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Doom Wad Station is a WAD review site founded prior to 2000. Its creator and maintainer is Bob Larkin. The earliest reviews date back to 1999 and are for the original Doom game. The site began as "Bob's Doom and Doom2 site" in 1998 and soon became "Doom Wad Station". The site now includes reviews of maps for Doom Doom II and Doom 3, And most recently Doom (2016). Aswell a Total conversion page for classic Doom games and Doom 3.

As the site expanded, so did the interest in all things related to id Software. Amongst the various portions of the site is a complete list of all the shareware versions of id Software's games, and a database of maps for all of the various games that are editable.

The site also acts as a partial Doom archive, with a partial backup of the idgames archive levels hierarchy which is updated frequently, as well as sections such as the Deathmatch section which aims to keep the community apprised of various deathmatch mods on which Doom/Doom 2 can be played. The site has been through many changes over the years, and from 2007 until the end of 2013 was actually owned and operated by another person who eventually returned control the site to Bob in 2014. Since getting the site back, Bob has been working diligently to update the site, removing old links, updating pages, etc... Some of the previous content will remain - mostly content that is not Doom or Quake related. Bob is returning to a more Doom Centric site. Also, Bob - inspired by the Star Trek form of time keeping - Stardate, created his own version which he termed Doomdate. This time is calculated by the number of full years since the original release of Doom as shareware on December 10, 1993 then adding a decimal point and putting in the full number of days released. IE - this update was done on February 15, 2014 which comes out to Doomdate 20.7365

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