Credits screen from the end of Doom II

The Doom cast sequence is an animated sequence at the conclusion of Doom II and Final Doom that displays the monsters' walking, attack, and death animations, excluding the spectre and secret level related foes, but including the player. The characters are displayed over a depiction of the face of the final boss as the background. When some keys are pressed, the character currently shown dies and the next one is displayed (others keys or buttons may cause the screen melt effect, instead).

The characters come in the following order, after which the sequence cycles:


  • The SNES and Jaguar ports of Wolfenstein 3D were the first id Software-related games to have cast sequences, considering the former two were released in March and a little later (Jaguar).
  • Doom 64's cast sequence is similar in approach, but with a few added differences; monsters and the Marine slowly fade in rather than simply appear when their turn in the sequence is up, the spectre appears in the sequence (it does not appear at all in earlier ports of Doom) and its death animation does not cause it to turn opaque, and the player can use the control pad or stick to turn the monsters and Marine in eight different directions. When a button is hit to kill the monster off, a subsequent shotgun blast is also heard (this is also used in the PlayStation and Saturn ports). Also, when the Marine attacks, an actual firing animation is used and the super shotgun's blast is heard.
  • The Saturn port of Doom's cast sequence only runs through one time. Once all the monsters are dead, the game returns to the title screen.

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