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Doom Legacy is a source port available for DOS, Win32, Linux, OS/2, and MacOS. It was originally written by Boris Pereira and Fabrice "faB" Denis, and is now maintained by Thierry "Hurdler" Van Elsuwé, with a supporting cast of 40 contributors.

Legacy was originally written as a fork of an early DOSDoom version introducing mouse-look, jumping, a console, 32 player deathmatch, skins and a native win32 mode. The console in its entirety was taken from Quake 1.01, a leaked version of Quake about one to two years before it was GPLed. Fabrice developed a glide front-end, one of the first hardware-accelerated renderers. Hurdler was originally introduced to develop GL support, however as time went by, Hurdler increasingly maintained the project. Fabrice has now moved on to pastures new, with Boris making an occasional appearance.

In 2000, Boom compatibility was introduced by Stephen "SoM" McGranahan, who also introduced Heretic support by merging in code from Heretic/Hexen; and FraggleScript from the port SMMU. SoM also developed some novel modifications, including several varieties of 3D floors and deep water before settling on the current implementation.

Since 2003, the Legacy code-base is being re-written in C++. This is designed to improve the tolerance of the code base to new features.


  • TCP/IP multiplayer networking (including a master server for Internet game searches)
  • Nearly complete Boom and Heretic support
  • OpenGL rendering
  • Higher resolutions
  • DirectSound 3D
  • Console with support for key bindings (Quake-style bindings)
  • FraggleScript for scripting
  • 3D floors (added in December 2000), water, and coloured lighting
  • Free look and crosshairs
  • Jumping
  • 32 Players (including support for custom skins)
  • Supports Linux, MacOS and Windows and others
  • 2 player splitscreen co-op or deathmatch
  • Ability to play Audio CDs during play

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