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An assault rifle. I could definitely use this!___Guess that means no.XArchvile___You picked up %d cells.___Tap to pick up the Plasma Gun.___Sam, what are you doing?!YLook out!__¡The transport won't know that either of us are alive. If you make it, we'll both have a chance. Take this sentry bot, she has access to the facility's systems.__‡Look out for these fat zombies. They will try to grab onto you and make you their lunch. If they do, shake the device to push them off!__<Bad news, Doc. Sam was attacked and she's a little damaged.__POkay, the tram is online. Wait, something is happening. Oh no, they're here...__%We'll come get you, Doc. Hang tight!__)Tap to pick up the Double Barrel Shotgun.___Id Mobile: (people)___Tap for pause menu___Entering Mars City^Sam, you okay?__pAhh, the power source is defocused. I have the part that will do the trick. This will take me a few minutes...__QAh. Yes. Good luck! Once you activate the tram we can get to Mars City safely.___What's wrong? ___Tap to switch weapons__OHey, Doc, what in the world is Sam good for if she can't open ANY of the doors?__OOh no, it can't be... but it's the only explanation. They must be teleporting!__:I... I don't know what happened. That should have worked!__%I'll get the data back... I swear it!__+This is it, Dr. Martin is behind that door!VResume__xNo, no, no! You, you... you have to help me fix her! The data Sam has is the only proof we have of what happened here!WUNCOVER__IEXIT GAME?

This will exit DOOM and load a browser window.

Are you sure?__OIf you can find him, he might be able to shed some more light on the situation.Q@___Good Sam! Keep it open!QDZPAUSE MENU___Here goes nothing!YFree Play__PI can see you, Doc, but you look pretty goofy on Sam's screen. Everything okay?[What the...__sA BFG... Wow, thanks, Doc! Umm, not to sound ungrateful, but do you have other supplies? We could really use it!__DYou've been grabbed by a zombie!

Shake the device to free yourself!__Marine, I've found some disturbing information but I need more data to confirm. Keep your eyes out for more interface terminals.[Invert Look___Okay, Sam, go for it.___Ugh... where am I?___At least you made it!\Control SwapTNext___No weapons! I'm dead meat...Q?___Sam, open this door!__)Doc, we found another interface terminal.__€Whatever you do, make sure Sam doesn't get damaged. The information in her memory banks is vital to uncovering this conspiracy.__=Hey robot! Hurry up already! I can't hold them off all day!__XHey Doc, you're not going to believe this. Some monsters just appeared out of thin air.___Damned locked doors!YLocked...__(Sam, can't you open any of these doors?![Resume Game___You picked up %d health.WGehenna__Ç id Software:
 John Carmack
 Technical Director

 Katherine Anna Kang
 Producer and Designer

 Todd Hollenshead
BusinessUERROR[(No Symbol)VLocked__gShe's quite handy, we'll be able to communicate through her. You'd better go, we don't have much time.___Tap to pick up the Chaingun.___You know where we are?__ÑThese enemies are about to shoot bullets at you! A yellow hexagon represents how accurate their shots are. When you see their hexagon shrink and turn red, take cover!

Tap here to toggle in and out of cover.__*This is the only other door out of here...__]Sam, you need to find a way to get this door open for us or we'll end up as somebody's lunch!__2And we need to get to Delta Labs to fix it, right?X*static*___EnPro UndergroundYHelp Text___You found a secret item!___Zombie, behind you!__+Hey doc, Sam's found something interesting.__`Tap the screen with your finger to pick up items.

Items glow and spin so they are easy to spot.__+Alright, some firepower with a little kick!__KI was attacked earlier. I think I was... bitten. I'll be okay... I think.[Tap to fire__`Ugh, my head. I must have been left for dead. I've got to get out of here and warn the others!__EDoc, the emergency doors are open. We're heading over to Delta Labs.___Where are all my weapons!?__yI've been afraid to leave, but we're running out of time. The last transport off of Mars is leaving in a couple of hours.VWhere?__'For some reason my files are getting corrupted. The files on Sam should be intact, she has the most sophisticated data protection system I know.__1Alright! We're back and I still have my weapons!___STAY BACK!!! Arghh!__AGood Sam! Keep him busy while I find something to bash him with!]Gooey Reactor^Hmm, locked...__6Rest well soldier. I'll make good use of this for you.VSHAKE!____ Support and Special Thanks:
Mason Lucas, Lisa Loewecke, Deana Tardif, Misty Green, Amber Green, Rachel Miller, Peter Robbins, Casey Lewis, Jennifer Cline, Steve Nix, Don MacAskill, Lance Howell, Joe Kreiner, Brendan Goss, Drew Haworth, Kerry Ganofsky, Chris Donahue, Ryan Monday.___Tap to pick up the BFG.__wHold on to the trigger to charge your attack. If you're careful with it, you'll have some amazing power in your hands.__2No time for grief, Doc. We've got to keep moving.__kSam doesn't have emergency security clearance, but she may be able find a weakness in the system somewhere.RNO___Damned zombies!___Tap to pick up weapon.___[(C) 2009 Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved. DOOM Resurrection(TM) is a trademark and DOOM(R) and ID(R) are registered trademarks of Id Software, Inc. in the United States and some other countries. Escalation Studios(TM) is a trademark of Escalation Studios, LLC. FMOD Sound System, copyright (C) Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2009.__UYou had me worried for a minute. Good to have you back! Okay, Doc, time to leave! ___Now, Doc, what were you saying?ZHoly shit!__2This is an enemy. Shoot him before he gets to you!__/This number shows ammo in your current magazine__ZOnce you're there Sam should be able to activate the tram to get you where you need to go.__nJust outside the teleporter chamber there is an interface terminal that controls the majority of the facility.XPar TimeZAmmo time!__6Excellent, ammo! Wow, look at all those explosives...__>Sam, we need to get through this door. Find a way to open it!__PDelta is just ahead. Be careful. From what I can tell it's completely overrun.__¤I can't make sense of everything but it looks like the teams in Delta Labs were working on teleportation technology and something went wrong. Something... sinister.__˜Some of our scientists are not thinking clearly. Their minds... are not what they should be. I think they're planning an invasion of Mars. And Earth.___That looked easy!__MYes, Sam wasn't built for this kind of duty. I'm still working out the bugs.__tYou got a new gun! Remember, tap here to switch weapons. Some weapons are better than others for certain monsters.XCONTINUE__–If my data is correct, Hell contains thousands of teleportation gates. If we shut down the main teleporter here in Delta we may be able to stop them.__$No! Who are you? What do you want?ZAlpha Labs__-I always thought this place looked like Hell.__(Hey, you! HURRY! We have to leave NOW!___Cannot calibrate to this angle!__#This data is exactly what I needed!]Entering Hell___Ugh, the stench...___Entering Alpha Labs__!Tap to pick up the Assault Rifle.UDODGE__<You have minutes before the dropship leaves! You must hurry!o_1_D_o_n_'_t_ _h_u_r_t_ _S_a_m_'_s_ _f_e_e_l_i_n_g_s_._ _ _S_h_e_'_s_ _v_e_r_y_ _s_e_n_s_i_t_i_v_e_.__pThere should be a weapons cache near you with the parts needed to fix her. Hurry, the dropship is leaving soon!XContinue___You picked up %d bullets.__}We were attacked and emergency lockdown went into effect. The only way to get out is to deactivate it from the control room.___Finally! A door that works!___How are you doing, Sam?__-Great job, Sam! You're getting good at this![How to playXMancubus__5Dr. Martin, what can you tell us about all this mess?__&Got to get out of here. Just hold on!__dThis can't be right. How... what were they thinking? At least this explains all these... monsters!]Ack! Zombie!___Doc, we're in the control room.__?Absolutely! Let me open the weapons locker so you can restock.___Tap to dodge (if available)__dLet's see if we can reach Doc. Sam, see if you can get some kind of connection. Doc, are you there?__NDr. Garrett, there's another interface terminal here. Do you still need data?__bYes, I'm here! I've been trying to reach you, where have you been? We don't have much time left!__.Test... Test... Let's check communication...__5Doc! Doc! Do you read me?! Doc, what's happening?!S...__±I'm okay, now. When Sam activated the tram every door opened in the EnPro facility. I'm surrounded and have no way to get out... and the data I collected is in the other room.VSam! ___Nightmare difficulty unlocked!YMAIN MENU__&Ahh, shit. No... ugh. Sam, let's go.VMarine___Good lord, that's unnerving.__1The blast doors are closing! You've got seconds!QAWContact__ƒSo we have to get to the control room, deactivate the lock down procedures and reach the transport. All within a couple of hours?!ZOverbrightZEnPro Labs[Total Score___Garrett? He's alive?RA+___WHOA! Easy there, big guy!___Veteran difficulty unlocked!___Tap to pick up the Shotgun.XAccuracy__DYou two can chat about this later, we've got a job to do. Let's go.ZEXIT GAME?UAbout___You don't look well...Q!WRecruit___Finished Calibrating.___Tap to pick up the Chainsaw.VRESUME__RDon't worry, Doc. We'll get to that dropship and get us all the hell out of here!__±I... I don't think I can make it. Find help and have them get me. I should be okay till then. Monsters can't open doors so if they can't open doors, they can't get me, right?___From: UAC Corporate -- To: Earth Press Corps
Date: 2145 -- Subject: INCIDENT AT MARS CITY

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Following the regrettable accident at an off-world UAC Weapons Research Facility (Mars City), the UAC reports the complete loss of the facility and all personnel. The UAC extends our condolences to family members and friends. Those who lost their lives knew the risks of offworld research and development and the UAC salutes their sacrifice. An official investigation has been launched, and the UAC is dedicated to rebuilding the Mars facility with enhanced safety protocols. For more information please contact the UAC PR Department.WVeteranZDifficultyUABOUT___Tap to continue.__„I've looked for an alternate solution, but yes. It's the only way. We either get the tram working or we all die as monster kibble.___Ack! Monster! By the door!___Entering Tunnels___Just a little further, Sam.___Soldier, move out now!__;Sam, can you hear me? Are you okay? Why is she still
red?__KI don't have the equipment to process the data any more, but Sam can do it.___What happened here?UCOVER__!This number shows your total ammo___Sam, use your blowtorch!ULegal__#I think this is it, Sam. Let's go!__5So, how do we shut down the main teleporter in Delta?___Okay, soldier. I'm done!__6Okay, doc. We're making our way outside of Mars City.SN/ATTimeYCALIBRATE__#Sam, can you open this door for me?YFREE PLAY___You picked up %d shells.___¼June 2145. 
UAC Research Facility, Mars City.

At approximately 21:00 hours UMT, an experiment in the Delta Labs triggered an unknown event, resulting in the systematic invasion of the entire facility. Marine forces have been deployed to hot spots around the facility, with many teams encountering heavy resistance. Bravo Team was ambushed in the EnPro facility while searching for survivors.

You are the last surviving member of that team.__$Doc, how long is this going to take?__^Marine, I think it's my turn to share some bad news. It looks like Delta Labs is ground zero.QB___Guess we're on our own.\Sam... no...__lThis enemy will throw projectiles at you. Tap this button to evade incoming attacks. Timing is everything!]Sam, come on.__4Sam, there's another interface terminal. Go for it.___Oh no! Dr. Martin!___Uh oh. This doesn't look good.__(There it is! Sam, get on that terminal!XNew GameTRankVHurry!__;Sam, you need to get this door open. Do you understand me?__%I can try. Let me take a look at it.ZDelta Labs]Secrets Found___'The Union Aerospace Corporation is the largest corporate entity in existence. Originally focused on weapon and defense contracts, new ventures have expanded into:

- biological research
- space exploration
- and other scientific endeavors

With unlimited funds and the ability to engage in research outside of moral and legal obligations, the UAC controls the most advanced technology ever conceived.__#Is every door in this place locked?___Tap to toggle cover__)Aim and look around by tilting the device__éTilt your device to aim your crosshair

The game will auto calibrate your crosshair at the start of each level based on the orientation of your device

If the calibration is not to your liking, go to the pause menu and tap calibrate.__„Welcome to DOOM Resurrection! To ensure the best experience possible, don't forget to re-boot your device before starting the game!___How did you get in here?!__aInteresting, it looks like a colleague of mine is hiding in a secure room somewhere around there.__&*sigh* Alright then, let's get moving!___Tap to pick up the Data Card.__lAhh, that's an interface terminal! If Sam can link up with it I can access data from all over the facility.____Modes:
Story Mode: Select NEW GAME from the main menu to begin Story Mode. Each time you enter a new level in story mode, that level will unlock and become available in Free Play mode.

Free Play: In Free Play, you can start at any level you've unlocked and try for the best score!___This number is your health__.The explosives are gonna blow! Sam, Doc, Run!___Save and exit to the main menu?__tWait, I have something for you. We call it the BFG. It's an experimental weapon. I'm sure you'll find it useful.WCredits__1We must be stuck in Hell... or something like it.R:)TPrev___Entering EnPro Underground__pTeleporting? As in here-one-minute and somewhere-else-another? Can they... can they teleport to where you are?YMars CityTRANKWLoading__EI was told everyone was dead. And yeah, I thought you were a zombie.__«You can't. There's no time. If you don't get to the dropship soon, they'll leave without you. Mars City is overrun, the network is down, and the UAC is covering it up! __2Hey, you're a Marine! Can you get me out of here?__hI'll grant my access to your sentry. From there you can activate the tram and shut down the teleporter.___Thanks for playing!___Entering EnPro Labs__¬Sam's an experimental flying unit, I've been working on her AI for months. Take good care of her and she'll take good care of you. She'll help you get to the control room.__FThose monsters were trying to keep us away. I think we're close, Sam!___You thought I was a zombie?__"Great! While these zombies try to suck my brains out I'll ask them if they know of a weakness in the security system. That way Sam can be useful!UPinky__=These must be the teleporters Dr. Martin was talking about...__GZombies can't talk. You... you survived? I thought everyone was dead!__dThere's a dropship leaving shortly. But before we go I need you to help me repair this Sentry unit.___The door was open.\Out of ammo.__mUmm... yes. Also, before we can go to the transport we'll need to re-activate the tram system in Delta Labs.\Health Bonus[Hell Knight__;Trust me, we're going in the right direction, just hold on!__%Arrghh... *cough* it hurts! Urghh...___DIFFICULTY SELECTION___Entering Delta Labs__#Tap to pick up the Rocket Launcher.]Come on, Sam!___Sam, no. GET OUT!__pDon't forget to reload! Reloading when empty takes longer than reloading while there is still ammo in your gun.^Just hang on. STIP\ Save & Quit__DI can't get past this barricade. Sam, I need you to cut through it.___I don't know...WSecretsXNEW GAME[Checkpoint.__.I've got to destroy as many of these as I can!__QGood work Sam, I have the data! Let me work on this and I'll get back with you.] Good job Sam!YCalibrateUScore__<Right! Don't hurt the robot's feelings. Great, just great.___Good job Sam, let's go!SYES__ŽIf I understand it correctly, our teleporter experiments may have unleashed hell into this world. Not a theoretical hell, but literally Hell!]Tap to reloadWAbaddonYNightmare[Items FoundTOkay___This must be the weapons cache.WSupport__MIf we fail and the invasion succeeds... we'll all die. Every last one of us!R:(___Good, this shouldn't take long.__>I can fill you in later. What happened to you? Are you okay?___I was sent by Dr. Garrett.__HPut simply, this invasion has only just begun... and UAC is responsible.__FDAMN! The Doc's in trouble. Sam, let's get to the tram and get help!__!Where the hell did he come from!?__? Are you sure?

This will override your saved game.___Done? Let's go!ZDebug Menu__PGood! Sam will interface with the computer and override the emergency lockdown.WRESULTSQC__|The only thing that matters now is that you get Sam on that dropship. Her data will ensure that Earth sends reinforcements.__!This just keeps getting better...YHeadshots___We're on our way!__%You're stuck?! Come on Sam, get out!TBack___Argh! Die, hellspawn!__0Hang in there Sam, we'll find a way out of here!S!!!___Alright, time to stock up!__žDOOM's motion controls are best played with the device tilted from 0 to 70 degrees. Playing at other angles, or upside down is possible, but not recommended._