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Doom SNES story is slightly modified from the original classic Doom (minus retcons from the Ultimate Doom). It introduces its own timeline (see SNES Doom timeline), and slightly modified interlude and ending text between each episode.

Unlike the PC versions the ending text is displayed over the maps of each world, and there is no Daisy ending sequence.

Manual transcript[]

Game Transcript[]

Once you beat the big badasses and, cleaned out the moon base you're supposed to win, aren't you? Aren't you?

Where's your fat reward and ticket home? What the hell is this? It's not supposed to end this way!

It stinks like rotten meat, but looks like the lost Deimos base. Looks like you're stuck on The Shores of Hell. The only way out is through.

Continue the DOOM experience and play The Shores of Hell and its sequel, Inferno.

You've done it! The hideous cyberdemon lord that ruled the lost Deimos moon base has been slain and now you are triumphant! But . . . where are you? You clamber to the edge of the moon and look down to see the awful truth.

Deimos floats above Hell itself! You've never heard of anyone escaping from Hell, but you'll make them sorry they ever heard of you! Quickly, you rappel down to the surface of Hell.

Now, it's on to the final chapter of DOOM! -- Inferno.

The loathsome spiderdemon that masterminded the invasion of the moon bases and caused so much death has been beaten for all time.

A hidden doorway opens and you enter. You've proven far too tough for Hell to contain, and now Hell at last plays fair -- for you emerge from the door to see the green fields of Earth! Home at last.

I wonder what's been happening on Earth while you battled the evil unleashed. It's a good thing that no Hell-spawn could have come through that door with you ...