Doom Wiki
This page may not necessarily be up to date. As with any MediaWiki wiki, an up-to-the-minute listing can always be found at Special:Listadmins.

Administrators are users with some special abilities. Among other things, they can:

  • Delete pages
  • View and undelete deleted pages
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages
  • Block users

The Doom Wiki currently has sixteen local administrators:

If you need administrator assistance, for example to delete a page or stop a persistent vandal, feel free to ask any of the above (preferably active) users. In an emergency, try to catch one of us on IRC. Bloodshedder, Quasar and TheGreenHerring can usually be found on #zdoom, Jdowland (as Jon) on #doom-tech and Janizdreg on #chocolate-doom.

In addition, some Wikia Staff have administrator rights on all wikis; see Special:Listusers/staff. These users, however, generally use their privileges only for "janitorial" tasks (such as fixing bugs in MediaWiki). They should be contacted about site-specific problems only when no local administrator can be found.

If you want to become an administrator, ask Fredrik or Justice Infinity.