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The Doom community contains a large number of people. However, not all of these people are worthy of an article on them.

Some guidelines for pages about specific people in the community:

  • The person being written up should have done something notable. For example, contributed to successfully released projects (including WADs, source ports, editing utilities, and the like), won a well-known tournament, recorded a number of speedruns for Compet-n, etc. If they have not done anything of note in the Doom community, they should not be written up. Playing in a clan or having a forum account on Doomworld does not count.
  • The article should be about their contributions to the Doom community. Information about other interests (eg. "ÜberDooMer likes to play the guitar and play Counterstrike") is not appropriate.
  • The name of the article should generally take the form Real name (nickname): for example, John Carmero (ÜberDooMer). Sometimes the real name is not known, where the nickname alone will suffice, and occasionally a nickname is unnecessary even if it exists, especially if the person uses his or her real name most of the time, or the nickname is not generally used for relevant game related activities.
  • List the person's achievements (e.g. projects they have been involved in) in a bullet-point list, giving the year.
    • Unfinished and unreleased mods should not be listed.
  • Include a link to their website and/or released projects in an "External links" section at the end of the article.
  • Photos can be included, but be sure to get permission from whoever owns the copyright on the photo. Photos are more appropriate on long write-ups, however.
  • The article must have a defaultsort tag applied, so that it sorts correctly; e.g. Robert Prince has the tag {{DEFAULTSORT:Prince,Robert}} and thus sorts under P as it should, not under R as it would without the tag.