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There is some indication that Doom RPG is tied to Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3, according to the Doom RPG's old website (see Doom Retcon Timeline), placing the series in the 22nd century.

While there are connections between Doom II RPG and Doom Resurrection (iPhone) (see Garrett and Sam), and thus loosely connected to Doom 3, this timeline is mostly concerned with the dates given in Doom RPG/Wolfenstein RPG materials.

Doom RPG Timeline[]

(Doom RPG, Doom RPG II, Doom II RPG Comic, Wolfenstein RPG, UAC Website[1])

Note: Doom RPG only has a few given dates most of them are taken or based on dates from Doom 3 including a tie in UAC website made for it and inspired by Doom 3 Novels (the website also introduces more information about Doom 3 related characters such as Ian Kelliher and his father both from the novels). The exact date for when Doom RPG begins is not given, but appears to be set in late 2145 (the UAC website itself is under 'lockdown' from the events from the games Doom RPG/Doom 3). In addition there are some tie-in connections between Doom II RPG and Doom Resurrection (another Doom 3 spinoff game), but the date for that game can be found in the Doom 3 section. Furthermore the Doom RPG website seems to indicate that Doom 1-3 also appears in this timeline as well, and the first Doom RPG shares the same character. There is also some crossover between Lost Mission and Doom RPG II. While exact order of Doom 1-3 are not known exactly, it does appear that classic doom was likely retconned to having taken place in 22nd century (rather than 21st as it was in Doom SNES), possibly making Doom 3 (prequel to Doom 1/2).

  • 20th century (c. 1940s) - Wolfenstein RPG
  • 1993 - The date that the original Doom was released, its setting and scenario is strangely similar to events that will happen in the future at least a hundred years later.[2][3]
  • 2015 - Union Aerospace Corporation is founded by Thomas Kelliher on Earth.[4]
  • 2025 - UAC makes its name in the famous Joint Mars Expeditions.
  • 2112 - First structure of the first permanent Martian settlement is built, in what is known as Sector 4 (it is the oldest human colony on the planet).[5]
  • 2114
    • Dr. Jensen received his Ph.D from Union States Institute of Technology, Northeast (USITNE).[6]
    • October 10 - Birth of Ted Brown II.[7]
  • 2122 - Dr. Kelvin begins working for the UAC.[8]
  • 2138 - Dr. Jensen begins working for UAC's Advanced Research Department.[9]
  • 2142 - Dr Jensen begins working on Mars.[10]
  • 2143
    • Dr. Guerard joins the teleportation research team.[11]
    • December 22 Chainsaw scheduled for refurbishment the following year. Zachary wishes everyone Happy Holidays.
  • 2144 - Union Aerospace Corporation introduces their new website.[12]
    • January 1 - Chainsaw is repaired.
    • January 8 Director Castle orders everyone not to tend to anything in the Atrium 02 until they find out what has killed everything.
    • January 12 - Xanax captures specimens following primary portal grid powerup. He successfully suspends them in stasis for further study.
    • January 13 - Zanax at the Lunar Outpost receives confirmation from Dr. Guerard on Mars that he has encountered similar fauna in his research.[13]
    • January 16
      • M. Burns asks Chris to see what can be done about a unit. He couldn't touch the Echo Sierras until his new parts arrived from Earth.
      • J. Klein sees pressure anomalies in the coolant tanks at Cichus, caused by recent power spikes.
    • January 21 - Zachary looks for inconsistent behavior in computers at Tychus after reports.
    • February 4 - Zachary can't calibrate flow meters until Mixom tech gets down and serves a tank.
    • February 5 - Zanax at Keplar Site finds that the creatures are highly resistant to pain and injury, which has made specimen acquisition troublesome. It has been difficult acquiring them without killing them.
    • February 6 - Zanax research continues. He discovers from field reports that the creatures exhibit varying tolerance for different types of weapon attacks. He indicated that further research would be needed to discover most efficient way of subduing the creatures.
    • February 7
      • Third repair work order put in for the elevator in Keplar Site. It still hadn't been fixed.
      • Xanax Zanax on the Lunar outpost classifies specimen as an "imp" or possibly a "Gwocklego" according to his assistant.
    • February 8 - Zanax discovers that imp is particularly resistant to stasis suspension, but system is stable, but that that researchers should be careful when handling..
    • February 12 - J.Klein sees intermittent heavy loads on the power griad, but isn't able to find the source yet.
    • February 26 - Scientists in the Greenhouse at Keplar Site on the moon manage breakthroughs.
    • February 27 - Cargo personnel begin reporting that their Manifest Database is having issues. A new power supply is ordered to see if it will fix the problem.
    • March 3 - R. Zachary installs new systems on the UAC Lunar Outpost, and Rhoomba 5000.
    • March 10 - Upgrades completed by Zachary. Everything checks out ok. He made his reports to tech 009 (Chris Sukut).
    • March 17 - Strange things begin happening to machines on the Lunar Outpost.
    • March 24 - Air, water and septic life supports still functioning but odd data reports. C. Sukut calls in a specialist. Zachary has gone missing.
    • October 10 - David Kramer forgets to send a birthday present to Ted Brown II.
  • 2145
    • Union Aerospace Corporation updates their website again.[14]
    • Dr. Nadira joins the Mars Outpost.[15]
    • October - Caldex is hired to work on the Lunar Outpost.[16].
    • October 10 - Ted Brown II receives a birthday gift from Kramer, its hidden in secret room.
    • Date Unknown - The Doom Marine (known as B.J. Blazkowicz (Doom RPG)) investigates strange reports going on at the Mars Outpost.[17] The UAC marines are involved in the Mars Incident[18] when demons take over the base. He defeats the diaboloical Dr. Kronos and his Cyberdemon creation in a showdown with the legions of Hell. At least according to UAC propaganda, there were known survivors from the incident (it is not clear where the Marine ended up).[19][20]
    • Most of the UAC website is temporarily secured. The Earth Assemblies Secretary of Security has classified some content pending its investigation into the UAC's involvment in recent events on Mars.
  • 2146[21]
    • November 20 - Stan Blazkowicz, O'Riley, and Major Morgan travel to Tycho Station on the Moon, teleports to UAC Administration Headquarters on Earth, and through Hell, and saves the universe from demons, at one point even defeating the Harbinger, another Cyberdemon his ancestor had defeated centuries before.

See also[]

This timeline relates to two other timelines (as this is one of the sources to retcon Classic Doom into the 22nd century).


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