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You have been dispatched in response to a distress call from Union Aerospace Corporation's re-search facility on Mars. The base is under attack by an unknown force and your mission is to acquire intelligence and neutralize the threat.


Insertion complete. For further instructtions, rendezvous with the other Marines at Junction. Expect heavy resistance. Good luck!


Scientist: "I'm glad you're here, Marine. A horde of monsters have been let loose by an evil presence. Be careful!" "Good luck!"

Civilian: "Hello, Marine. Welcome to Mars! Walk over an item to pick it up. Access the inventtory menu to switch weapons or use items." "Use your weapons to smash open creates. Crates often contain useful items." "Health vials are small blue bottles that instantly restore some of your health when you walk over them. They can be found throughout the base."

Scientist: "Try talking to people or using computers more than once for additional information." "Reports indicate some monsters are weak against certain types of weapons.", "All available combat personnel report to Junction!"

Civilian: "Computer stations such as this are all over the base. Check them for information." Some computers will prompt for a numeric passcode. Use your numeric keypad to enter the number."

Computer: "Incoming message: RED ALERT! Base is under attack! Combat personnel report to Junction for further instructions." "Signal lost."

Scientist: "Use the fire extinguisher to put out fires that have broken out throughout the base. Some fires will block your path. You can walk through them but it will hurt you." "If you get low on health try using a Medkit. You may have one in your inventory. To use an item, access inventory menu, select the item, and press the OK button. You can use items during combat." "Where are all the Marines in your unit? What? They only sent you? We're doomed!" "Move out, Marine!"

Computer: "[Email] To: B. Smith From: K. Simons Hey Smith, though some people can be unhelpful at first, you can persuade them to help you if you keep talking to them. -Karina" "[Email] To: K. Simons From: B. Smith Thanks for the tip. -Brett" "No more email."

Marine (green): "The door to your right is locked, but I can open it if you'll stay and talk to me for a bit." "Hey, did you know you can switch weapons and use items from your inventory menu? You can also switch between weapons by pressing the * and 7 buttons." "I get lost wandering around this base so the automap is useful for finding my way around. The automap is standard military issue so you should already have one. Access your automap by pressing the # key, or from the game menu. You get to the game menu by pressing the 0 key." "Sometimes you can talk with people and use computers more than once. This can be very helpful. Well, thanks for the chat. I'll unlock the door now. Oh, one last thing, you probably save your game before continuing. Get in the habit of saving regularly. You can save and load games from the game menu." "The door should be unlocked now. Move out. I'll meet up with you at Junction."

Computer: [Combat Guide] Tip 103: Crates can be smashed with weapons and often contain items. Beware, some crates explode if disturbed." "[Combat Guide] Tip 104: Your automap is available from the game menu. Use it to help you if you're lost."

Civilian: "You'll need the Axe to chop down jammed doors." "You can switch between the axe and the other weapons by accessing your inventory menu, or cycle through your weapons by pressing the * and 7 keys. Use the axe to chop down jammed doors or zombies; it's effective for close combat.

Computer: "There's a secret door between the two yellow lamps." "Shutting down..."

Civilian: "I don't feel like talking." "I'm really busy. Go away." "Leave me alone!" "Dude..." "All right! Near the three barrels blocking the yellow keycard room you'll find a secret door. That's all I know. Now leave me alone!", "..."

Civilian: "Use Medkits in your inventory to restore health. Your inventory list is accessible from the game menu. Access the game menu by pressing the 0 key." "The yellow door to the east of this room requires the yellow keycard to open. It's the only way out of this area so find the yellow keycard!" "Lost already?! Use your automap, Duh!" "You got the yellow keycard. That's nice."

Scientist: "Passcodes you find will be automatically written in your notebook. Access the inventory menu if you need to check your notebook." "The passcode is 1234?! Passcodes like that are in direct violation of Code 12 of the UAC Security Protocol Handbook! Doesn't anyone read the handbook anymore?

Computer: "[Email] To A. Kang From: S. Forrette I changed the door passcode to 1234. I know it isn't a good passcode. I was in a rush. -Steve" "[Email] To: S. Forrette From: A. Kang What a horrible passcode! It is so simple I don't even have to write it down in my notebook. -Anna" Computer: "Enter passcode to unlock door: - - - -" "Door unlocked."

Civilian: "Oh, you found the passcode? If you ever forget it you can always check your notebook." "1234? Great passcode! Freaking idiots!

Computer: "[Error] System offline." "[Reboot]", "Loading UACNIX... Logged in as root" "What year was the original DOOM released? - - - -" "1993", "Door unlocked."

Scientist: "This computer contains map info for this sector which can be downloaded to your automap. Acccess your automap from the game menu." "Now that you have the map data, you'll find your way around easily with the automap." "Some walls are secret doors to rooms containing equipment. Be on the lookout for them. They look slightly different than normal walls. People or computers can occassionaly give you info about the secret doors' location." "The axe is good for battling Zombies at close combat but ineffective for long distance attacks. Use other weapons for long distances. The fire extinguisher is great for fires but not monsters... unless they're on fire." "La-la-la."

Civilian: There's a vicious monster east of here. I suggest you head south and look for the yellow keycard in a room over there. Now might be a good time to save your game. Remember to save your game often so that you don't have to replay a bunch of it if you die!" "Go south. Trust me!" "Looks like you got the yellow keycard. Go back to the yellow door and head to Junction!" "I hope you make it out of here alive!"

Computer: "[Email] To: D. Whitlark From: J. Raphael The yellow keycard is in a room in the southwest corner of this sector. -Jah" "[Email] To: J. Raphael From: D. Whitlark I checked but couldn't find it. What gives? -David" "[Email] To: D. Whitlark From: J. Raphael Sorry, I meant southeast corner. -Jah" "[Email] To: J. Raphael From: D. Whitlark I'm on my way. -David" "[Email] To: All Personnel From: Marine HQ Lt Whitlark has been missing for days now. He was last seen in the southeast area in this sector. All personell are advised to report if they have any information about the disappearance. -Col. Graff" "No more email."

Civilian: "Get rid of those barrels to get to that door. Try shooting them at a distance to clear them out. The barrels are volatile so be careful." "You can use explosing barrels to damage monsters. Cool, eh?

Computer: To: BJ Blazkowitz From: M. Ross Hey BJ. I hid the shotgujn in a secret compartment behind the axe. -Matt" "POP3 error. Authentication failed. Please contact your sysadmin." "Showed those barrels, heh?", "Yeah..."

"You picked up a Medkit. Access your inventory menu and use it to restore health if you become severily wounded."

"You got the fire Extinguisher! It uses halon canisters to put out fires."

"This door is broken. You'll need to find some way to open it."

"You got the Axe! Zombies beware..."

"You got the Shotgun!"

Enemies: Hellhound, Zombie Pvt, Malwrath, Bull Demon, Phantom, Troop, Impling

Junction (first time)[]

  • Central corridor

Scientist: "Welcome to Junction, Marine. Most of the people that survived the attack have regrouped here." "Junction is an a area that interconnects the different areas of the base. The corridors and doors in Junction lead to all the major sectors within this facility. Some pasages in Junction are locked and require high level security clearance to enter." "You can acquire supplies and medical treatment here. Inquire with the north wing staff for more information."

Marine (green): "Good to see you made it. Your current objective is to seek information on the cause of this invasion and find a way to stop it." "You'll need additional colored keycards to gain access to all the areas accessible from Junction." "Bioscans indicate the monsters are coming from the underground reactor sector. Strange... how could they be invading from a geothermic reactor deep inside a Martian cavern?"

Computer: "[Email] From: J. Raphael To M. Ross Matt, I've been transferred to a unit in charge of moving a bunch of machinery from the labs to the reactor sector. Not sure what that's all about but I won't be able to make our DDR party tonight. I have to work overtime. TTYL -Jah" "[Email] From:M. Ross To. J. Raphael Man, lots of weird things are going on. I've been working crazy hours at the machine shop but nobody tells me what I'm working on. I have a strange feeling it has to do with what's going on at the reactor. -Matt" "No more email."

Computer: "The Union Aerospace Corporation welcomes you to Junction. Here you have access to clean, quiet living conditions with all the latest amenities, such as combat equipment vending and medical facilities. Think of Junction as your home away from home." "The UAC strives to be a safe and friendly work environment."

  • West wing

Scientist: "You have yellow security clearance. Proceed through the yellow door." "Search the base for additional colored keybcards which allow access to more ateas in Junction." "The red keycard is the highest level of security clearance it allows access to the reeactor area which houses the power plant providing energy to the entire facility."

Civilian: "I need to get into the green zone but I misplaced my green keycard." "I think I left my green keycard in Sector 3, in the yellow zone." "I can't get through the green door without my green keycard."

Computer: "[Combat Guide] Tip 133: A is for Axe; crashes like thunder. Z is for zombies, rend them asunder." "[Combat Guide] Tip 134: B is for buckshot, tried and true. Canines, Imps and Barons hate you.

  • East wing

Marine (blue): "This door leads to the reactor powering this facility. Toplevel security clearance is required to enter this area." "It's my duty to guard this post. Orders from UAC HQ." "I can't let you in without proper credentials." "Sorry, under orders. No go without proper clearance." "No." "You really want in? How about we make a deal? Got 100 UAC credits?" "No deal. Changed my mind. Get the red keycard if you want in."

Computer: "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* Our budget has been increased to fund the study of matter transportation. We hope to have a functional prototype ready for demonstration in a few months." "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* Dr. Guerard says the electrical requirements of our device exceded his initial estimations. We will likely have to move the device to a location with a larger energy source." "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* This is my last log update. I've been fired for supposed "breaches" in security protocol and somehow my research documents were compromised. I have no idea how this happened but I intend to find out." "End of log."

  • South wing

Civilian: "Use the computer to the left to purchase supplies." "Find UAC credits lying around the base and use them to purchase useful provisions at Junction." "Many of the items found around this base are self-explanatory, but a few require explanation. The Soul Sphere restores your armor and health to maximum. The Berzerker increases your attack briefly. These are onetime use items." "You can buy stat boosters at a vending machine computer. These increase your Defense, Agility, Strength, and Accuracy. Defense is your resistance to attacks. Agility is your ability to evade attacks. Strength is the damage you can inflict. Accuracy is your ability to land an attack." "Seems stupid for the UAC to be charging a Marine for combat equipment."

Civilian (doctor): "I'm a doctor, relax. I'll dress your wounds." "Feeling better?" "Come see me any time you need medical attention." "Use the Medkits in your inventory if you're hurt during combat."

Computer: "[Email] From: Col. Graff To: D. Whitlark Whitlark, where are the reports you promised me? You said they'd be done by Tuesday! -Col. Graff" "[Email] From: D. Whitlark To: Col. Graff Sorry sir. I was a little distracted. I discovered an old computer game called DOOM... it has to be at least 100 years old but it's still surpriseingly addictive. The weird thing is that the setting and scenario of the game is similar to ours. Funny, eh? -David" "[Email] From: Col. Graff To: D. Whitlark Just get me the damned reports! -Col. Graff" "[Email] From: D. Whitlark To: Col. Graff Yes sir! You'll have them today. BTW, they're making DOOM for the cell phone. Cool, eh? -David" "No more email." "You can replay a sector several times to build up your abilities."

  • Yellow zone

Civilian (past yellow door): "These doors lead to various areas of the base. In each subsequent sector the journey gets harder. Since the more yhou fight the stronger you get, stick to the easy areas first." "You will be taken back to Junction should get incapacitated during combat."

Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3

"This passage leads to Sector 2. You are welcome to try it out but you should probably try playing through Sector 1 first."

"This passage leads to Sector 3. You should consider completing Sector 2 before entering Sector 3. But hey, do whatever you want."

Sector 1[]

Scientist: "[Dr. Jensen] I'm just checking some things on this terminal. I'm OK; I don't need any help." "[Dr. Jensen] Look, I was unjustly fired recently and I have a hunch it may have something to do with what's happening around here. I'm just trying to find some things out." "[Dr. Jensen] You should just keep moving. There's nothing you can do to help me right now."

Computer: "[Combat Guide] Tip 099: You can skip a combat turn by pressing the 9 button while engaging an enemy. Use this strategically to draw an enemy into your line of fire." "[Combat Guide] Tip 164: Exploding barrels can damage enemies, but be careful as exploding barrels can also hurt you." "Segment Fault: &o0r _4s5%0D3 2 25

Dr. Guerard: "I'm Dr. Guerard. Are you the Marine sent to help us? Well, I need you to figure out a sequence to get the door out of this area unlocked. Things are really screwed up and I need to get back to my experiments to make sure the power losses haven't caused any problems!" "[Dr. Guerard] Figure out the sequence to get that door unlocked. Use trial and error.", "[Dr. Guerard] Hello again. A door north of this position leads back to Junction, but it is locked. Ask that guy if he has the code for the door." "[Dr. Guerard] Try to get the passcode for the door out of that civilian worker." "[Dr. Guerard] He said I have the code? I've never even been down here until the invasion! Try offering him some credits; he might be more helpful." "[Dr. Guerard] Offer that man some credits for the passcode." "[Dr. Guerard] You look like you could use some help. Here's some extra health to get you ready for whatever lies ahead!" "[Se. Guerard] It's not important how I got here ahead of you. It's best you just keep moving." "[Dr. Gueard] Please, just keep moving.

Computer: "D0or..^$#.&" u^l0ck3d" "..."

Computer: "6oor, ##$%^ unl0cke6" "..."

Computer: "%$#$*&:::: unl0cked" "^^)(id_s0f7" "..."

Computer: "Doo$*&:::: unl***ed" "W!dg3+ wa5 h3r3" "..."

Computer: "Do!!!!##23$ un(0c*3d" "..."

Computer: "" "..."

Computer: "Enter door code [find someone nearby to give it to you]: - - -" "Door unlocked"

Civilian: "That guy is supposedly a highlevel scientist but he doesn't have any passcodes? BS! If he's so high level, he must some codes to help us get back to Junction." "See if you can... uh, see if you can get any codes from that scientist. He should have some." "Scientist. Codes. Go!" "OK, maybe I have a code that can help you, but how are you going to help me? How about I give you my passcode for 10 credits? [Engage civilian again to give him 10 UAC credits]" "Thanks, uh, skipper or whatever you are. I don't want that scientist to hear the code so i'll just write it down in your notebook... There. I... uh... What the hell is happening to me?!

Civilian: "You'll find useful equipment behind this door but you need the green keycard to get in. Come back here when you get the green keycard." "Having trouble finding the green keycard? You won't find it in this sector. You'll likely find the green keycard in a lator sector. You'll need to travel back here to open this door." "You can reenter this sector from Junction even after successfully completing it. By revisiting previously completed sectors you can uncover additional secrets and build strength by acquiring equipment and fighting monsters."

Computer: "[Email] To: D. Kramer From: T. Brown II I changed the secure room passcode to the month and day of my birthday." "[Email] To: T. Brown II From: D. Kramer I don't know when your birthday is! -Dave" "[Email] To: D. Kramer From: T. Brown II Is that why I didn't get a gift last year? I'd really like a X-Cube 46. P.S. - I was born October 10, 2114. -Ted" "No more email."

Computer: "[Door lock override] Enter code: - - - -" "1010" "Door unlocked."

Computer (Green Door): "Super secret passcode: **7*"

"You got the Chaingun! Precise and deadly, but it's an ammo hog." Enemies: Bull Demon, Phantom, Impling, Malrath, Infernis, Troop, Hellhound, Zombie PVT, Cacodemon (Green Keycard door, after Sector 3), Demon Wolf (Green Door, after sector 3), Archvile (Green Door, after Sector 3), Pinky (Green Door, after Sector 3).

Sector 2[]

Starting section of the map spells 1337 (leet).

Civilian: "Someone changed the code on this door without telling me. The new code may have something to do with the layout\ of these tunnels. I wish I had an automap." "I don't know the code! See if you can figure it out by looking at your automap." "The suvervisors in this area have been acting weird lately. It might have something to do with that high level guy that's been coming around." "I'll stay here and see what else has been changed."

Civilian: "Oh, God! You startled me! Can you get us out of this? My maintenance passcode is 042. Use it to access terminals in the offsite backup room." "Please, hurry! Go to the offsite backup room and find the maintenance service door. Use code 042."

Offsite Backup

Computer: "[Email] To T. Brown II From: D. Kramer Sorry I missed your birthday. Can't get any game consoles, but I think you'll like what I got. Left it in the other hidden room; it's less "virtual." -Dave" "[Email] To: D. Kramer From: T. Brown II What other hidden room? -Ted" "[Email] To: T. Brown II From: D. Kramer It's just inside Ore Processing." "No more email."

Computer: '[Maint. Access] Enter code: ---" "Maint. door open."

Computer: "[Email] To: P. Marks From: X. Murray: For the love of all things holy, man! will you stop leeving your eqipmint around in pasajeways for everone to trip on?!!!!!!!!!! -Xavier" "[Email] To: X. Murray From: P. Marks: Murray, two words for you: spell check. Wait, here's two more: shift key. -Paul" "[Email] To: P. Marks From: X. Murray: heres 2 for u marks - ur dead!! -Xavier" "[Email] To: Maint. staff From: Dir. Branson Marks and Murray have been suspended for brawling on the job. -Jeb" "No more email."

Computer: Connecting....... Incoming communication... Marine, is that you? It's Dr. Guerard. I may be able to send you information as you make your way through the base, so be sure to be on the lookout for my messages on computer terminals. Looks like you'll have to get through Ore Processing to get out of the sector you're in now. There, I've unlocked the entrance door for you." "Get moving! Head back to Ore processing."

Ore Processing

Computers (two at entrance to Ore Processing): "Ore Processing: Backing up..." "[Access panel] Enter code: ---" "panel opened." "Panel open." "No, the other computer." "Ore Processing: Terminal offline"

Scientist: "We're in serious trouble, Marine! This processor looks like it's going to overload and take down teh whole power grid for this sector. Let me think for a moment..." "Yes! I think I can use the allow in your armor shards to cause a local short to avert the overload. Ten should do it. [Engage scientist again to give him 10 armor shards]" "Ok, I've got your shards. Now use the computer in the alcove by the entrance to open the access panel and I'll insert the alloy. The computer should be finished with its backup by now. The panel access code is 988." "988 should be the panel access code." "All right, Marine, I've gone through the access panel and am inside the proccessor now. Come back to the processor; I may need some help." "I'me about done placing the shards... hey, I thought this problem was caused by the invasion but on closer look, it looks like sabota..."

Computer: "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* An Information Security staffer came in the other day for an audit of the lab. It's strange... I've been with the UAC's Advanced Research Department for over 7 years and this is a first." "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* Woot! Going to New Vegas for my day off. I'm down 500 UAC credits for the year but I'll make it up!" "Log Entry of Dr. Jensen: *CLASSIFIED* I don't trust Dr. Guerard. I saw him put a handful of Hydrocon vials into his lab coat. I've reported the activity to personnel but nothing has come of it. The recent lab audits indicate we're losing a lot of supplies and I don't want to be blamed for Mr. Sticky Fingers!" "End of log."

Door 55

Computer: "Door 55 locked. Enter code ---" "5555" "Door 55 unlocked"

Computer: "Super secret passcode: ***g"

"You got teh Super Shotgun! Fierce!" Monsters: Impling, Hellhound, Zombie Pvt, Bull Demon, Troop, Malrath, Beholder, Phantom. Infernis, Ghoul, Zombie Lt, Pinky, Zombie Cpt, Commando

Sector 3[]

Civilian: "Welcome to Sector 3, home of UAC's only Mars based biological research lab." "Everything is fine here. Just go back to Junction. Really.

Computer: "[Email] To: P. Marino From: H. Hancock Paul, do you know what's going on in Sector 3? I got an emergency medical call from them but when I got there, they kicked me out denying they ever made the call! I heard strange animal-like sounds form the lab as they booted me out the door. -Hugh" "[Email] To: H. Hancock From: P. Marino Well, some weird things have been happening lately. I did some checking into that sector and it turns out there's some kind of lockdown - highest clearances only. The thing is, I've been unable to find out who authorized it. -Paul" "[email] To: P. Marino From: H. Hancock So... what should we do? Should we report this to someone? -Hugh" "[Email] To: H. Hancock From: P. Marino Report what? It's over our heads! Oh, btw, I found a green keycard in this sector. It's in a secure closet at the north end of this sector if anyone comes looking. -Paul" "No more email."

Computer: "Security lockdown in effect. Enter passcode: ----"

Civilian: "Mr. Nadira is a senior resident at the Biological Research Facility. The team was working on mind control devices prior to the invasion." "Nadira's focus was the canine neurological research. You can read his progress report on the terminal at the other side of this room." "You'll need to unlock that door. The passcode is 5551."

Computer: "Bioresearch Lab Log Entry of Mr. Nadira: The latest specimens we've captured are marvelous. Their cunning and ferocity are a sight to see. I'm close to a breakthrough in controlling their behavior." "Log Entry of Mr. Nadira: The control device has yielded remarkable results: the canines will fight and protect me if I'm being attacked. Unfortunately, they die if they take too much damage." "Log Entry of Mr. Nadira: The best thing about the device is its mobility. It can be carried in inventory and used when a canine is directly in front of you. The downside... it's a oneuse only device. Fortunately I've duplicated several prototypes and hid them around the base. Once a canine is captured, it will protect you and fight for you until death." "End of log."

Computer: "Searching... Connecting... Incoming message: From: Dr. Guerard Marine, ignore the door up ahead on your right. That area is under lockdown but the door may be unlocked, the systems are acting up all over. I suggest you just move along." "[Dr. Guerard] Continue down the hall and ignore the door." "..."

Computer: "WARNING: Door unlocked." "[Cycle door] Enter code: ---" "741" "Door secure. Access to cycle operation denied." "[Dr. Guerard] Marine, you're going to have to trust me if you want to make it out of here alive. I'll unlock the door for you." "System offline."

Mr. Nadira: "[Mr. Nadira] You're not authorized to be in here, soldier!" "[Mr. Nadira] Hey, are you the Marine that Dr... Yeah, maybe I can help you. You'll need to check your weapons though, firearms are not allowed in the lab. I'll take your weapons and put them in this cabinet to my left." "[Mr. Nadira] You'll get your ewapons back later! Use my code: 741 at the terminal to lock the door. We need to secure the area." "[Mr. Nadira] Lock the door behind you! The code is 741. Your weapons are in this cabinet. You can get them back later." "[Mr. Nadira] I don't have time for games. I need your help and I promise to make it worth your while. I have some technology that you may find very useful. You with me?" "[Mr. Nadira] It's a device that can control any of the possessed dogs and make them fight for you. I'll show you how it works if you bring me the device." "[Mr. Nadira] The device is in a cage at the center of this room. Use code 934 on the terminal at the west of the room to open the cage. Get the device and bring it to me. I'll show you how to use it. Stay away from the cages. The dogs bite." "[Mr. Nadira] Bring me the device. I'll show you how to use it." "[Mr. Nadira] I lied! HAHAHA! My hounds will help test the device. Attack! [The Dog Collar is now a usable item in your inventory]"

Cabinet: "Cabinet code entry restricted." "[Weapons Cabinet] Enter passcode ----" "7682" "Cabinet unlocked." "You got your weapons back." "Empty"

Computer: "[Open chamber] Enter code: ---" "934" "Collar chamber opened." "System offline."

Computer: "Weapons cabinet code access enabled. Code: 7682"

Computer: "[Email] To: All Staff From: Mr. Nadira I've changed the north entrance passcode to 4545. -Mr. Nadira" "No more email."

Computer: "North lab entrance passcode: ----" "North entrance unlocked."

Civilian: "You're not supposed to be here. The place is under lockdown." "You lookin' for the green keycard? A guy found it and put it in a secure storage closet north of the lab."

Computer: "[Email] To: Mr. Nadira From: Kronos he's closing in! Perform a secu=rity lockdown ASAP and don't allow any access into the facility. If he manages to get in, you know what to do. -Kronos" "POP3 error. Authentication failed. Please contact your sysadmin."

"You got the Plasma Gun!"

Enemies: Phantom, Malrath, Zombie Lt. Zombie Pvt, Hellhound, Troop, Cerberus, Ogre, Lost Soul, Ghoul, Infernis, Pinky, Bull Demon, Behemoth

Computer: "Secure closet door 2 unlocked."

Computer: "Secure closet door 1 unlocked."

Junction (after Sector 3)[]

  • Yellow zone

Civilian: "Seems you've cleared Sector 3 and acquired a green keycard. Continue your mission by heading to the green zone and clearing Sectors 4 and 5." "Not sure how long we'll last here at Junction. Monsters have taken over every other part of the base and we need supplies." West wing

Scientist: "I worked with Guerard and Jensen on the teleportation research team. Those two really have it out for each other." "Jensen got fired over a security matter. Rumor is that Guerard got him fired though Jensen did noththing wrong. I don't believe it. Dr. Guerard was an outstanding employee, putting in extra hours at night and befriending UAC administrators. He's a nice guy." "I heard Jensen is still on base investigating his firing. Hope he uncovers the truth."

Computer: "[Combat Guide] Tip 147: Reports have come in that the Commando class is weak against plasma." "[Combat Guide] Tip 148: Fire retardant has proven effective against fire creatures. Imagine that!"

Civilian: "You found my green keycard! Keep it. You need it more than I do." "Good luck, Marine."

  • East wing

Computer: "Log Entry of Dr. Guerard: *CLASSIFIED* Seems that my colleague, Dr. Jensen, has been fired over some petty security matters. It's unfortunate; he was a skilled scientist." "Log Entry of Dr. Guerard: *CLASSIFIED* With Mr. Nadira's assistance, I was able to convince Col. Graff to move our equipment from the lab to the reactor. This move should help meet the energy demands of our next set of experiments." "End of log."

  • Central corridor

Marine (green): "I don't trust Guerard and I don't think you should either. I've heard that he's working with Kronos and that they're responsible for this mess." "Trust your instincts. It's the only way to survive."

Computer: [Email] From: J. Raphael To: M. Ross Dude, the invasion happened a day after all the stuff from the las were moved to the reactor sector. Not sure what's going on but I think Guerard may have had a hand in this. Heard that Guerard ordered the move. -Jah" "No more email."

Scientist: "Dr. Jensen got canned due to some security issues. I'm not sure what that was all about." "You be careful."

  • North wing

Computer: "INCOMING TEXT MESSAGE: HELP! I'm being held against my will in Sector 5. They've taken my blue keycard and weapon! I have my cell phone but the battery is about to die and this is the last text message I'll be able to send. Someone please help me! -Dr. Jensen." "System offline."

  • Green zone

Marine (green): "The scientists at this facility are insane!" "I don't know who to trust anymore." "I'm beginning to wonder if anyone will make it out of here alive." "I was working in Sector 5 as part of the unit that arrested Dr. Jensen. I remember he was fired several weeks ago so I'm not sure why he's still at this facility."

Scientist: "Don't know why but my colleagues, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Guerard, have it out for each other. I don't trust either of them!" "Rumor is that Jensen was fired for security breaches but Guerard may have had something to do with it." "Lots of equipment has disappeared. Hope it turns up intact."

Sector 4[]

Civilian: "Welcome! This is the oldest part of the base. Built in 2112, the surrounding structures and tunnels made up UAC's first permanent Martian settlement. This area is now only used to store hazardous waste." "We've been having computer problems. The latest glitch has locked our main door out of here back to Junction. Maybe you can help us get it open." "Go talk to Dr. Kelvin, he's working on the computer trying to get the door open. The door is down the hall on the the right." "This is stupid! It'll never work."

  • Barrel Storage

Civilian: "[Jenkins] I love big explosions but, jeez, why do *I* have to move the barrels? Dr. Kelvin never does any of the hard work around here!" "[Jenkins] I can handle it. Check if Dr. Kelvin needs help." "[Jenkins] Dr. Kelvin says we need to blow open the locked door so I'm to take the explosive barrels from storage and put them in front of the door. Should be cool. Why don't you go to the old med lab to stock up on medical supplies... just in case. I unlocked the lab door a moment ago." "[Jenkins] Go to the med lab and stock up on medical supplies! We may need them if the explosion goes bad." "[Jenkins] I don't need any help with the barrel. I should have them moved by the time you get back." "[Jenkins] I'm done moving the barrels. I've arranged them so that when the end barrel is shot, they'll all explode and hopefully blow open that door." "[Jenkins] You can set them off by shooting the end barrel." "[Jenkins] Let 'er rip, man! Shoot those barrels and light up this cave!" "[Jenkins] Doesn't seem like the explosion did anything, but it was still pretty sweet!" "[Jenkins] Next time we'll use more barrels." "[Jenkins] I don't trust Dr. Guerard. How did he get here and how did he open the door?"

Computer: "ERROR: PC LOAD LETTER" "E#RR4R: PC L8AD LET7E@ #&00$@" "Blip, bleep... BEEWOOP. WHONK WHONK!" "HAHAHA! You thought you could blow me up?!?!"

Scientist: "[Dr. Kelvin] The damn door is locked and this controller is totally borked! I have never, in my 23 years with the UAC, seen this error before." "[Dr. Kelvin] PC Load Letter? What on Mars?! Sorry, my name is Dr. Kelvin. I was sent to fix the computer problems when these strange creatures appeared out of nowhere and killed most of my staff. As you can see, I'm a bit on edge." "[Dr. Kelvin] I've had it with this machine! Jenkins's looking for some explosives to blow this sucker open. Why don't you make yourself useful and see if he needs any help." "[Dr. Kelvin] Jenkins lined up the barrels so you can shoot the end barrel. This should cause a chain reaction and blow open the door." "[Dr. Kelvin] You have the honors. Fire at one of the barrels on the end and it should blow them all up. Maintain a safe distance so we don't get hurt." "[Dr. Kelvin] Damn! The explosion didn't even scratch the door." "[Dr. Kelvin] Whoa! I just saw someone appear in front of the door controls. Is that Dr. Guerard? I could swear he wasn't here a second ago!" "[Dr. Kelvin] Hey, go talk to Dr. Guerard." "[Dr. Kelvin] Thank goodness for Dr. Guerard! I still don't know where he came from but he unlocked the door and that's all I need to know!"

  • Medical Lab

Scientist: "Welcome to the old Medical Lab. We keep the medical supplies in the back room. I think we have a Flack Jacket and a couple of Medkits." "Dr. Kelvin wants to blow up the door with explosives? Why am I not surprised? He's wanted that door open for days." "I just hope no one gets hurt when they ignire the explosives." "Good luck with the door blasting. Try not to hurt yourself."

Computer: "Probability that exploding waste barrels will destroy a JC-107 Type-A titanium reinforced door: Calculating..." "12%" "System offline."

Dr. Guerard: [Dr. Geurard] Hello again, Marine. Seems like you need help with this door. I think I've found the problem. There, fixed... the door is unlocked." "[Dr. Guerard] No need to thank me. Just doing my job." "[Dr. Geurard] Don't concern yourself with how I got the door opened. Just move on with your mission.

Computer: "[Email] To: Col. Graff From: Kronos Jensen has been troublesome. Fire him! You owe me. -Kronos" "[Email] To: Kronos From: Col. Graff I'll try. If I do this, that's it, Kronos. Our debt is cleared... we're done. -Col. Graff" "No more email."

Computer: [E-BOOK] Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Teleportation *Chapter 1* ..." "[E-BOOK] Stabilization Techniques for Rifts in the Space/Time Continuum *Chapter 1* ..." "[E-BOOK] Beginner's Guide to Controlled Hydracon Catalyzation *Chapter 1* ..." "[E-BOOK] More Power to You: Energy Strategies for Projects Needing Inordinate Amounts of Power *Chapter 1* ..." "[E-BOOK] How to Get People to Like You, Even if you are a Crazed, Diabolical Luniatic *Chapter 1* ..."

Civilian: "Hey! You're not supposed to be here!" "Walk away now and you won't get hurt." "I warned you. Now you die! Cacodemon, kill! [A door opened to your left...]" "Please, don't hurt me! I'll tell you everything..." "MUAHAHAHA!" (turns into Imp)

Computer: Signed on to UAC-IM... [INSTANT MESSAGE] GoodDoc99: Marine, it's Dr. Guerard. you may have stumbled upon a secret research facility inside an old section of the base. We think Dr. Jensen has been storing stolen supplies there." "[INSTANT MESSAGE] GoodDoc99: Refrain from looking around the lab. We need to get an investigation team there to search for evidence and I don't want the area contaminated." "[INSTANT MESSAGE] GoodDoc99: I've unlocked the door leading out of the old base to Junction. Proceed forward with your mission and we'll take care of recovering the stolen lab supplies. Guerard out." "GoodDoc99 has signed off."

Computer: "System Offline [but there is a sticky note on the monitor that reads: "5313"]"

"You got the Rocket Launcher! w00t!" Enemies: Cerberus, Zombie Lt, Imp, Mancubus, Pinky, Zombie Cpt, Cacodemon, Demon Wolf

Sector 5[]

Computer: "System offline." "Learn Databases *Chapt 1 * The SELECT statement is used to acquire data from a table in a database, basic syntax is as follows: SELECT column_names FROM table_name. More advanced usage of the SELECT statement is covered in later chapters." "*Chapt 2 * The INSERT st4t 3m*&#!" .*& [FILE CORRUPTED]" "FILE CORRUPTED"

Scientist (Johnson): "Zzzzz..." "Zzzzz... [Snort] Zzz..." "Huh? What!?! I'm awake! Oh, hey Marine. What brings you here? The blue keycard? Dr. Jensen was carrying it as he was being hauled away. Not sure where they took him." "What was Jensen doing here anyway? Wasn't he fired weeks ago?" "There's a room up ahead that has a database of passcodes used in this sector. You'd probably find it helpful." "Ok, move along now. I'm going back to sleep." "Zzz..." "Zzz... Zzz..." "Zzz.. Wha? Oh, you again. What?! You need help with a database? Well, everything I know I learned from an online tutorial. Let me pull it up here on this computer. Ok, done. Use the computer to the left to teach yourself database administration." "Hrm. It looks like part of the file is corrupted. Oh well. You already know enough to do basics like retrieving data."

Computer: "ERR^R! @A# !$_# ^%^" "MEMO%y FAUL+ 02xOFF012 ^$#^" "D09R 09 PASSCO#E: ***2"

Computer: [Email] To: F. Eckle From: G. Smith I've set up a new passcode on Door 09 that exits this area. You'll need this to access the computer located in a room west of this position to open the door. -Gary" "[Email] To: G. Smith From: F. Eckle Hey genius, you forgot to send the new passcode. -Francis" "[Email] To: F. Eckle From: G. Smith Oh right. The code is 675... uh, I can't remember the last number. Sorry. I'll reset it to something I can remember first thing on Monday. -Gary" "No more email."

Computer: "Door 09 locked. Enter code: ----" "6752" "Door 09 unlocked."

Computer: "Door 13 locked. Enter code:----" "1313' "Door 13 unlocked."

Computer: "Door 17 locked. Enter code:----" "1122" "Door 17 unlocked".

Computer: "[Email] To: F. Eckle From: G. Smith Ok, the passcode on Door 17 has been changed to, uhm, either 2211 or 1122. Sorry, I forgot which one. -Gary" "[Email] To; G. Smith From: F. Eckle You are such a putz, Gary. -Francis" "No more email."

Civilian: The computer on the left has a database with all the passcodes for the doors in this area. It needs a passcode which is... uh..." "I hope you have some database skills, 'cause you are gonna have to some hardcore SQL hacking to find the database of passcodes on the computer!" "Let me know if you figure out how to get the passcodes. So far all I've been able to do is get the database login passcode which is 4453... I think." "If you need help with SQL syntax issues go talk to Johnson. He's a scientist working down here. He sleeps on the job, but he is a pro with databases. He can probably help you." "That was some way awesome hacking, man."

Computer: [DATABASE LOGIN] Enter code: ----" "4453" "Logged in as DBA." "SQL>get passcodes; Invalid SQL command." "SQL>use passcodes database; Invalid syntax on line 2 "passcodes database;"." "SQL>download pass code data; Unknown keyword "download" on line 1." "SQL>give me the freaking passcodes! Error 024: All queries must end in a semicolon." "SQL>give me the freaking passodes you punk machine; Please restate your insult in the form of a valid SQL query." "SQL>SELECT * FROM doors; Contents of "doors" table: id passcode ----------- 13 1313 27 3416 17 1122 44 8862 61 1554 99 1209"

Civilian: "Jeez, I think I'm lost. Wish my wife was here, she'd ask someone for directions." "What I'd give for an automap about now." "I hate maze dungeons!" "What's next? Jumping puzzles? Scavenger hunts? Backtracking with new enemies? Sheesh. Just gimme a BFG and let me go postal on some imp hordes."

Computer: "There is a hidden door called Door 55 in Sector 2. Use passcode 5555 to unlock Door 55."

  • The Brig

Scientist: "[Dr. Jensen] Marine! It's me, Dr. Jensen! You gotta help me!" "[Dr. Jensen] Thanks for your help. When I got caught they took my weapon and my blue keycard and put them in the Secure Closet. I saw them set the passcode to 648." "[Dr. Jensen] Get my equipment from the Secure Closet and I'll log onto one of the computers and continue my investigation. Something terrible is about to happen and Guerard's behind it." "[Dr. Jensen] I'm pretty sure the Secure Closet code is 648. I watched them set the code after they detained me." "Keep the keycard and rocket launcher. You'll need them more than me. I've found some more informaton on this computer..." "There's recent communication from Dr. Gueard to Mr. Nadira. Nadira is ordered to meet up with Guerard in the Power Control Room in Sector 6. He mentioned something about "big plans"..." "I think Guerard has been using Nadira's mind control equipment to influence people at UAC administration and it looks like .both may be working for Kronos." "Ok, I got the door out of here unlocked. Get back to Junction through the exit west of the prison. We'll meet up in Sector 6. We must find out what Gueard is up to." "Proceed to Junction through the exit west of the prison. I'll meet up with you in the next sector."

Computer: "Power low. Terminal in sleep mode."

Computer: "[Email] To: F. Eckle From: Col. Graff Be on the lookout for an ex employee seen snooping around the base. His name is Dr. Jensen. Detain him if he's found. -Col. Graff" "[Email] To: Col. Graff From: F. Eckile We found Jensen in the data center trying to access email logs. He's being held in cell 42-A in the Sector 5 Brig. He was armed with a rocket and had a blue keycard. What's all this about? -Francis" "[Email] To: F. Eckle From: Col. Graff Excellent work! Jensen was fired. We found a bunch of stolen equipment in a makeshift laboratory in Sector 4 and we suspect Jensen. The esteemed Dr. Guerard will need to have a "chat" with Jensen later to investigate the matter. What's the passcode to the cell? -Col. Graff" "[Email] To: Col. Graff From: F. Eckle Glad we caught the thief. The prison passcode is 229. -Francis" "No more email."

Computer: "[Cell Control] Enter passcode to unlock cell 42-A: ---" "229" "Cell 42-A unlocked.

Civilian: "..." "Hey, what're you in for? Me? Stealing. Turns out petty theft can get you up to 3 years in this joint." "Are you sure you should be talking to a thief? I can't resist the urge to take things." "I'm not sure why I take things... I just feel an urge to steal. I need therapy, not prison!" "If this is my fate, so be it!" "You are freeing us?! Thank you! Uh... I guess I should give you these back..." "Received 20 UAC credits." "I'm free!"

Computer: "[Secure Closet] Enter passcode: ---" "648" "Closet unlocked."

Junction (after Sector 5)[]

  • Green zone

Marine (green): "Oh, you have the blue keycard? Jensen had it when we arrested him. Hope Guerard doesn't come looking for it." "I won't tell anyone you have the card. I don't trust Gueard. I'd rather you have it than him."

Scientist: "I heard Dr. Guerard got Dr. Jensen fired. Not sure I believe that though. I think Jensen was just sloppy with his security procedures." "Have you met Kronos? I've been here for years but have never met him."

  • Yellow zone

Civilian: "We won't make it much longer. It's only a matter of time before the monsters enter Junction."

  • West wing

Scientist: "My feet hurt from standing here so long."

Civilian: "I'm freaked. I have a feeling something really bad is about to happen."

Computer: [Combat Guide] Tip 161: The Mancubus class will blast you with rockets; he doesn't like the taste of his own medicine." "[Combat Guide] Tip 162: Those damn bull demon things aren't as affected by rockets as you'd think."

  • Central corridor

Marine (green): "It's only a matter of time before the demons overrun the entire planet..."

Scientist: "I used to work with Mr. Nadira in bioresearch. He was a nice guy, until he started working with Dr. Guerard." "Ever heard of Kronos? Never met him but logs show he has extremely high security clearance.

Computer: "Segment Fault: G_3R4%D 15 K&0N^5" "System offline."

  • East wing

Computer: [Email] To. B. Smith From: K. Simons Dr. Jensen had me investigate Dr. Guerard's employment history. What I found was strange. Guerard was supposedly hired onto the teleportation research team 2 years ago but UACHQ has no record of him. -Karina" "[Email] To: K. Simons From: B. Smith Well, the UAC is a huge bureaucracy with billions of records. They're bound to lose one once in a while. -Brett" "No more email."

  • North wing

Computer: "System offline." "No more email."

  • Blue zone

Scientist: "You know what to expect: more sector doors to explore in the hunt for the next colored keycard. Get to it!" "A lot of the scientists look EXACTLY like me. Why you may ask? Is this outpost some cloning facility or are the game designers too lazy to create a variety of characters? Or is it something more insidious, like extremely small memory constraints for portable devices that won't allow much graphical variety?!" "Have you noticed that if you keep talking to people here they make trite inside jokes and other misguided attempts at humor?" "Ever heard of Kronos" He was a UAC scientist working on teleportation research years ago. It's said that he traveled from our dimension to one of pure evil where he fused human technology with demonic flesh, creating a new super weapon. UAC fired Kronos and buried the research but rumor has it that Kronos is on this base trying to bring his creation into our dimension." "If you come across him, stop him. Be careful, Kronos is controlling the minds of the UAC administrators." "I think Kronos moved the teleportation research equipment into the reactor core and plans to use the massive of the reactor core to move something very large into our dimension." "Hey, by the way, you didn't hear any of this from me, OK?"

Sector 6[]

Scientist: "Dr. Guerard came through here a while ago. He seemed to be in quite a hurry. A few minutes later Dr. Jensen came in looking for him. Jensen looked very worried. What is going on?" "Power routing controls for the base are found up ahead in this sector. I think that is where Guerard was headed."

Civilian: "Did you see Dr. Jensen chasing after Dr. Guerard? What is going on with those two?" "I think I may know what it's about. I saw some classified documents that seem to indicate that Guerard did something to get Jensen fired. UAC higher ups seem to know about it but aren't doing anything. Strange, eh?" "I hope Jensen kicks Guerard's but. Guerard deserves to get his butt kicked. I hate that smug slimeball."

Marine (green): "The combatants in this area re very dangerous. I'll provide escort for Jensen. Be careful!" "We're trying to catch Dr. Guerard. We fear he is up to no good." "I'll follow you and provide cover for Dr. Jensen." "Dr. Guerard went through this door just minutes ago." "I'll cover Dr. Jensen." "I've got your back!" "Keep moving!" "He sure is fast." "He got away again!" "Guerard went through this door. You go first. I'll protect Dr. Jensen." "Lock and load!" "Take cover!" "ARGH! I'm hit! "There are too many!"

Scientist: "[Dr. Jensen] Hey, Marine! I've been pursuing Guerard but I don't know which door he went through. Both doors are locked and I am working on the computer trying to get them opened. Give me a minute..." "[Dr. Jensen] Ok. I've unlocked the first door. You explore that direction and I'll try to get this other door opened. We will meet up later. Find Guerard and stop him from doing whatever it is he is trying to do!" "[Dr. Jensen] The first door is open. You take it. I'll take the other path as soon as I get the second door open. Don't wait for me. We'll meet up later." "[Dr. Jensen] We almost had him! Guerard went this way. He must be headed to the Control Rom. You lead. I'll follow behind with the other Marine. I've unlocked the door. Let's move!" "[Dr. Jensen] Let's go! We must catch Dr. Guerard!" "[Dr. Jensen] Look! On your left! Get him!" "[Dr. Jensen] Keep the pace up. We must catch Guerard." "[Dr. Jensen] There he is! Up ahead on the right!" "[Dr. Jensen] I'm getting too old for this." "[Dr. Jensen] There! To your left!" "[Dr. Jensen] I'm not sure what Guerard is up to, but it is probably very bad." "[Dr. Jensen] He's getting away!" "[Dr. Jensen] No time to chat. We need to catch Guerard." "[Dr. Jensen] The control center is just up ahead. Whatever Dr. Guerard is up to, he must be stopped!" "[Dr. Jensen] After you, Marine." "[Dr. Jensen] There he is! Straight ahead!" "[Dr. Jensen] It's a trap! Run for your life!" "[Dr. Jensen] I ran in here for cover. I'm pretty hurt so I'm not sure I'll be able to go on with you." "[Dr. Jensen]: "there must be a computer switch to unlock that door somewhere around here..." "[Dr. Jensen] Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just stop Guerard!" "Damn! One of those demons hurt me pretty bad. You go on. I'll catch up when I can." "Head through the door. You must stop Guerard!" "[Dr. Jensen] I finally caught up with you. Did Guerard get away? He must have used his teleporter. Looks like Guerard intends to reopen the portal now that the reactor is back online. We're going to have stop him. We need a plan. Let me think..." "[Dr. Jensen] Ok, first, let's get some big guns. Check the computer again and see if you can get that BFG storage closet open." "[Dr. Jensen] Check the computer for more information." "[Dr. Jensen] Great, you have the BFG. Now we need to find the red keycard to access the reactor. Security logs on this computer indicate there's a red keycard in Sector 7. Head there I'mmedietely. I'll catch up with you later. The exit to Junction is east of this position. Good luck." "[Dr. Jensen] Head to sector 7 to retrieve the red keycard. With it we can access the reactor area and stop Dr. Guerard!"

"Super Secret Room"

Computer: [Super Secret Room] Door locked. Enter code: ====" "2279"

Computer: "There's a bonus area you might encounter sometime after Sector 7 that is protected with a 7 digit passcode. Use the first 7 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence (starting with zero) to unlock the door."

Computer: "Marine, I got the other door opened and we are pursu-ing Dr Guerard. We'll meet up soon. Dr. Jensen"

Computer: "[Email] To: Col. Graff From Kronos Move the portal equipment from the research laboratory to the reactor room. Get on it right away! -Kronos" "[Email] To: Kronos From: Col. Graff Why? The rest of the research team claims the energy requirements are being met at the portal's current location. -Col. Graff" "[Email] To: Col. Graff From: Kronos You will order the equipment moved immediately! I have plans that require a considerable amount of additional energy. -Kronos" "[Email] To: Kronos From: Col. Graff I've set up the work order to have the machinery relocated to the reactor room. -Col. Graff." "No more email."

Dr. Guerard: "[Dr. Guerard] HAHAHA!" "[Dr. Guerard] New circuit configuration complete. Rerouting power... Oh! Hellow, Marine. Your're too late. I just brought the main reactor back online. Nothing can stop me now." "[Dr. Guerard] Mr. Nadira, please dispose of him." "[Dr. Guerard] ..." "[Dr. Guerard] Mr. Nadira, your assistance has been invaluable. Marine, I really couldn't have done all of this without you. But now, you're both liabilities to me." "[Dr. Guerard] See you in Hell."

"Power Control Room"

Computer: Power low. Terminal in sleep mode."

Civilian: "[Mr. Nadira] So we meet again. This time you won't escape so easily." "[Mr. Nadira] No, wait!" "[Mr. Nadira] Argh!" "

Computer: "Power rerouted. Geothermic reactore online." "[Dr. Jensen] Hey Marine! I made it." "[Email] To: Mr. Nadira From: Kronos Under no circumstances is the Marine to get a hold of the BFG. The new BFG closet passcode is 9000. DON'T TELL ANYONE! -Kronos"

"BFG Storage Closet"

Computer BFG Storage closet Enter passcode: ----" "9000" "Have fun."

"You got the BFG! We could tell you what BFG stands for, but this is a family game."

Enemies: Rehovart, Zombie Cpt, Assassin, Demon Wolf, Lost Souls Druj, Wretched, Baron.

Sector 7[]

Scientist: "[Dr. Kelvin] Hello again. You here for the red keycard? The passages to the rest of the sector have caved in, but I can help you get through. I'll unlock the door. Come on, I'll show you." "[Dr. Kelvin] Come on through the door to your left." "[Dr. Kelvin] This is one of the first matter transportation units built on the base. I can send you through to its counterpart at the other end of the lab." "[Dr. Kelvin] Step into the unit in the middle of this room and I'll transport you. You'll instantly be sent to its counterpart unit."

Computer: "Super secret passcode: 2***"

Computer: "[Dr. Kelvin] Something seems to have gone very wrong. You didn't rematerialize in the other teleportation unit, and worse, none of your weapons rematerialized with you! I don't have to tell you to use extreme caution. I think I can unlock that door. Yes, try it now." "Whoa! I can't talk now... something's coming!" "..."

Computer: "[Email] To: R. Williams From: J. LaGrave Di you go out and check on that sensor array? I'm still getting wacky readings. I think something's busted out there." "[Email] To: J. LaGrave From: R. Williams Checked the array. Everything passed my daignostics. But the readings don't seem make sense to me either. I'm working with Lloyd to try to find out what's going on." "No more email."

"Door cycle operation offline." "666"

Computer: "New message arriving..." "Attn. all personnel: if you can use a terminal with access to your local sensor array, check your readings now. We're sensing a rise in the same readings preceding the attack wave. Report if you can." "Too many users... blah blah blah. Probable cause: Try again in a few seconds... -xien

Scientist: "Ahh... when I saw those weapons come through the teleporter without their owner. I knew something was wrong. Looking at these data, it seems like someone deliberately sabotaged your teleport. Here, I think you'll need these! [You got your weapons back] If you're looking for the red keycard, try the northeast corner of this sector. I've just enabled the cycle operration on the door up ahead. The code is 666." "I'm going to stay here and try to make sense of these other sensor readings. It looks to me like the reactor is back online, and there are huge power draws all over the base. I think something big is about to happen." "Code 666 should work for the door ahead."

Computer: "Incoming message: RED ALERT! A seccond attack has started! All personnel to battle positions!"

Computer: "Error....#$^@%*#^"

Computer: Incoming audio transmission - source unknown: Can anyone hear me?! All hell is breaking loose! They're in Junction...everywhere! Everyone's dead. They're hoarding out of the reactor sector! If anyone can hear this... please help!" "Connection lost.."

Got Red Key

Marine (green): "Oh, man! I thought you were one of those things! I barely made it out of Junction when that second wave hit. The rest of my unit didn't make it." "Just before we got hit, someone screamed that the gates of Hell had opened. After seeing all these...demons, or whatever they are, I believe it." "You're definitely going to need the red keycard if you want to get anywhere up ahead. You'd better go find it." "Look, I'm almost out of ammo and armor. I can't do you much good. I'm going to stay here and see what I can scrounge."

Enemies: Demon Wolf, Zombie Cpt, Nightmare, Pain Elemental (Doom RPG), Belphegor, Apollyon, Baron, Druj.

Junction (after 2nd invasion)[]

  • Blue zone

Marine: (blue): "Thank god you're back! We've suffered a massive attack! Hordes of monsters swarmed into Junction from the reactor area." "Dr. Kelvin was able to seal up the door to the reactor to stop the attack. Hope he's OK... get down to the reactor entrance in the red zone and see if you can help him." "Ugh, I don't feel so good..." "Oh no..."

Computer: "I have plans for you, Marine. Meet me at the reactor. -Kronos" "System offline."

  • East wing

Marine (green): "Dr. Kelvin is down at the reactor door entrance in the red zone. He wanted to talk with you." "I'm guarding this position to prevent any more monsters from getting into Junction." "The entrance to the north wing just collapsed! Dr. Jensen was in there. I hope he's- uh, what is, happening to me? Ahhhhh!"

  • Red zone

Computer: [Dr. Kelvin] That computer terminal controls the door that leads to the reactor core. Don't mess with it." "[Dr. Kelvin] We don't want that door opening again." "[Dr. Kelvin] Whose side are you on? Leave that terminal alone!" "[Dr. Kelvin] Watch out! Here they come!"

Scientist: "[Dr. Kelvin] Marine! I'm so glad to see you! It's been hell down here. I was able to lock this door to stop the invasion but I'm not sure what to do now. Find Dr. Jensen and see how we should proceed... he was in the north wing last time I saw him." "[Dr. Kelvin] What the hell was that? I hope Dr. Jensen is OK. Go find him." "[Dr. Kelvin] Go check with Dr. Jensen. He is probably still in the north wing." "[Dr. Kelvin] What? Jensen's dead?! You have to end this or we'll all die. Go in there, the passcode is 5966. Godspeed." "[Dr. Kelvin] 5966 will open the door." "[Dr. Kelvin] Ugh. One of those things got inside me. I can feel it. Help me!"

  • Central corridor

Computer: "They stopped me years ago but they can't stop me this time. -Kronos" "System offline."

Civilian: "I'm so scared..." "We're all gonna die! Don't you get it?! We have to get out of here!" "I feel a tingling sensation. What is going on? Ahhhhh!

  • West wing

Computer: "I'm going to kill you... slowly. -Kronos." "System offline."

  • Yellow zone

Scientist: "Look at the carnage! I don't think anyone made it out alive!" "I'm too late to help any of these people, but let me at least help you..." "Good luck, Marine." "I'm knee-deep in the dead." "What? The passage to the north wing is blocked? You'll probably just have to find another way in." "Sorry. I don't have any more Medkits. I used my last one on you."

  • Green zone

Civilian: "Please! Don't let them hurt me!" "They are coming for us." "I'm hit!" "Argh! Damn it!"

  • North zone

Computer: "[Bonus Area!] Door locked. Enter code -------" "0112358"

Scientist: "[Dr. Jensen] Marine, How'd you get in here? I thought this room was cut off from Junction when the ceiling caved in. I'm OK, but I have bad news..." "[Dr. Jensen] Guerard reopened the portal. He brought the reactor back online to reopen the link with Hell. According to what I've found, Dr. Guerard intends to bring Kronos's creation, the Cyberdemon, into our dimension..." "We must make every effort to prevent this form happening. Have Dr. Kelvin open the door to the reactor. Head down there and destroy the portal. You are our only hope." "Uh oh." "Goodbye, Marine."

Monsters: Zombie Cpt, Nightmare, Demon Wolf, Baron, Assassin, Belphegor, Apollyon, Revenant, Pain Elmental.


Computer: "Risi Soru kol feri asiril." "Red Planet finds you worthy and offers her help." "System offline."

Red Planet: "Ned'ai Risi Soru. Fele khamik Nari felil sani." "Red Planet trembles. The way is made clear.

Dr. Guerard: "[Dr. Guerard] Marine, your commitment is commendable, but you're too late. Soon my creation will enter our dimension. It's a shame that you won't be around to see it happen. HAHAHA!"

Computer: "Activating gate lift. Gate opening..." "Gate open." "Mokolu afi e'ai Pelim Oduril esansi. Sever the arteries to silence the Mouth of Evil."

"The portal to Hell has closed, but one last creature made it through..."

Enemies: Zombie Cpt, Revenant, Belphegor, Nightmare, Demon Wolf, Wretched. Imp Lord, Pain Elemental, Assassin, Apollyon, Revenant, Wretched, Druj, Kronos, Power Coupling, Cyberdemon/Doom RPG.



Congratulations! You've shut down the portal to Hell and stopped the demonic invasion.

Rank: Chump

You've finished the game, barely. There's still much to discover. For a little inspiration to do better next time, visit:


Congratulations! You've shut down the portal to Hell and stopped the demonic invasion.

Rank: Average

You've beaten the demons from Hell, but we've seen better. Find out more by visiting:


Congratulations! You've shut down the portal to Hell and stopped the demonic invasion.

Rank: Baddy

Nice job. There is only a little more you need to do to achieve Master rank. We have a parade for you at:


Congratulations! You've shut down the portal to Hell and stopped the demonic invasion.

Rank: Master

You have found every secret and killed every monster in the game. This calls for a celebration! Please visit:

Junction (after Ending)[]

Note: After the credits the game gives the option of returning to predestruction Junction. This version of Junction appears to be set between Sector 7 and Reactor missions but before the base overloads during the Sector 7 events. Some of the characters have new material but it appears to be clearly before the Marine heads to the Reactor, but now has a key that he couldn't have gotten yet chronologically. An additional Scientist is just behind the Red Door to prevent you from moving forward. Central corridor

Scientist: "We're screwed. It is only a matter of time before the monsters enter Junction." "Hold me!"

Marine (green): "What? The main reactor is back online? I hope they aren't planning on reopening the portal."

West wing

Scientist: "I have a really bad feeling about Guerard. Between us, I think he is the one responsible for this mess."

Yellow zone

Civilian: "I heard Nadira got eaten by a monster. No loss. I never liked the guy."

Civilian: "Guerard went down to the reactor. I hope he can put an end to this invasion!"

Green zone

Scientist: Kronos is going to kill us all!

Marine (green): "Someone told me they saw Guerard transform into some kind of horible creature. I wonder what that is all about."

Red zone

Scientist: "Sorry Marine, this area is off limits. Dr. Guerard ordered a quarantine of the reactor area.


Rank: Chump Rank: Average Rank: Baddy Rank: Master

Monster Cast[]


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Produced by






Thanks for playing.


Entrance notes...[]

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Sector 1 notes...[]

Door passcode somehow related to October 10th

Use passcode 225 on north door.

Offer the civilian credits for the code.

Ask the scientist for codes.

Ask the civilian about a door passcode.

Sector 2 notes...[]

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Sector 3 notes...[]

Green keycard north of lab.

North entrance passcode is 4545.

Weapons cabinet code is 7682.

Cage controls are at the west end of the lab room.

Code 934 to open the cage containing the device.

Code 741 to lock the lab door.

Guerard says ignore the door on the right.

Door passcode is 5551.

Sector 4 notes...[]

The sticky note read "5313".

Get medical suplies at the med lab.

Talk to Jenkins.

Sector 5 notes...[]

Exit to the west of the prison.

Meet back ujp with Jensen at the computer.

Get the stuff from the Secure Closet. Passcode is 648.

Prison cell passcode is 229.

id passcode


13 1313

27 3416

17 1122

44 8862

61 1554

61 1554

99 1209

I learned how to use databases.

Talk to sleepy scientist to learn how to use databases.

Database login passcode might be 4453.

Door 17 passcode is either 2211 or 1122.

Door 09 passcode is 675.

Door 09 passcode is ***2

Get the passcode datacase.

Jensen has the blue keycard.Enemies: Cacodemons, Cerberus, Zombie Lt, Pinky, Fiend, Archvile, Zombie Cpt, Demon Wolf, Belphegor, Hell Knight, Revenant. Wretched,

Sector 6 notes...[]

BFG Storage Closet passcode is 9000.

Catch Guerard.

Sector 7 Notes...[]

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Find the red keycard.

Red keycard in northeast corner of this sector.

Use passcode 666 for the door ahead.

Junction notes...[]

Find Jensen. Last seen in north wing.

Go to red zone and talk to Dr. Kelvin.

Reactor notes...[]

Destroy the power couplings to shut down the portal.




The Union Aerospace Corporation thanks you for your efforts in combating the demonic invasion on Mars. You successfully shut down the portal to Hell, stopped those responsible for creating the portal, and saw to it that the Cyberdemon received a proper welcome to our dimension.

Your Rank: Chump

You still have a lot of work to do to truly master Doom RPG. Your ranking is determined by your level and the amount of sectors you completed where 100% of the monsters were destroyed and 100% of the secrets were found (sectors completed with 100% secrets found and 100% monsters killed are listed in your "Status" menu). Head back to Junction and replay the sectors. Find more secrets, kill more monsters, and increase your level to improve your ranking.




The Union Aerospace Corporation thanks you for your efforts in combating the demonic invasion on Mars. You successfully shut down the portal to Hell, stopped those responsible for creating the portal, and saw to it that the Cyberdemon received a proper welcome to our dimension.

Your Rank: Average

You've done well but there is still much to be discovered! Your ranking is determined by your level and the amount of sectors you completed where 100% of the monsters were destroyed and 100% of the secrets were found (sectors completed with 100% secrets found and 100% monsters killed are listed in your "Status" menu). Head back to Junction and replay the sectors. Find more secrets, kill more monsters, and increase your level to improve your ranking. Also be on the lookout for the Super Secret room found in Sector 6. To open the Super Secret room you will need to find the four digit passcode. The passcode can be found in bits and pieces in different sectors in the base: Sector 6 : location of super secret Sector 7 : first digit Sector 4 : second digit Sector 1 : third digit Sector 2 : fourth digit




The Union Aerospace Corporation thanks you for your efforts in combating the demonic invasion on Mars. You successfully shut down the portal to Hell, stopped those responsible for creating the portal, and saw to it that the Cyberdemon received a proper welcome to our dimension.

Your Rank: Baddy

You've done really well but are you prepared to do what it takes to achieve Master status? You should go back to Junction and exhaustively explore all the sectors for secrets. Search every nook and cranny for lurking monsters to get 100% kills. Continue the fight to level up your character. Only the most persistent players will uncover enough secrets to attain the rank of Master.




The Union Aerospace Corporation thanks you for your efforts in combating the demonic invasion on Mars. You successfully shut down the portal to Hell, stopped those responsible for creating the portal, and saw to it that the Cyberdemon received a proper welcome to our dimension.

Your Rank: Master

Very impressive, marine! Your persistence is commendable and your Master status well deserved. Very few players ever attain the rank of Master.



Misc; "Axe", "Fire Ext", "Shotgun", "Chaingun", "Pistol", "Table", "Crate", "Armor Shard", "Yellow Lamp", "Exit Door", "Door", "Cabinet", "Computer", "Sm Medkit", "Fire Ext", "Bullet Clip/Bullet Clips", "Shell Clip"/"Shell Clips", "Halon Can"/"Halon Cans", "Flak Jacket", "Health Vial", "Bunk Beds", "Locked Door", "Jammed Door", "Door cleared!", "Fire", "Fire cleared!", "Nothing to use", UAC CREDIT, UAC, "1 credit"/"5 credits"", "Blue Lamp", "Yellow Door", EXIT, Chair, Invalid code!", "Shotgun", "Enter Junction", "Green Door", "Blue Door", "Red Door", Rocket/Rockets, Combat Suit, Lg Medkit, Dog Collar, "Found Secret!", "Plasma Gun", "Super Shotgun", "BFG" Sink", "Toilet"," Power Coupling", "Portal".

Computer: "Logged in as root # scp /map.dat. Saving... Done. You got the map data." "Map data already downloaded."

"Item Vendor: Would you like to make a purchase? Yes No"

"You captured the Cerberus!"

"You captured the Hellhound!"

"You captured the Demon Wolf!"



Raw script[]

s___Axe__Fire Ext _Shotgun_Super Shotgn__Chaingun_Rocket Lnchr
_Plasma Gun__BFG__Pistol_Hellhound__Cerberus
_Demon Wolf
_Zombie Pvt_Zombie Lt
_Zombie Cpt_Hellhound__Cerberus
_Demon Wolf__Troop__Commando__Assassin _Impling__Imp__Imp Lord _Phantom_Lost Soul_Nightmare
_Bull Demon__Pinky_Belphegor__Malwrath_Cacodemon__Wretched__Beholder__Rahovart__Pain Elemental__Ghoul__Fiend__Revenant__Behemoth__Mancubus__Druj__Infernis__Archvile__Apollyon__Ogre
_Hell Knight__Baron
_Cyberdemon__Kronos _Red Key__Blue Key_Green Key
_Yellow Key_Halon Can
_Halon Cans
_Bullet Clip_Bullet Clips
_Shell Clip
_Shell Clips__Rocket _Rockets_Cell Clip
_Cell Clips
_Health Vial
_Armor Shard
_Flak Jacket
_Combat Suit__1 credit_5 credits_Sm Medkit_Lg Medkit
_Soul Sphere_Berserker
_Dog Collar__Civilian_Scientist__Marine_Scientist
_Dr. Guerard__Civilian__Civilian__Marine_Lava Pool__Fire__Barrel__Power Coupling__Sink__Toilet__Chair
_Yellow Lamp _Cabinet_Blue Lamp__Table_Bunk Beds__Crate__Crate
_Jammed Door_Weak Wall__Door__Red Door_Blue Door
_Green Door
_Yellow Door_Exit Door
_Locked Door
_Unlocked Door____Portal__Computer
_Item Vendor________

_%1 damage! 
_%1 attacks%2__%1 took %2 damage!__%1 took %2 damage! %1 died! _Dodged!__%1 casts raise%2
_Raise failed!__%1 is revived!
_Attacking%1__Attacking%1 (%2)__Bad target for Dog Collar__You captured|the %1!|__No dog within range__Dog Collar won't fit %1%2__Crit! %1 damage!__Crit! %1 damage! %2 died!__%1 damage! %2 died!__Hit %1 for %2 damage!
_%1 destroyed!
_Last shot! 
_1 shot left!
_2 shots left!
_3 shots left! _Missed!
_No effect!__Not enough ammo!__Pain!__Crit!_Dog died!__Dog took %1 damage!
_Low Health!
_Near Death!
_Armor Gone!
_Fire cleared!
_Door cleared!__Trapped!__Ammo at maximum__Armor at maximum__Credits at maximum__Health at maximum__Got %1__Can't hold more %1s"_You got the Axe!|Zombies beware...R_You got the BFG!|We could tell you|what BFG stands|for, but this is|a family game.?_You got the|Chaingun! Precise|and deadly, but|it's an ammo hog.J_You got the Fire|Extinguisher! It|uses halon can-|isters to put out|fires.__You got the|Plasma Gun!"_You got the|Rocket Launcher!|w00t!__You got the|Shotgun!"_You got the Super|Shotgun! Fierce!_It burns!__It really burns!!__Master__Baddy _Average__Chump__Entrance__Junction _Reactor__Sector 1__Sector 2__Sector 3__Sector 4__Sector 5__Sector 6__Sector 7__Nothing to use 
_Turn passed.__Gained %1 armor__Gained %1 health
_Accuracy: +%1 
_Agility: +%1__Max Armor: +%1 
_Defense: +%1__Max Health: +%1
_Strength: +%1_Level: %1__Health restored._Level up!
_Found Secret!__Insufficient armor!__Insufficient funds!__Insufficient health!__Insufficient XP!
_Gained %1 XP!__Berserker activated!__Berserker expired!
_Need Blue Key__Need Green Key 
_Need Red Key__Need Yellow Key__Portal spawns %1!__AI off__AI on__give all_give ammo _God off__God on__Health & Armor! 
_Level up: %1
_noclip off_noclip on _s_debug
_r_frames %1 
_r_skipStretch__r_speeds__Weapons & Ammo!__Error!__Back__Continue
_Game Loaded__More__Notebook__off__on
_Completed!__No__Yes__Exit__Go To Junction
_Help/About_Inventory_Load Game__Load Saved Game_Main Menu _Automap__New Game _Options
_Press OK to__continue__Quit
_Resume Game 
_Retry Sector_Save Game
_Don't Save__Sound:
_Start Game__Status_Accuracy:__Agility:__Armor:__Credits: _Deaths:__Defense: _Health:__Level:_Monsters:__Moves:__None__Secrets:_Strength:__Time:__XP:
_XP Gained:
_10x Bullets_10x Cells
_10x Hal. Cans
_3x Rockets
_10x Shells_Berserker_Lg Medkit_Sm Medkit
_Soul Sphere
_+1 Accuracy
_+1 Agility
_+1 Defense
_+1 Strength__Vibrate:
_Are you sure?__Exit Doom RPG?__This will take__you to Junction__before the 2nd
_invasion. Are_you sure?__Go to Main Menu?__Quit to Main Menu?
_Load Game?__Erase saved game?__Enable sounds? _Credits__Blue Key_Green Key _Red Key
_Yellow Key _Use %1?__Health and armor__full. 
_Health full.__N/A
_%1 notes...
_Try again?
_No Saved Game _Buy %1?__You do not have__enough credits! 
_You have too
_many already!__Would you like__to make a pur-__chase? 
_Confirm load 
_Confirm Load 
_Confirm Quit_You died!__Debug__Cheats_Developer__Vars__Maps
_Statistics_Game Menu__Help__Confirm item use
_Unable to use__Confirm Purchase
_%1 Credits__Not enough credits__Cannot purchase
_Item Vendor
_Correct code!
_Invalid code!__%1/%2
_Loading..._Saving...__Leave__Map__Menu__ CREDITS||Produced by|JOHN CARMACK|KATHERINE A. KANG||Programming by|JOHN CARMACK|JAH RAPHAEL||Design by|MATTHEW C. ROSS|DAVID WHITLARK||Art by|DAVID WHITLARK|MATTHEW C. ROSS||Support by|BRETT ESTABROOK||||||Thanks for|playing.||||Press OK to|continue.a_Congratulations!|You've shut down|the portal to|Hell and stopped|the demonic inv-|asion.||Rank:%1ƒ_You have found|every secret and|killed every mon-|ster in the game.|This calls for a|celebration!|Please visit:|||}_Nice job. There|is only a little|more you need to|do to achieve|Master rank. We|have a parade|for you at:|||i_You've beaten the|demons from Hell,|but we've seen|better. Find out|more by visiting:|||_You've finished|the game, barely.|There's still much|to discover. For a|little inspiration|to do better next|time, visit:|||c_We're sorry, an error has occurred. Please try starting the application again.||Error Details:|%1%2"_You have been|dispatched in re-|sponse to a dis-|tress call from|Union Aerospace|Corporation's re-|search facility|on Mars. The base|is under attack`_by an unknown|force and your|mission is to ac-|quire intelli-|gence and neu-|tralize the|threat.ˆ_Insertion com-|plete. For fur-|ther instruc-|tions, rendezvous|with the other|Marines at Junc-|tion. Expect|heavy resistance.|Good luck!'_Back|Cheats|Change Map|Stats|Developer|X_Back|Vars|Benchmark|Store0|Store1|Store2|Store3|Force Error|Print Monsters|Print Memory|w_Back|Intro|Junction|Sector 1|Sector 2|Sector 3|Sector 4|Sector 5|Sector 6|Sector 7|Des. Junction|Reactor|Credits|Items|;_Pos:|kTotal:|kUsed:|kInFree:|kCurFree:|kMap:|kSound:|kPNG:|E_Back|Noclip|Disable AI|Give all|Give ammo|God mode|Level up|Give map|l_Back|r_frames %1|r_speeds|r_skipCull|r_skipStretch|r_skipBSP|r_skipLines|r_skipSprites|r_onlyRender|s_debug|ž_ ~~~ GENERAL ~~~|Use the d-pad or|number keys to|move around the|environment and|navigate menus.|Press OK (or 5)|to talk, attack,|and perform other|actions.||á_ ~~~ LEGALS ~~~|(c) 2005 Id|Software, Inc.|All rights|reserved. (r)|1993-2005 Id|Software, Inc.|Published by|JAMDAT Mobile|Inc. under|license from Id|Software, Inc.|DOOM and ID are|registered|trademarks of Id|Software, Inc.|JAMDAT, JAMDAT|Mobile and the|bubbles logo are|trademarks or|registered|trademarks of|JAMDAT Mobile|Inc. in the|United States|and / or other|countries /|regions.|Fountainhead|Entertainment and|the FE logo are|trademarks of|Fountainhead|Entertainment,|Inc.||Ì_~~ HELP/ABOUT ~~|Version:|`|Support Address:|||In DOOM RPG you|will fight mon-|sters, solve puz-|zles and interact|with characters|in response to a|crisis at a re-|search station on|Mars.||e_~~~ MOVEMENT ~~~|2 Move Fwd|8 Move Back|1 Move Left|3 Move Right|4 Turn Left/PgUp|6 Turn Right/PgDn||c_~~~~ OTHER ~~~~|5 Atk/Talk/Use|7 Next Weapon|* Prev Weapon|9 Pass Turn|# Automap|0 Menu Open/Back||

Monster Cast

_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__q_You picked up a|Medkit. Access|your inventory|menu and use it|to restore health|if you become se-|verely wounded.+_The fire extin-|guisher will put|out fires.§_Use the fire ex-|tinguisher to put|out fires that|have broken out|throughout the|base. Some fires|will block your|path. You can|walk through them|but it will hurt|you.__Use Medkits to|restore health.Â_If you get low on|health try using|a Medkit. You may|have one in your|inventory. To use|an item, access|inventory menu,|select the item,|and press the OK|button. You can|use items during|combat.R_Where are all the|Marines in your|unit?... What?|They only sent|you? We're|doomed!__Move out, Marine!"_Use axe to chop|down jammed|doors.._You'll need the|Axe to chop down|jammed doors.á_You can switch|between the axe|and other weapons|by accessing your|inventory menu,|or cycle through|your weapons by|pressing the *|and 7 keys. Use|the axe to chop|down jammed doors|or zombies; it's|effective for|close combat.w_[Email]|To: D. Whitlark|From: J. Raphael|The yellow key-|card is in a room|in the southwest|corner of this|sector.|-Jah[_[Email]|To: J. Raphael|From: D. Whitlark|I checked but|couldn't find it.|What gives?|-DavidN_[Email]|To: D. Whitlark|From: J. Raphael|Sorry, I meant|southeast corner.|-Jah>_[Email]|To: J. Raphael|From: D. Whitlark|I'm on my way.|-Davidõ_[Email]|To: All Personnel|From: Marine HQ|Lt Whitlark has|been missing for|days now. He was|last seen in the|southeast area in|this sector. All|personnel are ad-|vised to report|if they have any|information about|the disappear-|ance.|-Col. Graff__No more email.__Shotgun hidden|behind axe.q_[Email]|To: BJ Blazkowitz|From: M. Ross|Hey BJ, I hid the|shotgun in a se-|cret compartment|behind the axe.|-Matt@_POP3 error.|Authentication|failed. Please|contact your|sysadmin.?_This door is bro-|ken. You'll need|to find some way|to open it.I_Logged in as root||# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.__[Error]|System offline.__[Reboot]#_Loading UACNIX...|Logged in as root__1993)_What year was the|original DOOM|released?__Door unlocked.0_Keep talking to|the Marine near|the locked door.H_The Marine will|eventually unlock|the door if you|keep talking with|him.\_The door to your|right is locked,|but I can open it|if you'll stay|and talk to me|for a bit.—_Hey, did you know|you can switch|weapons and use|items from your|inventory menu?|You can also|switch between|weapons by press-|ing the * and 7|buttons.__I get lost wan-|dering around|this base so the|automap is useful|for finding my|way around. The|automap is stan-|dard military is-|sue so you should|already have one.|Access your auto-|map by pressing|the # key, or|from the game|menu. You get to|the game menu by|pressing the 0|key.9_Sometimes you can|talk with people|and use computers|more than once.|This can be very|helpful. Well,|thanks for the|chat. I'll unlock|the door now. Oh,|one last thing,|you should pro-|bably save your|game before con-|tinuing. Get in|the habit of sav-|ing regularly.|You can save and|load games from|the game menu.M_The door should|be unlocked now.|Move out. I'll|meet up with you|at Junction.U_Try talking to|people or using|computers more|than once for|additional infor-|mation.K_Reports indicate|some monsters are|weak against cer-|tain types of|weapons.4_All available|combat personnel|report to Junc-|tion!"_Use Medkits in|your inventory to|restore health.|Your inventory|list is accessi-|ble from the game|menu. Access the|game menu by|pressing the 0|key._The yellow door|to the east of|this room re-|quires the yellow|keycard to open.|It's the only way|out of this area|so find the yel-|low keycard!%_Lost already?!|Use your automap.|Duh!(_You got the|yellow keycard.|That's nice.ˆ_[Combat Guide]|Tip 103: Crates|can be smashed|with weapons and|often contain|useful items. Be-|ware, some crates|explode if dis-|turbed.j_[Combat Guide]|Tip 104: Your|automap is avail-|able from the|game menu. Use it|to help you if|you're lost.r_Incoming message:|RED ALERT! Base|is under attack!|Combat personnel|report to Junc-|tion for further|instructions. 
_Signal lost.Q_Computer stations|such as this are|all over the|base. Check them|for information.__Some computers|will prompt for a|numeric passcode.|Use your numeric|keypad to enter|the number.‚_Useful informa-|tion you acquire|will be automat-|ically written|down in your|notebook which is|available from|the inventory|menu.|_Hello, Marine.|Welcome to Mars!|Walk over an item|to pick it up.|Access the inven-|tory menu to|switch weapons|or use items.I_Use your weapons|to smash open|crates. Crates|often contain|useful items.'_Health vials are|small blue bot-|tles that in-|stantly restore|some of your|health when you|walk over them.|They can be found|throughout the|base.‚_This computer|contains map info|for this sector|which can be|downloaded to|your automap. Ac-|cess your automap|from the game|menu.T_Now that you have|the map data,|you'll find your|way around easily|with the automap.ß_Some walls are|secret doors to|rooms containing|equipment. Be on|the lookout for|them. They look|slightly differ-|ent than normal|walls. People or|computers can oc-|casionally give|you info about|the secret doors'|location.â_The axe is good|for battling Zom-|bies at close|combat but inef-|fective for long|distance attacks.|Use other weapons|for long dis-|tances. The fire|extinguisher is|great for fires|but not mon-|sters... unless|they're on fire._La-la-la.#_Secret door be-|tween yellow|lamps.3_There's a secret|door between the|two yellow lamps.__Shutting down..."_Door passcode was|changed to 1234.ƒ_[Email]|To: A. Kang|From: S. Forrette|I changed the|door passcode to|1234. I know it|isn't a good|passcode. I was|in a rush.|-Steveˆ_[Email]|To: S. Forrette|From: A. Kang|What a horrible|passcode! It is|so simple I don't|even have to|write it down in|my notebook.|-Anna¤_[Email]|To: B. Smith|From: K. Simons|Hey Smith, though|some people can|be unhelpful at|first, you can|persuade them to|help you if you|keep talking to|them.|-Karina?_[Email]|To: K. Simons|From: B. Smith|Thanks for the|tip. -Brett__1234__Enter passcode to|unlock door:|Y_What is the pass-|code for the|door? Perhaps we|can find it on|another computer|terminal.W_Oh, you found the|passcode? If you|ever forget it|you can always|check your note-|book.(_1234? Great pass-|code! Freaking|idiots!–_The door to your|left is locked|and I don't have|the passcode to|unlock it. You'll|need to get the|passcode. Enter|it in the com-|puter at your|right.€_Passcodes you|find will be|automatically|written in your|notebook. Access|the inventory|menu if you need|to check your|notebook. _The passcode is|1234?! Passcodes|like that are in|direct violation|of Code 12 of the|UAC Security Pro-|tocol Handbook!|Doesn't anyone|read the handbook|anymore?__There's a vicious|monster east of|here. I suggest|you head south|and look for the|yellow keycard in|a room over|there. Now might|also be a good|time to save|your game. Re-|member to save|your game often|so that you don't|have to replay a|bunch of it if|you die!__Go south. Trust|me!=_I can't believe|you went in|there! You are|lucky to be|alive!W_Looks like you|got the yellow|keycard. Go back|to the yellow|door and head to|Junction!$_I hope we make|it out of here|alive!__I don't feel like|talking.__I'm really busy.|Go away.__Leave me alone! _Dude...6_Secret door near|barrels blocking|yellow keycard|room.ˆ_All right! Near|the three barrels|blocking the yel-|low keycard room|you'll find a se-|cret door. That's|all I know. Now|leave me alone!__...f_I'm glad you're|here, Marine. A|horde of monsters|have been let|loose by an evil|presence. Be|careful!
_Good luck!ˆ_Get rid of those|barrels to get to|that door. Try|shooting them at|a distance to|clear them out.|The barrels are|volatile so be|careful.?_You can use ex-|ploding barrels|to damage mon-|sters. Cool, eh?__Showed those bar-|rels, heh? _Yeah...

?___Junction_West wing__Central corridor_East wing
_North wing__Junction
_/level07.bsp__Sector 1____Sector 2__Sector 3__Sector 4__Sector 5__Sector 6__Sector 7a_Welcome to Junc-|tion, Marine.|Most of the peo-|ple that survived|the attack have|regrouped here.X_Dr. Jensen got|canned due to|some security|issues. I'm not|sure what that|was all about.l_I used to work|with Mr. Nadira|in bioresearch.|He was a nice|guy, until he|started working|with Dr. Guerard.N_We're screwed. It|is only a matter|of time before|the monsters|enter Junction.__Junction is an|area that inter-|connects the dif-|ferent areas of|the base. The|corridors and|doors in Junction|lead to all the|major sectors|within this fa-|cility. Some pas-|sages in Junction|are locked and|require high-|level security|clearance to en-|ter.__You be careful.[_Ever heard of|Kronos? Never met|him but logs show|he has extremely|high security|clearance.__Hold me!l_You can acquire|supplies and|medical treatment|here. Inquire|with the north|wing staff for|more information.w_This door leads|to the reactor|powering this fa-|cility. Top-level|security clear-|ance is required|to enter this|area.4_It's my duty to|guard this post.|Orders from UAC|HQ.._I can't let you|in without proper|credentials.:_Sorry, under or-|ders. No go with-|out proper clear-|ance.__No.B_You really want|in? How about we|make a deal? Got|100 UAC credits?=_No deal. Changed|my mind. Get the|red keycard if|you want in.4_Use the computer|to the left to|purchase sup-|plies.__Find UAC credits|lying round the|base and use them|to purchase use-|ful provisions at|Junction.ê_Many of the items|found around this|base are self-|explanatory, but|a few require ex-|planation. The|Soul Sphere re-|stores your armor|and health to|maximum. The Ber-|serker increases|your attack|briefly. These|are one-time use|items.#_You can buy stat|boosters at a|vending machine|computer. These|increase your De-|fense, Agility,|Strength, and Ac-|curacy. Defense|is your resis-|tance to attacks.|Agility is your|ability to evade|attacks. Strength|is the damage you|can inflict. Ac-|curacy is your|ability to land|an attack.H_Seems stupid for|the UAC to be|charging a Marine|for combat equip-|ment.._I'm a doctor, re-|lax. I'll dress|your wounds.__Health restored.__Feeling better?2_Come see me any|time you need|medical atten-|tion.?_Use the Medkits|in your inventory|if you're hurt|during combat.^_Sorry Marine,|this area is off|limits. Dr. Gue-|rard ordered a|quarantine of|the reactor area.{_This passage|leads to Sector|2. You are wel-|come to try it|out but you|should probably|try playing|through Sector 1|first.„_This passage|leads to Sector|3. You should|consider complet-|ing Sector 2 be-|fore entering|Sector 3. But|hey, do whatever|you want.?_Don't know why|but my col-|leagues, Dr. Jen-|sen and Dr. Gue-|rard, have it out|for each other. I|don't trust ei-|ther of them!Œ_I heard Dr. Gue-|rard got Dr. Jen-|sen fired. Not|sure I believe|that though. I|think Jensen was|just sloppy with|his security pro-|cedures.__Kronos is going|to kill us all!f_Rumor is that|Jensen was fired|for security|breaches but|Guerard may have|had something to|do with it.G_Have you met Kro-|nos? I've been|here for years|but have never|met him.;_Lots of equipment|has disappeared.|Hope it turns up|intact.+_The scientists at|this facility are|insane!l_Oh, you have the|blue keycard?|Jensen had it|when we arrested|him. Hope Guerard|doesn't come|looking for it.r_Someone told me|they saw Guerard|transform into|some kind of hor-|rible creature. I|wonder what that|is all about."_I don't know who|to trust anymore.`_I won't tell any-|one you have the|card. I don't|trust Guerard.|I'd rather you|have it than him.A_I'm beginning to|wonder if anyone|will make it out|of here alive.¦_I was working in|Sector 5 as part|of the unit that|arrested Dr. Jen-|sen. I remember|he was fired sev-|eral weeks ago so|I'm not sure why|he's still at|this facility.E_I need to get|into the green|zone but I mis-|placed my green|keycard.@_You found my|green keycard!|Keep it. You need|it more than I|do.F_I'm freaked. I|have a feeling|something really|bad is about to|happen.L_Guerard went down|to the reactor. I|hope he can put|an end to this|invasion!@_I think I left my|green keycard in|Sector 3, in the|yellow zone.__Good luck,|Marine.<_I can't get|through the green|door without my|green keycard.F_You have yellow|security clear-|ance. Proceed|through the|yellow door.s_I worked with|Guerard and|Jensen on the|teleportation re-|search team.|Those two really|have it out for|each other.(_My feet hurt from|standing here so|long.i_I have a really|bad feeling about|Guerard. Between|us, I think he|is the one re-|sponsible for|this mess.a_Search the base|for additional|colored keycards|which allow ac-|cess to more ar-|eas in Junction.__Jensen got fired|over a security|matter. Rumor is|that Guerard got|him fired though|Jensen did noth-|ing wrong. I|don't believe it.|Dr. Guerard was|an outstanding|employee, putting|in extra hours at|night and be-|friending UAC ad-|ministrators.|He's a nice guy.«_The red keycard|is the highest|level of security|clearance - it|allows access to|the reactor area|which houses the|power plant pro-|viding energy to|the entire facil-|ity.W_I heard Jensen is|still on base in-|vestigating his|firing. Hope he|uncovers the|truth.±_These doors lead|to various areas|of the base. In|each subsequent|sector the jour-|ney gets harder.|Since the more|you fight the|stronger you get,|stick to the easy|areas first.Ž_Seems you've|cleared Sector 3|and acquired a|green keycard.|Continue your|mission by head-|ing to the green|zone and clearing|Sectors 4 and 5.\_We won't make it|much longer. It's|only a matter of|time before the|monsters enter|Junction.F_I heard Nadira|got eaten by a|monster. No loss.|I never liked|the guy.N_You will be taken|back to Junction|should you get|incapacitated|during combat.~_Not sure how long|we'll last here|at Junction. Mon-|sters have taken|over every other|part of the base|and we need sup-|plies.A_You can replay a|sector several|times to build up|your abilities.ƒ_Good to see you|made it. Your|current objective|is to seek infor-|mation on the|cause of this in-|vasion and find a|way to stop it.'_I don't trust|Guerard and I|don't think you|should either.|I've heard that|he's working with|Kronos and that|they're responsi-|ble for this|mess.O_It's only a mat-|ter of time be-|fore the demons|overrun the en-|tire planet...__What? The main|reactor is back|online? I hope|they aren't|planning on re-|opening the por-|tal.c_You'll need addi-|tional colored|keycards to gain|access to all the|areas accessible|from Junction.7_Trust your in-|stincts. It's the|only way to sur-|vive.²_Bioscans indicate|the monsters are|coming from the|underground reac-|tor sector.|Strange... how|could they be in-|vading from a|geothermic reac-|tor deep inside a|Martian cavern?p_You know what to|expect: more sec-|tor doors to ex-|plore in the hunt|for the next col-|ored keycard. Get|to it!>_A lot of the sci-|entists look EX-|ACTLY like me.|Why you may ask?|Is this outpost|some cloning fa-|cility or are the|game designers|too lazy to cre-|ate a variety of|characters? Or is|it something more|insidious, like|extremely small|memory con-|straints for|portable devices|that won't allow|much graphical|variety?!~_Have you noticed|that if you keep|talking to people|here they make|trite inside|jokes and other|misguided at-|tempts at humor?|_Ever hear of Kro-|nos? He was a UAC|scientist working|on teleportation|research years|ago. It's said|that he traveled|from our dimen-|sion to one of|pure evil where|he fused human|technology with|demonic flesh,|creating a new|super weapon. UAC|fired Kronos and|buried the re-|search but rumor|has it that|Kronos is on this|base trying to|bring his crea-|tion into our di-|mension.f_If you come|across him, stop|him. Be careful,|Kronos is con-|trolling the|minds of UAC|administrators.³_I think Kronos|moved the|teleportation re-|search equipment|into the reactor|core and plans to|use the massive|of the reactor|core to move|something very|large into our|dimension.9_Hey, by the|way, you didn't|hear any of this|from me, OK?ý_The Union Aero-|space Corporation|welcomes you to|Junction. Here|you have access|to clean, quiet|living conditions|with all the lat-|est amenities,|such as combat|equipment vending|and medical fa-|cilities. Think|of Junction as|your home away|from home.=_The UAC strives|to be a safe and|friendly work en-|vironment.__[Email]|From: J. Raphael|To: M. Ross|Matt, I've been|transferred to a|unit in charge of|moving a bunch of|machinery from|the labs to the|reactor sector.|Not sure what|that's all about|but I won't be|able to make our|DDR party to-|night. I have to|work overtime.|TTYL. -Jah__[Email]|From: J. Raphael|To: M. Ross|Dude, the inva-|sion happened a|day after all the|stuff from the|labs were moved|to the reactor|sector. Not sure|what's going on|but I think Gue-|rard may have had|a hand in this.|Heard that Guer-|ard ordered the|move. -Jah _Segment Fault:|G_3R4%D 15 K&0N^5__System offline.ú_[Email]|From: M. Ross|To: J. Raphael|Man, lots of|weird things are|going on. I've|been working|crazy hours at|the machine shop|but nobody tells|me what I'm work-|ing on. I have a|strange feeling|it has to do with|what's going on|at the reactor.|-Matt__No more email.‹_[Email]|From: Col. Graff|To: D. Whitlark|Whitlark, where|are the reports|you promised me?|You said they'd|be done by Tues-|day!|-Col. Graff__INCOMING TEXT|MESSAGE:|HELP! I'm being|held against my|will in Sector 5.|They've taken my|blue keycard and|weapon! I have my|cell phone but|the battery is|about to die and|this is the last|text message I'll|be able to send.|Someone please|help me!|-Dr. Jensen5_[Email]|From: D. Whitlark|To: Col. Graff|Sorry sir. I was|a little dis-|tracted. I dis-|covered an old|computer game|called DOOM...|it has to be at|least 100 years|old but it's|still surpris-|ingly addictive.|The weird thing|is that the set-|ting and scenario|of the game is|similar to ours.|Funny, eh?|-DavidT_[Email]|From: Col. Graff|To: D. Whitlark|Just get me the|damned reports!|-Col. Graff‰_[Email]|From: D. Whitlark|To: Col. Graff|Yes sir! You'll|have them today.|BTW, they're mak-|ing DOOM for the|cell phone. Cool,|eh?|-DavidÅ_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|Our budget has|been increased to|fund the study of|matter transpor-|tation. We hope|to have a func-|tional prototype|ready for demon-|stration in a few|months.®_Log Entry of|Dr. Guerard:|*CLASSIFIED*|Seems that my|colleague, Dr.|Jensen, has been|fired over some|petty security|matters. It's un-|fortunate; he was|a skilled scien-|tist.ú_[Email]|To: B. Smith|From: K. Simons|Dr. Jensen had me|investigate Dr.|Guerard's employ-|ment history.|What I found was|strange. Guerard|was supposedly|hired onto the|teleportation re-|search team 2|years ago but|UACHQ has no rec-|ord of him.|-KarinaÚ_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|Dr. Guerard says|the electrical|requirements of|our device ex-|ceeded his ini-|tial estimations.|We will likely|have to move the|device to a loca-|tion with a|larger energy|source.é_Log Entry of|Dr. Guerard:|*CLASSIFIED*|With Mr. Nadira's|assistance, I was|able to convince|Col. Graff to|move our equip-|ment from the lab|to the reactor.|This move should|help meet the|energy demands of|our next set of|experiments.˜_[Email]|To: K. Simons|From: B. Smith|Well, the UAC is|a huge bureauc-|racy with bil-|lions of records.|They're bound to|lose one once in|a while.|-Brettó_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|This is my last|log update. I've|been fired for|supposed|"breaches" in se-|curity protocol|and somehow my|research docu-|ments were com-|promised. I have|no idea how this|happened but I|intend to find|out.
_End of log.`_[Combat Guide]|Tip 133:|A is for Axe;|crashes like|thunder.|Z is for zombies,|rend them|asunder.\_[Combat Guide]|Tip 147: Reports|have come in that|the Commando|class is weak|against plasma.v_[Combat Guide]|Tip 161: The|Mancubus class|will blast you|with rockets; he|doesn't like the|taste of his own|medicine.]_[Combat Guide]|Tip 134: B is for|buckshot, tried|and true.|Canines, Imps and|Barons hate you.c_[Combat Guide]|Tip 148: Fire|retardant has|proven effective|against fire|creatures. Imag-|ine that!d_[Combat Guide]|Tip 162: Those|damn bull demon|things aren't as|affected by roc-|kets as you'd|think.

_Enter Reactor___West wing__Central corridor_East wing
_North wing__Junction
_Locked Doory_Thank god you're|back! We've suf-|fered a massive|attack! Hordes of|monsters swarmed|into Junction|from the reactor|area.&_Go to red zone|and talk to Dr.|Kelvin.ª_Dr. Kelvin was|able to seal up|the door to the|reactor to stop|the attack. Hope|he's OK... get|down to the reac-|tor entrance in|the red zone and|see if you can|help him.__Ugh, I don't feel|so good...__Oh no...%_Find Jensen. Last|seen in north|wing.ø_[Dr. Kelvin]|Marine! I'm so|glad to see you!|It's been hell|down here. I was|able to lock this|door to stop the|invasion but I'm|not sure what to|do now. Find Dr.|Jensen and see|how we should|proceed... he was|in the north wing|last time I saw|him.J_[Dr. Kelvin]|What the hell was|that? I hope Dr.|Jensen is OK. Go|find him.Q_[Dr. Kelvin]|Go check in with|Dr. Jensen. He is|probably still in|the north wing.._Use passcode 5966|to enter the re-|actor area.v_[Dr. Kelvin]|What? Jensen's|dead?! You have|to end this or|we'll all die. Go|in there, the|passcode is 5966.|Godspeed.%_[Dr. Kelvin]|5966 will open|the door.L_[Dr. Kelvin]|Ugh. One of those|things got inside|me. I can feel|it. Help me!k_[Dr. Kelvin]|That computer|terminal controls|the door that|leads to the re-|actor core. Don't|mess with it.3_[Dr. Kelvin]|We don't want|that door opening|again.>_[Dr. Kelvin]|Whose side are|you on? Leave|that terminal|alone!__5966__Door locked.|Enter code:_Door opened.'_[Dr. Kelvin]|Watch out! Here|they come!^_Dr. Kelvin is|down at the reac-|tor door entrance|in the red zone.|He wanted to talk|with you.U_I'm guarding this|position to pre-|vent any more|monsters from|getting into|Junction.y_The entrance to|the north wing|just collapsed!|Dr. Jensen was in|there. I hope|he's- uh, what is|happening to me?|Ahhhhh!__I'm so scared...C_We're all gonna|die! Don't you|get it?! We have|to get out of|here!6_I feel a tingling|sensation. What|is going on?|Ahhhhh!>_Look at the car-|nage! I don't|think anyone made|it out alive!I_I'm too late to|help any of these|people, but let|me at least help|you...__Health restored.__Good luck,|Marine.__I'm knee-deep in|the dead.a_What? The passage|to the north wing|is blocked?|You'll probably|just have to find|another way in.@_Sorry. I don't|have any more|Medkits. I used|my last one on|you.__Please! Don't let|them hurt me!__They are coming|for us.__I'm hit!__Argh! Damn it!"_[Dr. Jensen]|Marine, How'd you|get in here? I|thought this room|was cut off from|Junction when the|ceiling caved in.|I'm OK, but I|have bad news...â_[Dr. Jensen]|Guerard reopened|the portal. He|brought the reac-|tor back online|to reopen the|link with Hell.|According to what|I've found, Dr.|Guerard intends|to bring Kronos's|creation, the Cy-|berdemon, into|our dimension...._Head down to the|reactor area in|the red zone.¨_We must make|every effort to|prevent this from|happening. Have|Dr. Kelvin open|the door to the|reactor. Head|down there and|destroy the por-|tal. You are our|only hope.__Uh oh.__Goodbye, Marine.(_I'm going to kill|you... slowly.|-Kronos__System offline.?_I have plans for|you, Marine. Meet|me at the reac-|tor.|-KronosC_They stopped me|years ago but|they can't stop|me this time.|-Kronos _0112358'_[Bonus Area!]|Door locked.|Enter code:|__Door unlocked.

8___Sector 1
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__[_[Dr. Jensen]|I'm just checking|some things on|this terminal.|I'm OK; I don't|need any help.¯_[Dr. Jensen]|Look, I was un-|justly fired re-|cently and I have|a hunch it may|have something to|do with what's|happening around|here. I'm just|trying to find|some things|out.Z_[Dr. Jensen]|You should just|keep moving.|There's nothing|you can do to|help me right|now.__I'm Dr. Guerard.|Are you the Ma-|rine sent to help|us? Well, I need|you to figure out|a sequence to get|the door out of|this area un-|locked. Things|are really|screwed up and I|need to get back|to my experiments|to make sure the|power losses|haven't caused|any problems!=_Use trial and|error to unlock|the doors in the|main corridor.W_[Dr. Guerard]|Figure out the|sequence to get|that door un-|locked. Use trial|and error.__D0or..^$#.&~|u^l0ck3d__...__6oor,##$%^|unl0cke6__%$#$*&::::|un10cked
_^^)(id_s0f7__Doo$*&::::|unl***ed__W!dg3+ wa5 h3r3__Do!!!!##23$|un(0*'_Ask the civilian|about a door|passcode.Œ_[Dr. Guerard]|Hello again.|A door north of|this position|leads back to|Junction, but it|is locked. Ask|that guy if he|has the code for|door.O_[Dr. Guerard]|Try to get the|passcode for the|door out of that|civilian worker.'_[Dr. Guerard]|He said I have|the code? I've|never even been|down here until|the invasion! Try|offering him some|credits; he might|be more helpful.*_Offer the civil-|ian credits for|the code.;_[Dr. Guerard]|Offer that man|some credits for|the passcode.©_That guy is sup-|posedly a high-|level scientist|but he doesn't|have any pass-|codes? BS! If|he's so high|level, he must|have some codes|to help us get|back to Junction.__Ask the scientist|for codes.^_See if you can...|uh, see if you|can get any codes|from that scien-|tist. He should|have some.__Scientist. Codes.|Go!°_OK, maybe I have|a code that can|help you, but how|are you going to|help me? How|about I give you|my passcode for|10 credits?|[Engage civilian|again to give him|10 UAC credits]h_You don't even|have enough|credits to talk|to me, jar head.|I suggest you|start looking|around for some.Ã_Thanks, uh, skip-|per or whatever|you are. I don't|want that scien-|tist to hear the|code so I'll just|write it down in|your notebook...|There. I... uh...|whoa! What the|hell is happening|to me?!__Use passcode 225|on north door.__2258_Enter door code|[find someone|nearby to give it|to you]:9_Enter door code|[check the note-|book in your|inventory]:__Door unlocked.I_Logged in as root||# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.x_[Email]|To: D. Kramer|From: T. Brown II|I changed the se-|cure room pass-|code to the month|and day of my|birthday.|-TedQ_[Email]|To: T. Brown II|From: D. Kramer|I don't know when|your birthday is!|-Dave._Door passcode|somehow related|to October 10th.˜_[Email]|To: D. Kramer|From: T. Brown II|Is that why I|didn't get a gift|last year? I'd|really like a|X-Cube 46.|P.S. - I was born|October 10, 2114.|-Ted__No more email.__1010 _[Door lock|override]|Enter code:w_[Dr. Guerard]|You look like you|could use some|help. Here's some|extra health to|get you ready for|whatever lies|ahead!__[Dr. Guerard]|It's not impor-|tant how I got|here ahead of|you. It's best|you just keep|moving.'_[Dr. Guerard]|Please, just|keep moving.Œ_You'll find use-|ful equipment be-|hind this door|but you need the|green keycard to|get in. Come back|here when you get|the green key-|card.¶_Having trouble|finding the green|keycard? You|won't find it in|this sector.|You'll likely|find the green|keycard in a|later sector.|You'll need to|travel back here|to open this|door.è_You can re-enter|this sector from|Junction even af-|ter successfully|completing it. By|revisiting pre-|viously completed|sectors you can|uncover addition-|al secrets and|build strength by|acquiring equip-|ment and fighting|monsters.__Super secret|passcode: **7*¤_[Combat Guide]|Tip 099: You can|skip a combat|turn by pressing|the 9 button|while engaging an|enemy. Use this|strategically to|draw an enemy|into your line of|fire.v_[Combat Guide]|Tip 164: Explod-|ing barrels can|damage enemies,|but be careful as|exploding barrels|can also hurt|you.!_Segment Fault:|&o0r _4s5%0D3 2 25

___Sector 2
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__š_Someone changed|the code on this|door without|telling me. The|new code may have|something to do|with the layout|of these tunnels.|I wish I had an|automap.O_I don't know the|code! See if you|can figure it out|by looking at|your automap._The supervisors|in this area have|been acting weird|lately. It might|have something to|do with that high|level guy that's|been coming|around.2_I'll stay here|and see what else|has been changed.__1337 _[Door lock|override]|Enter code:__Access granted!__Door unlocked.__Ore Processing3_Use code 042 for|maintenance ser-|vice door access._Oh, God! You|startled me! Can|you get us out of|this? My mainte-|nance passcode is|042. Use it to|access terminals|in the off-site|backup room.d_Please, hurry! Go|to the off-site|backup room and|find the mainte-|nance service|door. Use code|042.__Offsite Backup
_Maint. Access__042__[Maint. Access]|Enter code:__Maint. door opened!__Maint. door open.w_Connecting.......|Incoming|communication...|Marine, is that|you? It's Dr.|Guerard. I may be|able to send you|information as|you make your way|through the base,|so be sure to be|on the lookout|for my messages|on computer ter-|minals. Looks|like you'll have|to get through|Ore Processing to|get out of the|sector you're in|now. There, I've|unlocked the en-|trance door for|you.*_Get moving! Head|back to Ore Proc-|essing.°_[Email]|To: P. Marks|From: X. Murray:|For the love of|all things holy,|man! will you|stop leeving your|eqipmint|around in pasaje-|ways for everone|to trip|on?!!!!!!!!!!|-xavieru_[Email]|To: X. Murray|From: P. Marks:|Murray, two words|for you: spell|check. Wait,|here's two more:|shift key.|-PaulM_[Email]|To: P. Marks|From: X. Murray:|heres 2 for u|marks - ur dead!!|-xavierq_[Email]|To: Maint. staff|From:Dir. Branson|Marks and Murray|have been sus-|pended for brawl-|ing on the job.|-Jeb__No more email.I_Logged in as root.|# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.Ã_[Email]|To: T. Brown II|From: D. Kramer|Sorry I missed|your birthday.|Can't get any|game consoles,|but I think|you'll like what|I got. Left it in|the other hidden|room; it's|less "virtual."|-DaveD_[Email]|To: D. Kramer|From: T. Brown II|What other hidden|room?|-TedH_[Email]|To: T. Brown II|From: D. Kramer|It's just inside|Ore Processing.£_We're in serious|trouble, Marine!|This processor|looks like it's|going to overload|and take down the|whole power grid|for this sector.|Let me think for|a moment...3_Get 10 armor|points and give|them to the|scientist.¬_Yes! I think I|can use the alloy|in your armor|shards to cause a|local short to|avert the over-|load. Ten should|do it. [Engage|scientist again|to give him 10|armor shards]f_You don't have|enough armor|shards. Try to|find some more|around here.|Hurry! We don't|have much time.__Access panel code|is 988.Ö_OK, I've got your|shards. Now use|the computer in|the alcove by the|entrance to open|the access panel|and I'll insert|the alloy. The|computer should|be finished with|its backup by|now. The panel|access code is|988.$_988 should be the|panel access|code._All right, Ma-|rine, I've gone|through the ac-|cess panel and am|inside the proc-|essor now. Come|back to the proc-|essor; I may need|some help.Š_I'm about done|placing the|shards... hey, I|thought this|problem was|caused by the in-|vasion but on|closer look, it|looks like|sabota-...__Ore Processing:|Backing up...__No, the other|computer.__988__[Access panel]|Enter code:
_Panel opened.
_Panel open. _Ore Processing:|Terminal offlineÜ_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|An Information|Security staffer|came in the other|day for an audit|of the lab. It's|strange... I've|been with UAC's|Advanced Research|Department for|over 7 years and|this is a first.‰_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|Woot! Going to|New Vegas for my|day off. I'm down|500 UAC credits|for the year but|I'll make it up!7_Log Entry of|Dr. Jensen:|*CLASSIFIED*|I don't trust Dr.|Guerard. I saw|him put a handful|of Hydrocon vials|into his lab|coat. I've re-|ported the activ-|ity to personnel|but nothing has|come of it. The|recent lab audits|indicate we're|losing a lot of|supplies and I|don't want the|blamed for Mr.|Sticky Fingers!
_End of log.__Super secret|passcode: ***9__5555__Door 55 locked.|Enter code:__Door 55 unlocked. _Door 55

G___Sector 3
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__I_Logged in as root.|# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.__Weapons cabinet|code is 7682.1_Weapons cabinet|code access en-|abled. Code: 7682__Cabinet code|entry restricted.__7682"_[Weapons Cabinet]|Enter passcode:|__Cabinet unlocked.__You got your|weapons back.__Empty.__Secure closet|door 1 unlocked.__Secure closet|door 2 unlocked.__4545__North lab en-|trance passcode:|__North entrance|unlocked.¿_[Email]|To: Mr. Nadira|From: Kronos|He's closing in!|Perform a secu-|rity lockdown|ASAP and don't|allow any access|into the facil-|ity. If he man-|ages to get in,|you know what to|do. -Kronos@_POP3 error.|Authentication|failed. Please|contact your|sysadmin. _North entrance|passcode is 4545.d_[Email]|To: All Staff|From: Mr. Nadira|I've changed the|north entrance|passcode to 4545.|-Mr. Nadira__No more email.@_You're not sup-|posed to be here.|The place is un-|der lockdown.__Green keycard|north of lab.k_You lookin' for|the green key-|card? A guy found|it and put it in|a secure storage|closet north of|the lab.Œ_Mr. Nadira is a|senior resident|at the Biological|Research Facil-|ity. The team was|working on mind|control devices|prior to the in-|vasion.‡_Nadira's focus|was the canine|neurological re-|search. You can|read his progress|report on the|terminal at the|other side of|this room.__Door passcode is|5551.6_You'll need to|unlock that door.|The passcode is|5551.__5551/_Security lock-|down in effect.|Enter passcode:|__Door unlocked.,_Guerard says ig-|nore the door on|the right.î_Searching...|Connecting...|Incoming message:|From: Dr. Guerard|Marine, ignore|the door up ahead|on you right.|That area is un-|der lockdown but|the door may be|unlocked, the|systems are act-|ing up all over.|I suggest you|just move along.9_[Dr. Guerard]|Continue down the|hall and ignore|the door.__...:_[Mr. Nadira]|You're not|authorized to be|in here, soldier!__Code 741 to lock|the lab door.Ú_[Mr. Nadira]|Hey, are you the|Marine that Dr...|Yeah, maybe I can|help you. You'll|need to check|your weapons|though, firearms|are not allowed|in the lab. I'll|take your weapons|and put them in|this cabinet to|my left.?_[Mr. Nadira]|You'll get your|weapons back|later! Use my|code: 741 at the|terminal to lock|the door. We need|to secure the|area.x_[Mr. Nadira]|Lock the door be-|hind you! The|code is 741. Your|weapons are in|this cabinet. You|can get them back|later.__Weapons Cabinet__WARNING: Door|unlocked.__741__[Cycle door]|Enter code: 
_Door secure.._Door secure.|Access to cycle|operation denied.€_[Dr. Guerard]|Marine, you're|going to have to|trust me if you|want to make it|out of here|alive. I'll un-|lock the door for|you.__System offline.¨_[Mr. Nadira]|I don't have time|for games. I need|your help and|I promise to make|it worth your|while. I have|some technology|that you may find|very useful. You|with me?_[Mr. Nadira]|It's a device|that can control|any of the pos-|sessed dogs and|make them fight|for you. I'll|show you how it|works if you|bring me the de-|vice.2_Code 934 to open|the cage contain-|ing the device.2_Cage controls are|at the west end|of the lab room.ö_[Mr. Nadira]|The device is in|a cage at the|center of this|room. Use code|934 on the ter-|minal at the west|end of the room|to open the cage.|Get the device|and bring it to|me. I'll show you|how to use it.|Stay away from|the cages. The|dogs bite.@_[Mr. Nadira]|Bring me the de-|vice. I'll show|you how to use|it.__934__[Open chamber]|Enter code:__Collar chamber|opened._[Mr. Nadira]|I lied! HAHAHA!|My hounds will|help test the|device. Attack!|[The Dog Collar|is now a usable|item in your|inventory]É_Bioresearch Lab|Log Entry of|Mr. Nadira: The|latest specimens|we've captured|are marvelous.|Their cunning and|ferocity are a|sight to see. I'm|close to a break-|through in con-|trolling their|behavior.Ä_Log Entry of Mr.|Nadira: The con-|trol device has|yielded remark-|able results: the|canines will|fight and protect|me if I'm being|attacked. Unfor-|tunately, they|die if they take|too much damage.o_Log Entry of Mr.|Nadira: The best|thing about the|device is its mo-|bility. It can be|carried in inven-|tory and used|when a canine is|directly in front|of you. The down-|side... it's a|one-use only|device. Fortu-|nately I've du-|plicated several|prototypes and|hid them around|the base. Once a|canine is cap-|tured, it will|protect you and|fight for you|until death.
_End of log.M_Welcome to Sector|3, home of UAC's|only Mars based|biological re-|search lab.<_Everything is|fine here. Just|go back to Junc-|tion. Really.!_[Email]|To: P. Marino|From: H. Hancock|Paul, do you know|what's going on|in Sector 3? I|got an emergency|medical call from|them but when I|got there, they|kicked me out de-|nying they ever|made the call! I|heard strange|animal-like|sounds from the|lab as they|booted me out the|door. -Hugh__[Email]|To: H. Hancock|From: P. Marino|Well, some weird|things have been|happening lately.|I did some check-|ing into that|sector and it|turns out there's|some kind of|lockdown - high-|est clearances|only. The thing|is, I've been un-|able to find out|who authorized|it. -Paulg_[Email]|To: P. Marino|From: H. Hancock|So... what should|we do? Should we|report this to|someone?|-HughÐ_[Email]|To: H. Hancock|From: P. Marino|Report what? It's|over our heads!|Oh, btw, I found|a green keycard|in this sector.|It's in a secure|closet at the|north end of this|sector if anyone|comes looking.|-Paul

H___Sector 4
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction____Barrel Storage
_Medical Lab__The sticky note|read "5313".M_System Offline|[but there is a|sticky note on|the monitor that|reads: "5313"]I_Logged in as root||# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.__5313__Door locked.|Enter code:_Door opened.^_[Email]|To: Col. Graff|From: Kronos|Jensen has been|troublesome. Fire|him! You owe me.|-Kronos}_[Email]|To: Kronos|From: Col. Graff|I'll try. If I do|this, that's it,|Kronos. Our debt|is cleared...|we're done. -Col.|Graff__No more email.$_Hey! You're not|supposed to be|here!%_Walk away now and|you won't get|hurt.M_I warned you. Now|you die! Cacode-|mon, kill! [A|door opened to|your left...]4_Please, don't|hurt me! I'll|tell you every-|thing...
_MUAHAHAHA!è_Signed on to|UAC-IM...|[INSTANT MESSAGE]|GoodDoc99: Ma-|rine, it's Dr.|Guerard. You may|have stumbled|upon a secret re-|search facility|inside an old|section of the|base. We think|Dr. Jensen has|been storing sto-|len supplies|there.³_[INSTANT MESSAGE]|GoodDoc99: Re-|frain from look-|ing around the|lab. We need to|get an investiga-|tion team there|to search for|evidence and I|don't want the|area contami-|nated.Ê_[INSTANT MESSAGE]|GoodDoc99: I've|unlocked the door|leading out of|the old base to|Junction. Proceed|forward with your|mission and we'll|take care of re-|covering the sto-|len lab supplies.|Guerard out.__GoodDoc99 has|signed off.L_[E-BOOK]|Introduction to|Quantum Mechanics|and Teleportation|*Chapter 1*|...W_[E-BOOK]|Stabilization|Techniques for|Rifts in the|Space/Time|Continuum|*Chapter 1*|...O_[E-BOOK]|Beginner's Guide|to Controlled|Hydrocon Cata-|lyzation|*Chapter 1*|...n_[E-BOOK]|More Power to|You: Energy|Strategies for|Projects Needing|Inordinate|Amounts of Power|*Chapter 1*|...f_[E-BOOK]|How to Get People|to Like You, Even|if you are a|Crazed, Diaboli-|cal Lunatic|*Chapter 1*|...p_Probability that|exploding waste|barrels will de-|stroy a JC-107|Type-A titanium|reinforced door:|Calculating...__12%__System offline.Ì_Welcome! This is|the oldest part|of the base.|Built in 2112,|the surrounding|structures and|tunnels made up|UAC's first per-|manent Martian|settlement. This|area is now only|used to store|hazardous waste.'_We've been having|computer prob-|lems. The latest|glitch has locked|our main door out|of here back to|Junction. Maybe|you can help us|get it open.x_Go talk to Dr.|Kelvin, he's|working on the|computer trying|to get the door|open. The door is|down the hall on|the right.!_This is stupid!|It'll never work.__What'd I tell ya?__ERROR: PC LOAD|LETTER__E#RR4R: PC L8AD|LET7E@ #&00$@%_Blip, bleep...|BEEWOOOP. WHONK|WHONK!,_HAHAHA! You|thought you could|blow me up?!?!_[Dr. Kelvin]|The damn door is|locked and this|controller is to-|tally borked! I|have never, in my|23 years with the|UAC, seen this|error before.æ_[Dr. Kelvin]|PC Load Letter?|What on Mars?!|Sorry, my name is|Dr. Kelvin. I was|sent to fix the|computer problems|when these|strange creatures|appeared out of|nowhere and|killed most of my|staff. As you can|see, I'm a bit on|edge.__Talk to Jenkins.®_[Dr. Kelvin]|I've had it with|this machine!|Jenkins's looking|for some explo-|sives to blow|this sucker open.|Why don't you|make yourself|useful and see if|he needs any|help.‹_[Jenkins]|I love big explo-|sions but, jeez,|why do *I* have|to move the bar-|rels? Dr. Kelvin|never does any of|the hard work|around here!<_[Jenkins]|I can handle it.|Check if Dr. Kel-|vin needs help.&_Get medical sup-|plies at the med|lab."_[Jenkins]|Dr. Kelvin says|we need to blow|open the locked|door so I'm to|take the explo-|sive barrels from|storage and put|them in front of|the door. Should|be cool. Why|don't you go to|the old med lab|to stock up on|medical sup-|plies... just in|case. I unlocked|the lab door a|moment ago.i_[Jenkins]|Go to the med lab|and stock up on|medical supplies!|We may need them|if the explosion|goes bad.d_[Jenkins]|I don't need any|help with the|barrels. I should|have them moved|by the time you|get back.ˆ_Welcome to the|old Medical Lab.|We keep the|medical supplies|in the back room.|I think we have a|Flack Jacket and|a couple of Med-|kits.t_Dr. Kelvin wants|to blow up the|door with explo-|sives? Why am I|not surprised?|He's wanted that|door open for|days.=_I just hope no|one gets hurt|when they ignite|the explosives.=_Good luck with|the door blast-|ing. Try not to|hurt yourself.@_[Dr. Kelvin]|Damn! The explo-|sion didn't even|scratch the door.‹_[Dr. Kelvin]|Whoa! I just saw|someone appear in|front of the door|controls. Is that|Dr. Guerard? I|could swear he|wasn't here a|second ago!)_[Dr. Kelvin]|Hey, go talk to|Dr. Guerard.Š_[Dr. Kelvin]|Thank goodness|for Dr. Guerard!|I still don't|know where he|came from but he|unlocked the door|and that's all I|need to know!•_[Dr. Guerard]|Hello again, Ma-|rine. Seems like|you need help|with this door. I|think I've found|the problem.|There, fixed...|the door is un-|locked.5_[Dr. Guerard]|No need to thank|me. Just doing my|job.f_[Dr. Guerard]|Don't concern|yourself with how|I got the door|opened. Just move|on with your mis-|sion.V_[Jenkins]|Doesn't seem like|the explosion did|anything, but it|was still pretty|sweet!+_[Jenkins]|Next time we'll|use more barrels.V_[Jenkins]|I don't trust|Dr. Guerard. How|did he get here|and how did he|open the door?..._[Dr. Kelvin]|Jenkins lined up|the barrels so|you can shoot the|end barrel. This|should cause a|chain reaction|and blow open the|door.˜_[Dr. Kelvin]|You have the hon-|ors. Fire at one|of the barrels on|the end and it|should blow them|all up. Maintain|a safe distance|so we don't get|hurt.™_[Jenkins]|I'm done moving|the barrels. I've|arranged them so|that when the end|barrel is shot,|they'll all ex-|plode and hope-|fully blow open|that door.:_[Jenkins]|You can set them|off by shooting|the end barrel.G_[Jenkins]|Let 'er rip, man!|Shoot those|barrels and light|up this cave!__Super secret|passcode: *2**
___Sector 5
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__ _Door 09__6752__Door 09 locked.|Enter code:__Door 09 unlocked.Æ_[Email]|To: F. Eckle|From: G. Smith|I've set up a new|passcode on Door|09 that exits|this area. You'll|need to access|the computer lo-|cated in a room|west of this po-|sition to open|the door.|-Gary]_[Email]|To: G. Smith|From: F. Eckle|Hey genius, you|forgot to send|the new passcode.|-Francis__Door 09 passcode|is 675...¶_[Email]|To: F. Eckle|From: G. Smith|Oh right. The|code is 675...|uh, I can't re-|member the last|number. Sorry.|I'll reset it to|something I can|remember first|thing on Monday.|-Gary__No more email.__ERR^R! @A#|!$_# ^%^__MEMO%Y FAUL+|02x0FF012 ^$#^__Door 09 passcode|is ***2.__DO9R 09 PASSCO#E:|***2__Zzzzz...__Zzzzz... [Snort]|Zzz...__Jensen has the|blue keycard.¥_Huh? What!?! I'm|awake! Oh, hey|Marine. What|brings you here?|The blue keycard?|Dr. Jensen was|carrying it as he|was being hauled|away. Not sure|where they took|him.?_What was Jensen|doing here any-|way? Wasn't he|fired weeks ago?__Get the passcode|database.o_There's a room up|ahead that has a|database of pass-|codes used in|this sector.|You'd probably|find it helpful.,_Ok, move along|now. I'm going|back to sleep.__Zzz...
_Zzz...|Zzz...õ_Zzz.. Wha? Oh,|you again. What?!|You need help|with a database?|Well, everything|I know I learned|from an online|tutorial. Let me|pull it up here|on this computer.|Ok, done. Use the|computer to the|left to teach|yourself database|administration.{_Hrm. It looks|like part of the|file is cor-|rupted. Oh well.|You already know|enough to do ba-|sics like re-|trieving data.__System offline.__I learned how to|use databases.ú_Learn Databases|*Chapt 1 *|The SELECT state-|ment is used to|acquire data from|a table in a da-|tabase, basic|syntax is as fol-|lows: SELECT col-|umn_names FROM|table_name. More|advanced usage of|the SELECT state-|ment is covered|in later chap-|ters.7_*Chapt 2 *|The INSERT st4t|3m*&#!~ .*&|[FILE CORRUPTED]__[FILE CORRUPTED]P_Jeez, I think I'm|lost. Wish my|wife was here,|she'd ask someone|for directions.'_What I'd give for|an automap about|now.__I hate maze dun-|geons!_What's next?|Jumping puzzles?|Scavenger hunts?|Backtracking with|new enemies?|Sheesh. Just|gimme a BFG and|let me go postal|on some imp|hordes.€_The computer on|the left has a|database with all|the passcodes for|the doors in this|area. It needs a|passcode which|is... uh...'_I hope you have|some database|skills, 'cause|you are gonna|have to do some|hardcore SQL|hacking to find|the database of|passcodes on the|computer!&_Database login|passcode might be|4453."_Let me know if|you figure out|how to get the|passcodes. So far|all I've been|able to do is get|the database|login passcode|which is 4453...|I think.7_Talk to sleepy|scientist to|learn how to use|databases.±_If you need help|with SQL syntax|issues go talk to|Johnson. He's a|scientist working|down here. He|sleeps on the|job, but he is a|pro with data-|bases. He can|probably help|you.'_That was some way|awesome hacking,|man.__4453__[DATABASE LOGIN]|Enter code:|__Logged in as DBA.'_SQL>get passcodes;|Invalid SQL|command.M_SQL>use passcodes|database;|Invalid syntax|on line 2 "pass-|codes database;".C_SQL>download pass-|code data;|Unknown keyword|"download" on|line 1.V_SQL>give me the|freaking pass-|codes!|Error 024: All|queries must end|in a semi-colon.~_SQL>give me the|freaking pass-|codes you punk|machine;|Error 025:|Please restate|your insult in|the form of a|valid SQL query.G_id passcode|-----------|13 1313|27 3416|17 1122|44 8862|61 1554|99 1209{_SQL>SELECT * FROM|doors;|Contents of|"doors" table:|id passcode|-----------|13 1313|27 3416|17 1122|44 8862|61 1554|99 1209 _Door 61__1554__Door 61 locked.|Enter code:__Door 61 unlocked. _Door 99__1209__Door 99 locked.|Enter code:__Door 99 unlocked. _Door 13__1313__Door 13 locked.|Enter code:__Door 13 unlocked. _Door 44__8862__Door 44 locked.|Enter code:__Door 44 unlocked. _Door 27__3416__Door 27 locked.|Enter code:__Door 27 unlocked.(_Door 17 passcode|is either 2211 or|1122._[Email]|To: F. Eckle|From: G. Smith|OK, the passcode|on Door 17 has|been changed to,|uhm, either 2211|or 1122. Sorry, I|forgot which one.|-GaryG_[Email]|To: G. Smith|From: F. Eckle|You are such a|putz, Gary.|-Francis _Door 17__1122__Door 17 locked.|Enter code:__Door 17 unlocked.I_Logged in as root||# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.__The Brig
_Secure Closet_Cell 42-A
_Data Center<_[Dr. Jensen]|Marine! It's me,|Dr. Jensen! You|gotta help me!t_[Dr. Jensen]|UAC security|locked me up for|snooping around|the data center.|Please find a way|to get me out of|here!‡_[Dr. Jensen]|Guerard is going|to do something|terrible! I found|some troubling|facts prior to|being thrown in|here. Please, get|me out!Y_[Dr. Jensen]|There's a com-|puter terminal|around here that|can unlock the|door. Find it.$_Power low. Termi-|nal in sleep|mode.__648 _[Secure Closet]|Enter passcode:|__Closet unlocked.__2293_[Cell Control]|Enter passcode to|unlock cell 42-A:|__Cell 42-A un-|locked.__...e_Hey, what're you|in for? Me?|Stealing. Turns|out petty theft|can get you up to|3 years in this|joint.\_You've come to|free us? I don't|really have any-|where to go so I|guess I'll just|stay here.V_Are you sure you|should be talking|to a thief? I|can't resist the|urge to take|things.[_I'm not sure why|I take things...|I just feel an|urge to steal. I|need therapy, not|prison!__If this is my|fate, so be it!M_You are freeing|us?! Thank you!|Uh... I guess I|should give you|these back...__Received 20 UAC|credits._I'm free!6_Get the stuff|from the Secure|Closet. Passcode|is 648.£_[Dr. Jensen]|Thanks for your|help. When I got|caught they took|my weapon and my|blue keycard and|put them in the|Secure Closet. I|saw them set the|passcode to|648.¿_[Dr. Jensen]|Get my equipment|from the Secure|Closet and I'll|log onto one of|the computers and|continue my in-|vestigation.|Something terri-|ble is about to|happen and Gue-|rard's behind it.o_[Dr. Jensen]|I'm pretty sure|the Secure Closet|code is 648. I|watched them set|the code after|they detained me.)_Meet back up with|Jensen at the|computer.y_Keep the keycard|and rocket|launcher. You'll|need them more|than me. I've|found some more|information on|this computer...¹_There's recent|communication|from Dr. Guerard|to Mr. Nadira.|Nadira is ordered|to meet up with|Guerard in the|Power Control|Room in Sector 6.|He mentioned|something about|"big plans"...__Exit to the west|of the prison. _I think Guerard|has been using|Nadira's mind|control equipment|to influence peo-|ple at UAC ad-|ministration and|it looks like|both may be work-|ing for Kronos.¥_Ok, I got the|door out of here|unlocked. Get|back to Junction|through the exit|west of the|prison. We'll|meet up in Sector|6. We must find|out what Guerard|is up to.d_Proceed to Junc-|tion through the|exit west of the|prison. I'll meet|up with you in|the next sector.ª_[Email]|To: F. Eckle|From: Col. Graff|Be on the lookout|for an ex-|employee seen|snooping around|the base. His|name is Dr. Jen-|sen. Detain him|if he's found.|-Col. Graffü_[Email]|To: Col. Graff|From: F. Eckle|We found Jensen|in the data cen-|ter trying to ac-|cess email logs.|He's being held|in cell 42-A in|the Sector 5|Brig. He was|armed with a roc-|ket launcher and|had a blue key-|card. What's all|this about?|-FrancisA_[Email]|To: F. Eckle|From: Col. Graff|Excellent work!|Jensen was fired.|We found a bunch|of stolen equip-|ment in a make-|shift laboratory|in Sector 4 and|we suspect Jen-|sen. The esteemed|Dr. Guerard will|need to have a|"chat" with Jen-|sen later to in-|vestigate the|matter. What's|the passcode to|the cell?|-Col. Graff__Prison cell pass-|code is 229.d_[Email]|To: Col. Graff|From: F. Eckle|Glad we caught|the thief. The|prison passcode|is 229.|-FrancisW_There is a hidden|door called Door|55 in Sector 2.|Use passcode 5555|to unlock Door|55.
U___Sector 6
_/junction.bsp__Enter Junction__I_Logged in as root.|# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded._[Email]|To: Col. Graff|From: Kronos|Move the portal|equipment from|the research|laboratory to the|reactor room. Get|on it right away!|-Kronos¡_[Email]|To: Kronos|From: Col. Graff|Why? The rest of|the research team|claims the energy|requirements are|being met at the|portal's current|location.|-Col. Graff©_[Email]|To: Col. Graff|From: Kronos|You will order|the equipment|moved immedi-|ately! I have|plans that re-|quire a consider-|able amount of|additional en-|ergy.|-Kronos_[Email]|To: Kronos|From: Col. Graff|I've set up the|work order to|have the machin-|ery relocated to|the reactor room.|-Col. Graff__No more email.'_Dr. Guerard came|through here a|while ago. He|seemed to be in|quite a hurry. A|few minutes later|Dr. Jensen came|in looking for|him. Jensen|looked very wor-|ried. What is|going on?p_Power routing|controls for the|base are found up|ahead in this|sector. I think|that is where|Guerard was|headed.V_Did you see Dr.|Jensen chasing|after Dr. Gue-|rard? What is go-|ing on with those|two?Ü_I think I may|know what it's|about. I saw some|classified doc-|uments that seem|to indicate that|Guerard did some-|thing to get Jen-|sen fired. UAC|higher ups seem|to know about it|but aren't doing|anything.|Strange, eh?j_I hope Jensen|kicks Guerard's|butt. Guerard de-|serves to get his|butt kicked. I|hate that smug|slimeball.Ç_[Dr. Jensen]|Hey, Marine! I've|been pursuing|Guerard but I|don't know which|door he went|through. Both|doors are locked|and I am working|on the computer|trying to get|them opened. Give|me a minute...__Catch Guerard.Ö_[Dr. Jensen]|Ok. I've unlocked|the first door.|You explore that|direction and|I'll try to get|this other door|opened. We will|meet up later.|Find Guerard and|stop him from do-|ing whatever it|is he is trying|to do!™_[Dr. Jensen]|The first door is|open. You take|it. I'll take the|other path as|soon as I get the|second door open.|Don't wait for|me. We'll meet up|later.]_The combatants in|this area are|very dangerous.|I'll provide es-|cort for Jensen.|Be careful!A_We're trying to|catch Dr. Gue-|rard. We fear he|is up to no good.e_Marine, I got the|other door opened|and we are pursu-|ing Dr Guerard.|We'll meet up|soon.|-Dr. Jensen)_[Dr. Jensen]|Look! On your|left! Get him!5_[Dr. Jensen]|Keep the pace up.|We must catch|Guerard.__I've got your|back!0_[Dr. Jensen]|There he is!|Up ahead on the|right!*_[Dr. Jensen]|I'm getting too|old for this. 
_Keep moving!!_[Dr. Jensen]|There! To your|left!O_[Dr. Jensen]|I'm not sure what|Guerard is up to,|but it is proba-|bly very bad.__He sure is fast.__[Dr. Jensen]|He's getting|away!7_[Dr. Jensen]|No time to chat.|We need to catch|Guerard.__He got away|again!)_[Dr. Jensen]|There he is!|Straight ahead!__I'll cover Dr.|Jensen.__Door unlocked.H_Guerard went|through this|door. You go|first. I'll pro-|tect Dr. Jensen.__Lock and load!f_[Dr. Jensen]|The control cen-|ter is just up|ahead. Whatever|Dr. Guerard is up|to, he must be|stopped!__[Dr. Jensen]|After you,|Marine.1_I'll follow you|and provide cover|for Dr. Jensen.4_Dr. Guerard went|through this door|just minutes ago.__[System offline]µ_[Dr. Jensen]|We almost had|him! Guerard went|this way. He must|be headed to the|Control Room. You|lead. I'll follow|behind with the|other Marine.|I've unlocked the|door. Let's move!1_[Dr. Jensen]|Let's go!|We must catch Dr.|Guerard!$_Power low. Termin-|al in sleep mode. 
_Door opened.R_Damn! One of|those demons hurt|me pretty bad.|You go on. I'll|catch up when I|can.-_Head through the|door. You must|stop Guerard!²_[Dr. Guerard]|New circuit con-|figuration com-|plete. Rerouting|power... Oh!|Hello, Marine.|You're too late.|I just brought|the main reactor|back online.|Nothing can stop|me now.0_[Dr. Guerard]|Mr. Nadira,|please dispose of|him.__[Dr. Guerard]|...#_[Dr. Jensen]|Great, you have|the BFG. Now we|need to find the|red keycard to|access the reac-|tor. Security|logs on this com-|puter indicate|there's a red|keycard in Sector|7. Head there im-|mediately. I'll|catch up with you|later. The exit|to Junction is|east of this po-|sition. Good|luck.x_[Dr. Jensen]|Head for sector 7|to retrieve the|red keycard. With|it we can access|the reactor area|and stop Dr.|Guerard!D_[Mr. Nadira]|So we meet again.|This time you|won't escape so|easily.£_[Dr. Guerard]|Mr. Nadira, your|assistance has|been invaluable.|Marine, I really|couldn't have|done all of this|without you. But|now, you're both|liabilities to|me.__[Dr. Guerard]|See you in Hell.__[Mr. Nadira]|No, wait!__[Mr. Nadira]|Argh!,_Power rerouted.|Geothermic reac-|tor online.#_[Dr. Jensen]|Hey Marine! I|made it.&_BFG Storage Clo-|set passcode is|9000.¤_[Email]|To: Mr. Nadira|From: Kronos|Under no circum-|stances is the|Marine to get a|hold of the BFG.|The new BFG|closet passcode|is 9000. DON'T|TELL ANYONE!|-Kronos__BFG Storage Closet__9000#_BFG Storage closet|Enter passcode:|_Have fun.__[Dr. Jensen]|I finally caught|up with you. Did|Guerard get away?|He must have used|his teleporter.|Looks like Gue-|rard intends to|reopen the portal|now that the re-|actor is back on-|line. We're going|to have to go|down there to|stop him. We need|a plan. Let me|think...~_[Dr. Jensen]|Ok, first, let's|get some big|guns. Check the|computer again|and see if you|can get that BFG|storage closet|open.7_[Dr. Jensen]|Check the com-|puter for more|information.__[Dr. Guerard]|HAHAHA!,_[Dr. Jensen]|It's a trap! Run|for your life!
_Take cover!__ARGH! I'm hit!__There are too|many!e_[Dr. Jensen]|I ran in here for|cover. I'm pretty|hurt so I'm not|sure I'll be able|to go on with|you.Y_[Dr. Jensen]|There must be a|computer switch|to unlock that|door somewhere|around here...C_[Dr. Jensen]|Don't worry about|me. I'll be fine.|Just stop|Guerard!__Power Control Room__Super Secret Room__2279,_[Super Secret|Room] Door|locked. Enter|code:Î_There's a bonus|area you might|encounter some-|time after Sector|7 that is pro-|tected with a 7|digit passcode.|Use the first 7|numbers in the|Fibonacci se-|quence (starting|with zero) to un-|lock the door.

___Sector 7
_/junction.bsp__/junction_destroyed.bsp__Enter Junction__¿_[Dr. Kelvin]|Hello again. You|here for the red|keycard? The|passages to the|rest of the sec-|tor have caved|in, but I can|help you get|through. I'll un-|lock the door.|Come on, I'll|show you.3_[Dr. Kelvin]|Come on through|the door to your|left._[Dr. Kelvin]|This is one of|the first matter|transportation|units built on|the base. I can|send you through|to its counter-|part at the other|end of the lab.Š_[Dr. Kelvin]|Step into the|unit in the mid-|dle of this room|and I'll trans-|port you. You'll|instantly be sent|to its counter-|part unit._[Dr. Kelvin]|Something seems|to have gone very|wrong. You didn't|rematerialize in|the other tele-|portation unit,|and worse, none|of your weapons|rematerialized|with you! I don't|have to tell you|to use extreme|caution. I think|I can unlock that|door. Yes, try it|now./_Whoa! I can't|talk now... some-|thing's coming!__...Ÿ_[Email]|To: R. Williams|From: J. LaGrave|Did you go out|and check on that|sensor array? I'm|still getting|wacky readings. I|think something's|busted out there.Ö_[Email]|To: J. LaGrave|From: R. Williams|Checked the ar-|ray. Everything|passed my diag-|nostics. But the|readings don't|seem to make|sense to me ei-|ther. I'm working|with Lloyd to try|to find out|what's going on.__No more email.__Error....#$^@%*#^$_Use passcode 666|for the door|ahead./_Red keycard in|northeast corner|of this sector.¥_Ahh... when I saw|those weapons|come through the|teleporter with-|out their owner,|I knew something|was wrong. Look-|ing at these|data, it seems|like someone|deliberately sab-|otaged your tele-|port. Here, I|think you'll need|these!|[You got your|weapons back]|If you're looking|for the red key-|card, try the|northeast corner|of this sector.|I've just enabled|the cycle oper-|ation on the door|up ahead. The|code is 666.Ú_I'm going to stay|here and try to|make sense of|these other sen-|sor readings. It|looks to me like|the reactor is|back online, and|there are huge|power draws all|over the base. I|think something|big is about to|happen.(_Code 666 should|work for the door|ahead.__New message|arriving...Ï_Attn. all person-|nel: If you can|use a terminal|with access to|your local sensor|array, check your|readings now.|We're sensing a|rise in the same|readings that|preceded the at-|tack wave. Report|if you can.b_Too many users...|blah blah blah.|Probable cause:||Try again in a|few seconds...|-xian__Door cycle oper-|ation offline.__666__Enter passcode:|__Access granted.__Door unlocked.`_Incoming message:|RED ALERT! A sec-|ond attack has|started! All per-|sonnel to battle|positions!I_Logged in as root.|# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.ë_Incoming audio|transmission -|source unknown:|Can anyone hear|me?! All hell is|breaking loose!|They're in Junc-|tion...every-|where! Everyone's|dead. They're|hoarding out of|the reactor sec-|tor! If anyone|can hear this...|please help!__Connection lost.._Oh, man! I|thought you were|one of those|things! I barely|made it out of|Junction when|that second wave|hit. The rest of|my unit didn't|make it._Just before we|got hit, someone|screamed that the|gates of Hell had|opened. After|seeing all|these...demons,|or whatever they|are, I believe|it.__Find the red|keycard.p_You're definitely|going to need the|red keycard if|you want to get|anywhere up|ahead. You'd bet-|ter go find it.u_Look, I'm almost|out of ammo and|armor. I can't do|you much good.|I'm going to stay|here and see what|I can scrounge.__Super secret|passcode: 2***

__ _Reactor__/junction_destroyed.bsp
_Locked Door___/endgame.bsp__Exit__Risi Soru kol|feri asi'ril.0_Red Planet finds|you worthy and|offers her help.__System offline.._Ned'ai Risi Soru.|Fele khamik Nari|felil sani.-_Red Planet trem-|bles. The way is|made clear.¹_[Dr. Guerard]|Marine, your com-|mitment is com-|mendable, but|you're too late.|Soon my creation|will enter our|dimension. It's a|shame that you|won't be around|to see it happen.|HAHAHA!'_Activating gate|lift. Gate open-|ing...
_Gate open.$_Mokolu afi e'ai|Pelim Oduril|esansi.4_Destroy the power|couplings to shut|down the portal.2_Sever the arter-|ies to silence|the Mouth of|Evil._Door opened.I_Logged in as root.|# scp /map.dat .|Saving... Done.|You got the map|data.__Map data already|downloaded.G_The portal to|Hell has closed,|but one last|creature made it|through...