000  (likely after 2004 based on a reference to a shuttle in the game) and 2099, perhaps c. 2012 (for some of the math to fall into place).[1] A more specific timeline is given in the 4th book but re-adjusted to the People's Glorious Revolution/Liberation. It can take place no earlier than 2000 (but less likely to be before 2004 based on the DCX-2004 spacecraft ) as it is said to be 21st century (the reference to 'doddering old Mick Jagger' would also limit when the series could take place as well, assuming he is in his 60-70s).

The reference to Mick Jagger technically really 'dates' the books. He has undergone a number of tours currently up to 2021 (78 years old), with possibly more gigs going on in 2022. Real life could technically shift the date to any time in the 21st century (sometime after 2004), if it was following real life. The book itself is not specifically clear when it takes place, except being early in the 21st century. The math in last book is the only issue that may potentially break down if going by current dates (of course this would make the DCX-2004 very old ship, but its not uncommon for US to use aging spacecraft for decades).

Flynn Taggart might be canon to the game series or at least the reboot series: Entering 'FLYNNTAGGART' onto the old computer in Doom Eternal, will unlock DOOM 2, as well as the Taggart Comic Group.

Ironically, this may mean that Flynn Taggart or an alternate universe version of himself is canon to the Doom (2016)/Eternal parallel universe. Or perhaps the universe Doom Slayer ended up in is Flynn Taggart's own universe (many years after the novels. If anything Doom Slayer is using Flynn Taggart's name as alias for whatever reason.

In the novels in Endgame, Flynn Taggart had moved into the future due to FTL Time dilation, ending up in the beyond the year 142 (PGL) (roughly 2270 in the classic timeline), to around 2,500s or so.

Flynn is remembered in the far future in the Ret-Conned: The Life and Times of Flynn Taggart, and through his company Taggart Comics Group.

Flynn Taggart's escape to earth from Deimos Base in mail rocket in Hell on Earth novel appears to be a reference to the Marine (Doom II)'s escape to earth using a drop pod in Hell on Earth manual. Though depending on the source Doom II hero is same hero from Doom/Doom 64 aka Doom Slayer/B.J. Blazcowicz. While other accounts seperate the two characters from Doom and Doom II into two different persons. For there to be other marines who survived one would have to ignore the references to 'only survivor', as Fly Taggart escaped with Arlene Sanders back to earth. Doom II marine at least is implied to be the only survivor of a concurrent Mars Base invasion (much like Doom 3 Marine), while Doom 1 character (Doom Slayer/B.J. Blazkowicz) was only survivor of Ultimate Doom scenario in Doom (surviving Phobos/Deimos and finally Hell). However the fact Taggart and Arlene made it through Phobos and Deimos would also contradict the 'only survivor' claim. However, its possible that most of UAC never knew as Flynn mostly was on his own 'secret missions' in the novels (since he and Sanders disappeared into the future Time Dilation for all UAC knew both were dead), and would have been recorded as such in their records.


(Work in Progress - Needs improvement)

  • 3,000,000,000 BPGL - The First Men/First Ones create the first Gates.[2]
  • 2,000,000,000 BPGL - Species that would become humans started to evolve a couple of billion years ago. Possibly connected to the First Men/First Ones.
  • 18,000,000 - Six Million Year War begins.
  • 12,000,000 - Ancient books are written[3]
  • 7,000,000-6,000,000 BPGL - True humans evolve.[4]
  • 1,000,000 BPGL - Ancient civilization builds Gates on Mars, Phobos and Deimos.[5]
  • 300,000 BPGL
    • Various aliens discover technology for Gates.
    • Earth had seen many invasions over several hundred thousand years or so by the Klave, Freds (artichokes, demon aliens) and the Resuscitators (Res-Men, Newbies, Human travelers form earth).
  • 30,000 BPGL - Klives build an observation base near earth, but are soon attacked.[6]
  • 10,000 BPGL - Human civilization begins (or begins again after having been destroyed in previous alien attack).
  • 641-631 BPGL (1490s-1500s)Freds discovers Earth humans while Spain and Portugal were still sailing out in wooden wind-driven ships to map the "New World."[7]
  • 531 BPGL - Freds return to Fredworld[8]
  • (1822) - Freds start heading towards Earth (on a 200 year journey)[9]
  • (1830) - Mormon religion begins.[10]
  • (1930) - Stogie space ships are the craze in art.
  • (1941) - Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December.
  • (1943) - Mick Jagger is born.
  • (1945) -[11] WW2 ends.
  • (1950) - Saucer shaped flying ships are the craze in art.
  • 129 BPGL (1981) - The first human shuttle launches.[12]
  • 1995 - Last flight of the DC-X1 Delta Clipper, which then went through seveeral more designs.[13]
  • 132 BPGL () - Albert Galletin is born, Flynn Taggart is born...
  • 120 BPGL ()
    • Flynn (7) is humiliated by his father at a museum.[14]
  • 122 BPGL ()
    • Flynn Taggart (10) rides a roller coaster.[15]
  • 118 BPGL()
    • Flynn (14) learned that when your mind is working, don't give it a reason to stop. Flynn joins Catholic Highschool around this time. Flynn joins catholic highschool
  • 114 BPGL ()
    • Flynn () graduates from Catholic Highschool.
  • 110 BPGL () - Future veteran of the Doom War is born.[16]
  • 1113 BPG ()
    • Flynn Taggert (19) joins the Marines. He turns down a chance to join the baseball leagues during the twelve year strike, and instead joins the Marines service and begins training.[17][18][19]
  • (2004) - DCX-2004 is built.[20]
  • 105 BPGL () - Flynn enters active duty Light Drop Infantry.[21] Three-month mission in Peru.[22] Flynn starts to regret some of the things he has and will be doing in the miltary for the next seven years.
  • 104 (2008) - Flynn Taggart recommisions for another four years of service.
  • 102 BPGL () - He meets Arlene Sanders. They go out to see Journey to the Center of the Earth movie together
  • 101 BPGL ()
    • Flynn is at Camp Pendelton.
    • Flynn is sent to Kefiristan a few months later. He was in a trench for eight months.
    • Earth Base in Hawaii starts picking up alien signals from space.[23]
  • 100 BPGL (2012)
    • Flynn finishes his time in Kafiristan.[24]
    • Then the Pearl Triangle.
    • Taggert feels guilty for the stuff he is involved in for the last seven years.[25]
    • Mick Jagger comeback tour planned.[26]
    • Flynn is transferred to Mars.
    • Six months later - Knee Deep in the Dead
    • - Hell on Earth
    • - Infernal Skies
      • Jill Lovelace was 14.
      • Albert Galltain is 27.
      • Flynn is 23-27.
      • Flynn, Arlene, Albert and their group leave for the Klave base.
  • 101 BPGL () - Jill turns 15.
  • 80 BPGL ()
    • Flynn, Arlene leave Albert behind in Klave base, as they travel towards Fredworld.
    • Albert is injured in Klave Base and stays behind.
  • 29 BPGL () - Albert recovers from his wounds and leaves the base.
  • 9 BPGL ()  - Albert returns to earth.
    • Mission lauched to plan to reach the stars.
  • 7 BPGL (2079) - Albert leaves the Marines, the Marines are disbanded in favor of joining People's Democratic Defense Forces. He starts studying life extension.
  • 1 PGL ()
    • The People's Glorious Revolution occurs freeing Humans from the aliens control.
  • 13 PGL (2099) - Disrespect to Death-Bringing Deconstructionists assigned to PARI lunar base launched.
  • 20 PGL () - Flynn and Arlene reach Fredworld.
  • 31 PGL () - Gallatin Albert dies (age 132).
  • 37 PGL () - Prototype of life-stasis created.
  • 44 PGL () - Gallatin Albert's body exhibited in Hall of People's Heroes for last time (since his death). Body interred beneath Tabernacle of People's Faith of Latter-Day Saints, Salt Lake Grad.
  • 50 PGL () - Full implantation of life-stasis successful.
  • 96 PGL () - Human construction of PARI moon begins.
  • 142 PGL () - PARI moon construction completed.
  • 401 PGL () - Flynn Taggart and Arlene make it back to earth.

Doom Reboot Era[]

The references to Flynn Taggart and Taggart Comics Group may set an understanding to when and where Doom Reboot's UAC takes place. Assuming the MTC  dates are actually My (Mars year dates) see MTC. This would also avoid some of the issues with Doom 3 and Doom 2016's dates overlapping but the UAC cultures appearing to be completely different.

  • (MTC 2149) - Doom (2016)
  • ( MTC 2163) - Doom Eternal begins...

To fix[]

  • 148 BPGL () - Goforth is born.
  • 115 BPGL () Arlene spends two years of College.[27]
  • 129 BPGL ()
    • Weem joins the military.[28]
    • Goforth joins the marines.[29]
  • 119 BPGL () - Goforth joins the Light Drop.
  • 119 BPGL () - Goforth joins the Light Drop.
    • Arlene spends two years plastering walls for a living.
  • 84 BPGL () - Arlene joins Weems unit. Dodd is interested in her, but she is not in him.
  • 83 BPGL ()
    • Arlene slept with Dodd[30]
  • 51 PGL () - Flynn and Arlene reach Fredworld.
  • 173 PGL () - Flynn Taggart and Arlene make it back to the Klave base.
  • 337 PGL () - Flynn Taggart reaches PARI moon.


  • The story blurb states: The Gates were there on Phobos when mankind first arrived. Inert, unyielding, impossibly alien constructs, for twenty years they sat lifeless, mute testaments to their long-vanished creators, their secrets hidden. Then one day, they sprang to life...
    Meet Corporal Flynn Taggart, United States Marine Corps; serial number 888-23-9912. He's the best warrior the twenty-first century has to offer, which is a damn good thing. Because Flynn Taggart is all that's standing between the hell that just dropped in on Mars and an unsuspecting planet Earth...
  • Hitler existed middleof 'last century' (indicating that the story takes place in 2000-2099), in book four they refer to themselves as humans of the twenty-first century (also indicating the series started in 21st century). There maybe one reference to 2004 by means of a vehicle.
  • Kenneth Estes is in his mid-thirties.
  • Roughly 500 years passed between the time Arlene and Taggert traveled to Fredworld towards Skinwalker, and back. 500 hundred years since Arlene last saw Albert.
  • About five hundred years since Sears/Roebuck left the Klave base.
  • 501 years ago total.
  • Taggart had been in grade for 263 years.
  • Arlene is about 483 years old at the time she returned to Earth (relativity and time dilation). If Arlene was gone for 500/501 years shouldn't she be older? This might be related to AI memorsonly going back to 'when she last saw them' rather than entire memories up to her death.
  • Jill is about 'fifteen' in her AI image in the future and her clone (indicating she was probably almost 15 at the last time they saw her, however they do calculate for that extra year "501" years, and its established she is 14 in previous books). If so over 18 years of memories are missing. Arlene's rouhgly 501 age + however old she was when last on earth
  • There was a 12 year strike in the baseball leagues.
  • Buddy Ambrose - spent “Eight months; he moved to SLC, moved back to Hollywood half a year later.
  • David 10yearold boy became a seasoned veteran of war.
  • Warrent WIlliams... A year ago I would have described myself as a militant civilian.” “Over a year ago, before I joined the team, this installation received a coherent signal from space."
  • While it takes a few weeks to reach Klave's base, forty-earth years pass (time dilation) + over 200 years to reach Fredworld. Roughly 500 years round trip back to earth.
  • Albert was about twenty-seven in Infernal Sky (he calculates if he stayed back on earth, he'd be 67 years old if she left and returned in 40 years)
  • It had been a year or so since they traveled from earth from their perspective, but 501 years had passed.
  • Dead Newbie had been on Fredworld for 40 years. 40 years from the time they landed there, and before FLynn Taggart reached the planet. Newbies ship had already left to other regions (Newbie-prime, Skinwalker), possibly returning to earth.
  • If Albert was 27 on earth, and spent 40 years in relativity traveling Earth and Fred Base he was roughly 27 years when he got back to earth physically but 67 from perspective of those on Earth, He then lived 2 years until the People's Revolution, and Marines were disbanded + another 38 years. THis would make him roughly 67 years old physically when he died, or 107 relatively. However, it says he was 132... died in 132nd year of life, year 31 PGL.” This leaves a 25 year descrepency? How long was he on Fred Base before he returned to earth? 25 years. Alberts age of death date, might have to force events of early books to be aroudn 3011, in order to fully match up. He isa bout the same age as Taggart (at least within 4 years of each ofther)
  • Keriferstan for 8 months.
  • In the two hundred years since we’d been gone—or a hundred and sixty, actually; the moon was built forty years before and named People Armed to Repel Invasion, henceforth PARI...
  • In order for certain events to work, for math to work out, the events in book 1 and 2 have to begin sometime in the early 2000s. This allows for the age and history of Albert to fit in better, and also insures that Flynn's history of joining the Marines would be no later than 28 years old. Making him around 36 at during the start of the series. This ensures that all the little stories of his childhood seem to fit with the 132 BGPL date in relation to other events (still there is elements of time dilation that might still impact the calculations from being accurate), but this seems to fit the key framework. The 132 BGPL birthdate for Flynn, and 113 BGPL date (of when he joined the Marines making him age 19), and making him 27 at the time of the story, can give an idea when he would have been born, in relation to the 2000s. Depending on if Taggart was in service for 4 years or 8 (a certain date given in the books may overlap or be in addition to) could shave off his age to being around 23 at the time of the first book.
  • Flynn had four years of Catholic school, run by Father Bartolomeo, after four years in the Corps, the last three in Light Drop Infantry,
  • Star Trek Ten followed by Star Trek: Exodus (Star Trek 10 was Nemesis in 2002, Star Trek: Exodus is actually a 2004 novel, although a 1995 novel would have never accurately predicted this)
  • Christopher Olen Ray was in his early twenties.
  • Williams joined Hawaii base over a year ago.
  • Book 2 seems to make either Albert to be 22 or 23 in age.
  • Taggart's father was doing twenty-five for running down a state trooper, he died two years later form a cerebral hemmorage.
  • Deimos was abanded four years ago.
  • Lieutentant weems had been first lieuteant for three years.
  • Goforth had been marines for twenty years (twenty-year man). IN his late 30s, 18-year marine, the last ten in Light Drop.
  • Flak jackats were last year's model.
  • Arlene had been 2 years as a courier, and two years in college, before she joined the marines.
  • When David's mother was ten her only question was if there were monsters. His sister Lisa had only been 13.
  • When arlene was twenty she outweighed her brother by ten pounds (Ambrose Sanders). He stayed with Arlne for eight months, moved back to Hollywood a year later.
  • After Flynn and Arlene try to chase down the Freds, they reach the the Freds about 40 years fater they landed. They had already left about 40 years before Flynn reached the planet to head towards Skinwalker or Newbie-Prime.


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