Many artists have covered music from Doom. Apart from single covers, there have been several "albums" and compilations of Doom music. Following is a list of some notable Doom-music related albums, covers, and remixes. This list is not necessarily complete.

Ashley Carr - Doom and Doom 2

Ashley Carr remixed all tracks from Doom and Doom 2. The remixes lack realistic instrumentation, and instead focus on heavily synthesized sounds.

Bloodshedder - Chiptune remixes - Doom and Doom 2

Bloodshedder created Chiptune-style versions of songs from Doom and Doom 2.

Bloodshedder - NES remixes - Doom and Doom 2

Bloodshedder created NES-style versions of tracks from Doom, and a couple from Doom 2.

CoTeCiO - Doom Remakes - Doom

Complete Doom remix album.  CoTeCiO is also working on Doom 2.

Jay Reichard - Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom

Remixes mainly using synthesized electric guitars.

Main page: Zorasoft

Jose Beausejour - Doom

Endgame - E1M8 - E3M3 - E1M4 -  E2M9 - E1M1 - E1M1 Unplugged - E2M1 Youtube Playlist

Kinkiness - Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom

Kinkiness remixed a large number of Doom tracks. Many are ambient.

Kira - DOOM Remastered Vol. 1, 2, and 3 - Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom

Lorcan - Final Doom

Lorcan remixed music from Final Doom (TNT: Evilution).

OverClocked ReMix - The Dark Side of Phobos - Doom

Main page: The Dark Side of Phobos

OverClocked ReMix - Delta-Q-Delta - Doom 2

Main page: Delta-Q-Delta

Paul's Stuff: Doom - Doom and Doom 2

Doom and Doom 2 tracks, played through external synthesizers.

Per Kristian - Doom and Doom 2

Per Kristian is (as of September 2013) remixing tracks from Doom and Doom 2.

Ransu - Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, and Hexen

Main page: Ransu's Remastered Game Music

Sonic Clang - Classic Doom 3 Soundtrack - Doom episode 1

Sonic Clang and Thumpmonk covered the Knee-Deep in the Dead soundtrack for the Classic Doom 3 Mod.

Steve Rot - Steve Rot's Doom Tribute - Doom episode 1 and Doom 2

Main page: Steve Rot's Doom Tribute

Steve Rot created realistic covers of music from Doom and Doom 2. All Doom 2 tracks are covered. However, with the exception of Sweet Little Dead Bunny, only tracks from Doom episode 1: Knee-Deep in the Dead are covered.

Sycraft - Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom

Sycraft remastered the tracks from Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom.

Xelteckon - XTDoom Soundtrack - Doom and Doom 2 (one track)

Xelteckon created realistic powerful covers of Doom tracks. There are different versions of the album: vCyAn, vCyRem, and vCyRem2. Each is an improvement of the one previously released. They contain all tracks from Doom, plus the first track from Doom 2. Xelteckon gave a title to the song for E2M9 and E3M1; "That's One Doomed Space Marine", in reference to a quote by Duke Nukem.