Inter-wiki markup doesn't work

I've just edited the Simpsons Doom page to add the appropriate references from the Simpsons wiki (also hosted on Wikia), but although I've carefully checked the markup and it's correct, it doesn't work — it refers to nonexistent pages on this wiki instead.

I believe this is a configuration error on the Doom wiki, as the exact same markup format works properly on other Wikia wikis; I've successfully used it to link to the Doom wiki from the Simpsons wiki and the His Dark Materials wiki. — RobertATfm 11:44, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

This is a sample link to show what happens; it's supposed to go to the His Dark Materials article "Zombi", but will likely go to a redlink on the Doom wiki instead. — RobertATfm 11:54, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
Interwikia links start with w:c:wikiname:, not just wikiname:. Your sample link works as w:c:hdm:Zombi. Keep in mind that wikis can have namespaces (e.g., Talk:, Template:, File:, Help:, etc.), or articles containing a colon (e.g.: TNT: Evilution). --Gez 11:49, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

Doom 1 problem: doors won't open

I'm trying to introduce my son to the original Doom (well, Ultimate Doom95). I purchased an original disk through ebay, installed it, downloaded DPLAY.DLL from the web, and installed this file in the Ultimate Doom folder. The game plays, but the doors don't open when my player gets close to them. Any advice? (I'm playing the game on Windows Vista.)

Doors don't open by themselves when the player gets close to them; in order to interact with doors or switches, you need to press the Use key (which is assigned to Spacebar by default). This includes both "normal" doors and switches, as well as secret doors and switches. Get close to the door or switch, face it, and press the Use key to interact with it. If a door or switch does not work in this way, there is probably a remote switch somewhere which triggers it. A few secret doors or triggers need to be shot at with a bullet-style weapon, however.
Also, I would recommend using a source port rather than the Doom95 engine included with your disc. Most source ports fix compatibility or performance issues that older versions of the game can suffer from, as well as offering a host of improvements and new options. Instructions on how to use a source port can be found here. -- A contributor 6:51, November 27, 2011 (WST)