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Doom PSP is a fan port of the Doom source code which runs on the Playstation Portable. The port was started by Lantus, but contains additional code from many contributors. There are many diffirent versions of doom psp, but the most popular ones are: v0.05, v1.4 and v2.01.

Version 0.05 features:

  • Ability to edit the configuration file to change keybindings
  • Sound and music support (but mastering is broken)
  • 320*200 rendering resolution
  • Custom PWAD support (only one)
  • Dehacked support (only one)
  • Analog emulates dpad

Version 1.4 features:

  • Cheat support
  • Sound and music support
  • Smooth gameplay at over 30 fps, even while running at 222 MHz
  • Configurable rendering and displaying resolution
  • Custom PWAD support (up to 5 at the same time)
  • Dehacked support (up to 5 at the same time)
  • adhoc multiplayer
  • Analog emulates mouse
  • unchangable controls and broken weapon changing system

Version 2.01 features:

  • Fullscreen hud
  • Ability to load only original IWADs
  • No music support
  • Adhoc multiplayer
  • Ability to run on official firmware


  • All the versions have a bug that causes every episode in Ultimate Doom to use the sky texture from the first episode. Also, all triggers that changes textures do not do so, if they don't use first episode's textures. The bug does not appear in the original Doom.

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