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For information about the iPhone game, see Doom Resurrection (iPhone).

The Story[]

With the Icon of Sin destroyed, the hellwars came to an abrupt end. Where the hellspawn had once roamed, society was free to live again. It took many months but slowly people started to rebuild. Governments were re-instated and an investigation into the cause of the destruction began.

The outcome was to point the finger at the UAC who had mistakenly opened the gates to hell during various experiments. The UAC was shut down, its functions split down and franchised off to other companies.

Being the one space marine that had saved the day, you were offered various positions in government and the military, however enough was enough. You decided to live the easy life. You took up the position of head security officer at a new company called Core.

Core specialises in the production of military arms for many of the world governments. There have also been rumours that Core are developing Bio-Chemical weapons but these are constantly denied.

Unfortunately things were about to go pear shaped. You are called to your HQ early in the morning. The briefing was to make your stomach turn......

Core had indeed been working on the development of new bio-chemical weapons. What was worse is that they had taken specimins of the hellspawn that had almost wiped out the entire human population. They were using their DNA as a basis for a new retro-virus.

Unfortunately, as you would expect, the proper security measures were not implemented and the hellspawn escaped. Luckily one of your security inititives were implemented and the Core factories, laboritories and storage facilities were evacuated and sealed.

Your Mission: Infiltrate and work your way through the Core facilities and destroy all unidentified lifeforms. Prevent the infestation from breaching out into the outside world.

S_END bug[]

DOOMRES.WAD contains an erroneous S_END lump that will cause all lumps before to be interpreted as sprites by the engine, causing a flood of warning messages and a fatal error. This can be fixed by deleting the lump. See the Doom Resurrection article at the ZDoom wiki for more detailed explanations.

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