Mysterious occurences involving UAC facilities have everyone on high alert. Not much is known about the classified in-cident on Mars but con-tainment is becoming more difficult as a se-ries of distress signals have been setn from a UAC outpost on Earth's Moon. A contingent of Space Marines, along with a rookie scientist, has been sent to inves-tigate...

--- Mission Update ----

Greetings, _______. Mars De-parture has cleared us for frequency change and trans-Earth injec-tion. Destination set for Earth's moon - Tycho Station. Stand by for primary burn.

Raw Script (Mobile version)

TALK|Press OK (key 5) to talk to char-ac-ters with chat bub-bles._LOCK-ED OB-JECT|Un-lock with a key-card. Find the cor-rect key-card to ac-ti-vate._WIN-DOW|De-stroy with any wea-pon._CRATE|Press OK (key 5) to open and get con-tents_FOOD|In-stant-ly re-stores some health._NOTE|You made a PDA en-try. Open me-nu (key 0) then se-lect PDA to read._OB-STA-CLE|De-stroy it with a me-lee wea-pon, if you've found one._DOOR|Press OK (key 5) to open. Some doors must be un-locked with a key-card be-fore you can open them._WEA-PON SE-LEC-TION|Use key 7 or * to cy-cle weap-ons, or press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._US-A-BLE OB-JECT|If you have the re-quired strength you can tear these out and toss them!_HEALTH LOW!|Use a health pack, snack, or wa-ter from your in-ven-to-ry._HEALTH LOW!|Use a health pack, snack, or wa-ter from you in-ven-to-ry._SHOOT-ING BOT CON-TROLS|You are now in con-trol of a shoot-ing sen-try bot. Use di-rec-tion-al keys to move, and 5 to fire. To un--de-ploy this sen-try bot, walk back in-to the play-er, press #, or se-lect "Re-turn To Play-er" from the me-nu _EX-PLO-DING SEN-TRY BOT|You are now in con-trol of a ex-plo-ding sen-try bot. Use di-rec-tion-al keys to move, and 5 to self-de-struct. To un--de-ploy this sen-try bot, walk back in-to the play-er, press #, or se-lect "Re-turn To Play-er" from the me-nu._WA-TER PIS-TOL RE-FILL|You have re-filled your wa-ter pis-tol. You can do this at any sink, toi-let, or wa-ter spout._AR-MOR RE-PAIR STA-TION|Use to turn 5 ar-mor shards in-to a flak jac-ket. Do-ing so will give you a per-ma-nent boost to your de-fense._SEN-TRY BOT DIS-CARD|You can hold on-ly one sen-try bot at a time. Since you hacked anoth-er sen-try bot , your old bot has been dis-card-ed. You may re-trieve the dis-card-ed bot when you no long-er have a bot on hand._VIR-TUAL TAR-GET PRAC-TICE|To be-come a great marks-man, go for head-shots, it's an auto-ma-tic crit-i-cal. Prac-tice makes per-fect! Zoom in and out us-ing the 7 and * key, and ad-just the cross-hair po-si-tion us-ing the di-rec-tion-al pad ar-rows (if sup-por-ted by hand-set) or 4, 6, 8, and 2 keys. Ses-sion ends af-ter 8 shots. Press "OK" or 5 af-ter 8 shots to exit tar-get prac-tice, or press "0" at any time to exit._TREAD-MILL WORK-OUT|Be-come more agile by run-ning on tread-mills. Al-ter-nate press-ing the 1 and 3 keys to take steps. Tim-ing is cru-cial; step-ping too slow or too fast will cause you to fall off! Press 8 or down at any time to aban-don the work-out._I want my mommy!_Ho-ly hell, can't you do any bet-ter? Wipe your tears and try again!_Need prac-tice!_You made it but you could use some prac-tice... may-be a lot of prac-tice._Wan-na-be Ma-rine_Not yet a Ma-rine but you're on your way. Good job!_Hard-core Ma-rine_Great job! You could be a Doom Ma-rine!_Doom Ma-rine_You are the UL-TI-MATE DOOM MA-RINE!_Exit_Play_To use, press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry" then "Na-no drinks"._To use, press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry" then "Oth-er"._Fix me to say PDA in the "B" col-umn. Text in "C" col-umn should say: To view notes, press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "PDA"._To use, press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._Use key 7 or * to cy-cle weap-ons, or press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._An err-or has oc-curred. Please try start-ing the ap-pli-ca-tion again.\n\nEr-ror De-tails:\n %01_Game Saved_Game Load-ed_Skip_Load-ing..._En-ter_Con-tin-ue_Door is Lock-ed_Turn Passed_Health at max-i-mum_Sor-ry!_Stop_De-tails_||_Load-ing Game_Me-nu_Leave_Help_Map_More_Pro-ces-sing..._Just a mo-ment!_Mon-ster is Im-mune!_Mon-ster stun-ned!_Last Shot!_1 Shot Left_%01 Shots Left_Out of Range!_%01 dodged!_%01 blocked!_Dodged!_Missed!_%01 missed!_Crit! _%01 dam-age!_De-flect-ed!_Wea-pon De-flect-ed!_%01 took %02 dam-age and died!_%01 took %02 dam-age!_Ammo: _Base Dam-age: %01\n_Ide-al Range: %01 -- %02\n_Ide-al Range: %01\n_De-flect: %01\n_For more de-tails go to "Ar-mor Help" un-der the "Help" me-nu._It burns!_Can't hold more %01s._You got the key-card_Got %01_Got %01 %02._Ammo at max-i-mum_%01 flees!_%01 de-stroyed!_%01%02x %03|_%01%02|_%01's raise failed!_%01 rais-es %02!_%01 fire dam-age!_%01 poi-son dam-age!_Press OK to Con-tin-ue_Ammo_Health_Tar-get_Sta-tus_Ef-fects_Lost %01 XP!_Gain-ed %01 XP._LEV-EL UP: %01|_Max Health: %01|_De-fense: %01|_Strength: %01|_Ac-cu-ra-cy: %01|_Agi-li-ty: %01|_Health re-stored.|To see stats press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "Sta-tus"._Gain-ed %01 health_%01 did %02 dam-age!_Near Death!_Low Health!_Out of Ammo!_Not Enough Ammo!_Not Ful-ly Charged!_Pain!_Found Se-cret!_Can-cel_Se-lect_0.1.3.en.lg8100_Build 01_BETA_PgUp_Press "OK" to exit_x%01_Undo_ Con-tents:|_You Got:|_Re-flect-ed %01 dam-age!_# En-ter / * Back_Mysterious oc-cur-ren-ces in-volv-ing UAC fa-ci-li-ties have eve-ry-one on high alert. Not much is known about the class-i-fied in-ci-dent on Mars but con-tain-ment is be-coming more dif-fi-cult as a se-ries of dis-tress sig-nals have been sent from a UAC out-post on Earth's Moon. A con-tin-gent of Space Ma-rines, along with a rook-ie sci-en-tist, has been sent to in-ves-ti-gate..._As the Icon of Sin turns to rub-ble and dust, the evil pres-ence you've felt dis-si-pa-tes. Though VIOS has been de-stroyed, you sense that else-where oth-er bat-tles are rag-ing. You may have won this bat-tle, but the out-come of this WAR has yet to be de-cid-ed. _Con-grat-u-la-tions!|You have found all of the %01 in this lev-el._items_se-crets_en-e-mies_break-ables_No_Yes_%01 %02_[Re-ceived noth-ing of any use]_[Re-ceived %01 for %02 turns]_De-stroyed %01 loot items_Noth-ing of use_Re-flec-tion_Pur-i-fy_Agi-li-ty_Re-gen-er-a-tion_De-fense_Strength_Evade_Fo-cus_An-ger_Anti--Fire_For-ti-tude_Fear_Air_Fire_Dis-ease_Drunk_Dizzy_Hack-er_Sort the squares ac-cor-ding to their co-lor on-to the cor-res-pon-ding co-lor col-umn.||Use "OK" or "5" to pick up or drop a square and use left/-right, or 4/-6, to move hori-zon-tal-ly._To se-lect/-de-se-lect a square, press "OK" or "5". Press LEFT/-RIGHT or 4/-6 to move blocks._Turns:_Goal_Mem-o-ry col-umns re-stored! Press "OK" or "5" to con-tin-ue._Mem-o-ry col-umn re-store failed! Press "OK" or "5" to con-tin-ue._Ma-trix Skip_To break the code, press RIGHT or "6" to ad-vance to the right as ma-ny spa-ces as the skip code in-di-cates. If the se-lect-ed num-ber does not equal the skip code, press "OK" or "5" to in-put the num-ber to the code. How-ev-er if the se-lect-ed num-ber DOES equal the skip code, do not in-put the num-ber to the code. Re-peat this pro-cess un-til you have en-tered all 4 num-bers of the code to com-plete the hack._Hint:_Skip Code:_En-ter your code_Press OK to pick a num-ber_Code Ac-cept-ed!_Code De-nied!_In-cor-rect In-put!_Se-lect a bot type_Shoot-ing_Ex-plo-ding_Can be used to scout near-by ar-eas, col-lect items, and de-stroy en-e-mies with mount-ed ri-fle._Can be used to scout near-by ar-eas, col-lect items, and de-stroy en-e-mies with self--de-struct me-cha-nism._De-scrip-tion:_WARN-ING!_Sen-try Bot in-i-ti-a-ting de-fen-sive ac-tion._You are be-ing log-ged out. Good day._Pro-gress will be lost. Still exit?_No room to de-ploy, step back._Re-ceived all the Sen-try Bot's items._Your Sen-try Bot has pe-rished!_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._Self--de-struct?_Pow-er--Up_Fi-gure out the unique code that adds up to the to-tal. To change a num-ber use up/down, or 2/8. Press "OK" to con-firm the se-lect-ed num-ber. When all 4 num-bers have been se-lect-ed your code will be check-ed. If the code is in-cor-rect, you will be giv-en 3 ad-di-tion-al chan-ces to fix the in-cor-rect code._Cre-dits: %01_What would you like to do?_Would you like to buy?_Code ac-cept-ed! Pri-ces have drop-ped! _Hack failed!|In-i-ti-a-ting se-cu-ri-ty pro-to-cols. _Buy_Hack_High_Low_Cor-rect_Press "OK" to Sub-mit_Press "OK" to Con-tin-ue._Wrong code!|Tries left: _You do not have enough ar-mor shards (5) to use this sta-tion._Would you like to turn 5 ar-mor shards in-to a flak jac-ket?_Cre-at-ed a flak jac-ket|+%01 to De-fense_Cre-at-ed a flak jac-ket|No De-fense Bo-nus|De-fense at Max_MALLOC_DELETE_Re-turn_Can-not de-ploy sen-try bot here._You are un-der at-tack!|Sen-try bot has re-turned._You are un-der at-tack!|Sen-try bot can-not be de-ployed._Dis-card_Can-not dis-card sen-try bot here._No Bot Ac-cess_You picked up a|dis-card-ed sen-try bot._Major Morgan_Dr. O'Connor_Sgt. Blazkowicz_Loot-ed Items:_None found!|_Score:_Head-shot!_Body-shot!_Leg-shot!_Prac-tice Score: %01|+%02 to Ac-cu-ra-cy_Prac-tice Score: %01|No Ac-cu-ra-cy Bo-nus_Prac-tice Score: %01|No Ac-cu-ra-cy Bo-nus|Ac-cu-ra-cy at Max_Hack Suc-cess-ful!|+%01 to I.Q._Hack Suc-cess-ful!|No Bo-nus.|I.Q. is at Max._You don't have the strength to pick this up!_Hack Suc-cess-ful!_Hack Failed!_ +%01 to Strength|due to chain-saw use_Work-out Pro-gress: %01\%_Work-out Com-plete!|+%01 to Agi-li-ty_Work-out Com-plete!|No Bo-nus.|Agi-li-ty is at Max._Work-out Failed!|Watch your step!_Work-out Abort-ed_Warn-ing:|Tread-mill ex-cee-ding safe-ty speed!_Wa-ter Pis-tol Re-filled_Wa-ter Pis-tol Al-ready Full_Cloth-ing will|jam your chain-saw!_As-sault Ri-fle_A sub-ma-chine gun with 2 shots per turn._Chain-saw_Pow-er-ful me-lee wea-pon for sli-cing and di-cing op-po-nents, and break-ing de-struc-ti-ble ob-jects such as chairs and tab-les. Use this wea-pon on mon-sters enough and your strength will in-crease!_Ho-ly Wa-ter Pis-tol_A sa-cred amu-let charms the wa-ter in-side and creates ho-ly wa-ter; bad news for Hell-spawn. Crea-tures from Hell will take dam-age and be-come ter-ri-fied of you when at-tacked with this wea-pon. Re-fill at sinks, toi-lets, and wa-ter spouts. You can al-so drink the ho-ly wa-ter to re-gain health and in-still fear in mon-sters. To use this func-tion-al-ity, press ME-NU (key 0) then se-lect "In-ven-to-ry"._Shoot-ing Bot_Shoot-ing Sen-try Bot_Can be used to scout near-by ar-eas, col-lect items, and de-stroy en-e-mies with mount-ed ri-fle. Sen-try bots are im-per-vious to fire, and you can on-ly have one sen-try bot at a time. You can dis-card your bot by press-ing # while the sen-try bot is equiped. Dis-card-ed sen-try bots can be picked back up at a lat-er time._Ex-plo-ding Bot_Ex-plo-ding Sen-try Bot_Can be used to scout near-by ar-eas, col-lect items, and de-stroy en-e-mies with a self--de-struct me-cha-nism. Sen-try bots are im-per-vious to fire, and you can on-ly have one sen-try bot at a time. You can dis-card your bot by press-ing # while the sen-try bot is equiped. Dis-card-ed sen-try bots can be picked back up at a lat-er time._Su-per Shot-gun_A pow-er-ful close--range wea-pon. Fi-res 2 shells at a time. _Chain-gun_A mighty gun that fi-res 4 pow-er-ful shots in one turn. Uses reg-u-lar bul-lets._Ri-fle with Scope_As-sault Ri-fle w/ Scope_The attached scope al-lows for very pre-cise tar-get-ing. Aim for soft spots!_Plas-ma Gun_Fi-res bursts of en-er-gy at a rate of 3 per turn. Good for en-e-mies that won't back down._Rock-et Launch-er_Fi-res pow-er-ful rock-ets that ex-plode on con-tact. Just make sure you are far enough from where the dam-age hap-pens!_BFG_The. Ul-ti-mate. Gun. Shoots a slow--mov-ing ball of green plas-ma that con-tains a small com-pu-ter chip. This chip iden-ti-fies and shoots rays at op-po-nents be-fore the ini-ti-al ex-plo-sion that will kill most de-mons near the blast._Soul Cube_"We are ma-ny, we are one; we are the Prael-ean-thor, you know us as the Soul Cube." Pow-ered with the life force li-be-ra-ted fol-low-ing the death of any en-e-my, 5 kills will leave the Cube ful-ly--charged and ready to kill any tar-get in 1 shot. _Spikes_Sen-try Bot_Red Sen-try Bot_Zom-bie Work-er_Zom-bie Ci-vil-ian_Zom-bie Tech_Imp-ling_Imp_Imp Lord_Lesser Saw-cu-bus_Great-er Saw-cu-bus_Chain-stro-sity_Bull De-mon_Pinky_Bel-phe-gor_Be-he-moth_Man-cu-bus_Druj_Mal-wrath_Ca-co-de-mon_Wretch-ed_Brier_Watcher_Sen-ti-nel_Troop_Com-man-do_As-sas-sin_Phan-tom_Lost Soul_Night-mare_In-fer-nis_Arch Vile_Apol-lyon_Ghoul_Fiend_Rev-e-nant_Ar-ach-no-tron_Cy-ber-de-mon_Pink-i-na-tor_Mas-ter-mind_VIOS_Red Key-card_Key-card that un-locks red doors._Blue Key-card_Key-card that un-locks blue doors._Flak Jac-ket_Gives you 50 ar-mor. Ar-mor pro-vides pro-tec-tion from close and long--range as-saults._Ar-mor Shard_Gives you 10 ar-mor. Ar-mor pro-vides pro-tec-tion from close and long--range as-saults._Bot-tled Wa-ter_Fills up 20\% of your ho-ly wa-ter pis-tol, ap-plied auto-ma-ti-cal-ly._Bul-lets_Am-mu-ni-tion for guns that use reg-u-lar bul-lets._Shells_Am-mu-ni-tion for guns that use shot-gun shells._Rock-ets_High ex-plo-sives that can be launched._En-er-gy Cell_Am-mu-ni-tion for guns that use en-er-gy cells._Ho-ly Wa-ter_Gives you 25 health per gulp, and makes all near-by en-e-mies fear you for 3 turns. Con-sumed straight from the ho-ly wa-ter pis-tol._Souls_Souls for the spi-ri-tual po-ten-tial-ity ma-trix of the Soul Cube._Pack_Wor-ker's Pack_A sim-ple pack full of tools._Smoo-thie_Smoo-thie Drink_In-creas-es your speed -- move twice as fast as op-po-nents for 20 turns._Caf-feine Block_Caf-feine Block Drink_Gives +25 to your De-fense for 30 turns._Fo-cus Juice_Fo-cus Juice Drink_Gives +5 to your Ac-cu-ra-cy for 30 turns._Su-per Quench_Su-per Quench Drink_Re-moves fire ef-fects and pro-tects against fire for 10 turns._Mon-ster Shot_Mon-ster Shot Drink_In-creas-es the dam-age of all your at-tacks by 100\% for 30 turns._Di-et Might_Di-et Might Drink_Gives +25 to your Agi-li-ty for 30 turns._En-er-gy Blast_En-er-gy Blast Drink_In-creas-es your max-i-mum health by 20 points for 30 turns. Heals you the same amount as well._Youth Ser-um_Youth Ser-um Drink_Re-gen-er-ates some of your health eve-ry turn for 30 turns._Hell Knight Sweat_Gives +25 to De-fense and Agi-li-ty, gives +5 to Ac-cu-ra-cy, and in-creas-es the dam-age of all your at-tacks by 25\%. Drink's ef-fect lasts 30 turns._Pow-er Punch_Pow-er Punch Drink_In-creas-es the dam-age of all your at-tacks by 25\% and gives +20 to your Strength for 30 turns._Snake Ve-nom_Snake Ve-nom Drink_Gives you the pow-er to poi-son en-e-mies! En-e-my will be con-tin-uous-ly dam-aged for 10 turns once en-e-my is hit. Drink's af-fect lasts 10 turns._Switch_Ven-ding Ma-chine_Ar-mor Re-pair Sta-tion_Ta-ble_Com-pu-ter_Fire_Toi-let_Sink_Wa-ter Spout_Chair_Ske-le-ton_Crate_Win-dow_Un-locked Red Door_Lock-ed Red Door_Un-locked Blue Door_Lock-ed Blue Door_Lock-ed Door_Un-locked Door_Wrench this item free to throw it at things._Snack_Gives you 20 health._Health Pack_Gives you 80 health._Tray of Food_Exit_NONOBSPRITEWALL_SPRITEWALL_SECRET_SPRITEWALL_World_PDA_Auto-ma-ti-cal-ly keeps im-por-tant notes._UAC Cre-dits_Use at ven-ding ma-chines, tar-get prac-tice ma-chines, and tread-mills.__Print-er_Tar-get Prac-tice_Main-frame Ac-cess_Sen-try Bot Ac-cess_Stor-age Ac-cess_Lad-der_Tread-mill_Tar-get_Lock-ed Ex-ter-i-or Door_Un-locked Ex-ter-i-or Door_Tech Sta-tion_Mixom Glae-ven-scope_Sep-tic Sta-tion_Riley O'Connor_Kira Morgan_Caldex_Ci-vil-ian_Stan Blazkowicz_Lisa_Evil Sci-en-tist_Sci-en-tist_Re-search-er_|€€€€ CRE-DITS €€€€||Pro-duc-er|KATHERINE A. KANG||Pro-gram-ming|JOHN CARMACK|GRAYSON WENDELL|JACOB ENGET||De-sign|KATHERINE A. KANG|MATTHEW C. ROSS|ERIK WESSLEN||Art-work|MATTHEW C. ROSS|LISA A. KESTER|JAMES CARY||Mu-sic and Sound|CHRISTIAN ANTKOW|BOBBY PRINCE||||||||||Thanks for Play-ing!||_#HOW TO PLAY|Use the di-rec-tion-al pad or num-ber keys to move and na-vi-gate men-us. Press OK (key 5) to talk, at-tack, and use items.||#OTH-ER|9: pass turn/skip|\#/right soft key: view map|0: open me-nu/back|C/BACK: prev. screen_#HOW TO MOVE|Press 2 to move for-ward|8 to move back|1 to move left|3 to move right|4 to turn left/page up|6 to turn right/page down||If sup-por-ted by hand-set, use ar-row keys on di-rec-tion-al pad to move and turn.||UP move for-ward|DOWN move back|LEFT turn/page up|RIGHT turn/page down_#HOW TO AT-TACK|Press 5 to at-tack/talk/use|7 for next wea-pon|* for prev wea-pon|9 for pass turn/skip_#AR-MOR HELP|Ar-mor ab-sorbs a por-tion (about 2/3) of dam-age re-ceived. On the HUD, amount of dam-age that ar-mor can ab-sorb is dis-played over the ar-mor vest icon._#EF-FECTS LIST|| \C Haste|| \D Re-gen-er-a-tion|| \E De-fense|| \F Strength|| \G Evade|| \H Fo-cus|| \I Adre-na-line|| \J Anti--Fire|| \K For-ti-tude|| \M Poi-soned Weap-ons|| \N Fire|| _#ITEM HELP|You'll en-coun-ter food, pow-er drinks, am-mu-ni-tion, weap-ons, ar-mor, me-di-ca-tion, and oth-er items to aid you. These items may be viewed and used from the In-ven-to-ry me-nu.||Us-ing an item takes a turn. Af-ter use, if you're at-tacked, you'll re-turn to the game; oth-er-wise you may stay in me-nu and con-tin-ue to use items.||#EF-FECTS|Item ef-fects last a num-ber of turns. Ac-tive ef-fects show at the right--hand side of dis-play, along with its re-main-ing turns._#SNI-PER RI-FLE|Equip sni-per ri-fle, then press 5 to be in SNI-PER MODE. In SNI-PER MODE the fol-low-ing keys ap-ply:||7 Zoom in|* Zoom out||2 Look up|8 Look down|4 Look Left|6 Look Right||5 Fire Wea-pon||0 Exit Sni-per Mode|9 Pass Turn||You may use ar-row keys on di-rec-tion-al pad to ad-just scope.||UP Look up|DOWN Look down|LEFT Look Left|RIGHT Look Right_#HACK-ER|Sort the squares ac-cor-ding to their co-lor on-to the cor-res-pon-ding co-lor col-umn.||Use "OK" or "5" to pick up or drop a square and use left/-right, or 4/-6, to move hori-zon-tal-ly._#MA-TRIX SKIP|To break the code, press RIGHT or "6" to ad-vance to the right as ma-ny spa-ces as the skip code in-di-cates. If the se-lect-ed num-ber does not equal the skip code, press "OK" or "5" to in-put the num-ber to the code. How-ev-er if the se-lect-ed num-ber DOES equal the skip code, do not in-put the num-ber to the code. Re-peat this pro-cess un-til you have en-tered all 4 num-bers of the code to com-plete the hack._#POW-ER--UP|Fi-gure out the unique code that adds up to the to-tal. To change a num-ber use up/down, or 2/8. Press "OK" to con-firm the se-lect-ed num-ber. When all 4 num-bers have been se-lect-ed your code will be check-ed. If the code is in-cor-rect, you will be giv-en 3 ad-di-tion-al chan-ces to fix the in-cor-rect code._DOOM II RPG™ © 2009 Id Soft-ware. DOOM, DOOM RPG, DOOM II RPG, ID and re-la-ted lo-gos are trade-marks or reg-is-tered trade-marks of Id Soft-ware in the Unit-ed States and/or oth-er coun-tries.||Dis-tri-bu-ted by Elec-tron-ic Arts Inc. un-der li-cense from Id Soft-ware. EA and the EA lo-go are trade-marks or reg-is-tered trade-marks of Elec-tron-ic Arts Inc. in the Unit-ed States and/or oth-er coun-tries.||Cust-o-mer ser-vice:|Send email to|All Rights Re-served. _€€ Mis-sion Up-date €€|Greet-ings, %01. Mars De-par-ture has cleared us for fre-quen-cy change and trans--Earth in-jec-tion. Des-ti-na-tion set for Earth's moon -- Ty-cho Sta-tion. Stand by for pri-ma-ry burn.__[None]_PLAY-ER_Health:_Cur-rent and max health_Ar-mor:_Cur-rent and max ar-mor_Play-er Rank:_Cur-rent Rank_Cur-rent XP:_Your ex-pe-ri-ence points_Next XP Rank:_XP to reach the next rank_De-fense:_Re-duc-es dam-age re-ceived_Strength:_Af-fects me-lee dam-age dealt_Fo-cus:_Af-fects chance to hit_Evade:_Af-fects chance to dodge_STA-TUS_Play-er_In-for-ma-tion about your rank and XP_Lev-el_Pro-gress through this lev-el_Me-dals_LEV-ELS_Time:_Time spent on this lev-el_Se-crets:_Se-crets found / to-tal_En-e-mies:_En-e-mies killed / to-tal_Turns:_Turns on this lev-el_Grade:_Level Grade_A+_A_B_C_D_F_--_Grades_Level_Current_Best_Grades for all le-vels_Loot Found:_Items found / to-tal_World Ob-jects:_Ob-jects de-stroyed / to-tal_To-tal time spent play-ing_To-tal turns_Deaths:_To-tal num-ber of deaths_Best Shot:_Most dam-a-ging at-tack_Shots Fi-red:_Num-ber of shots fi-red._Shots Missed:_Num-ber of shots missed._To-tal Dam-age:_To-tal dam-age dealt_WEAP-ONS_Na-no drink:_100\% SE-CRETS_None_Con-tin-ue _New Game _Op-tions _Mini Games_Game Help _About _Exit _^7More Games_Con-fig-ure the game_Help with the game_Back_Back _Re-turn to pre-vi-ous me-nu_How to Play _Ba-sic con-trols_How to Move _Move-ment con-trol de-tails_How to At-tack _Com-bat con-trol de-tails_Sni-per Ri-fle _Sni-per Ri-fle con-trol de-tails_Ar-mor Help _De-tails how hel-met works_Item Help _De-tails how items work_Hack-er _Help with the Hack-er mini-game_Ma-trix Skip _Help with the Ma-trix Skip mini-game_Pow-er--Up _Help with the Pow-er--Up mini-game_Ef-fects List _Sta-tus ef-fect de-tails_Cre-dits _Cre-dits_View de-ve-lo-per cre-dits_Exit Game?_This will erase\nyour saved game.\n\nAre you sure?_Are you sure?_Re-sume Game_Re-turn to the game_IN-VEN-TO-RY_HEALTH_AR-MOR_In-ven-to-ry_All of your items_PDA_Logs im-por-tant in-for-ma-tion_Save Game_Save game pro-gress_Load Game_Re-store last saved game_View Map_View the lev-el map_Sta-tus_View game sta-tis-tics_Re-start Lev-el_Load auto--saved game_Save & Quit_Save game and exit_Main Me-nu_Exit to main me-nu_Mini Game Me-nu_Exit to mini-game me-nu_Re-start Lev-el?_Save & Quit?_Load Game?_You will lose\nall un-saved pro-gress.\nAre you sure?_No Saved Game_GAME HELP_Press OK to_Doom II RPG_on_off_Sound_Sound:_Vi-brate_Vi-brate:_Lan-guage:_Go to Main Me-nu?_Save Game _Don't Save_Can-cel _Ty-cho_Ci-chus_Kep-ler_UAC Ad-min_UAC Labs_UAC R&D_Ge-hen-na_Abad-don_VIOS_Earth_Earth's moon_Hell_Test Map_En-a-ble Sounds?_Try Again?_Load Saved Game_Re-start Lev-el _Main Me-nu _Yes, please!_No, thanks!_Weap-ons_Your weap-ons_NA-NO DRINKS_Na-no Drinks_Your na-no drinks_UAC CRE-DITS_UAC Cre-dits_Cre-dits you have ac-quired_OTH-ER_Use %01?_Your health is_Your ar-mor is_at its max-i-mum._Ok_Can-not con-sume drink._Can-not drink any more._Ef-fects at max-i-mum._ x_Me-nu_Load-ing Game..._Game Load-ed_Sav-ing Game..._Yes_No _ABOUT_RANK-ING_DIF-FI-CULT RANK-ING_NIGHT-MARE RANK-ING_Your Final Grade:_Your Rank:_Con-tin-ue Play-ing?_Choose Game Mode:_Nor-mal _Dif-fi-cult_Night-mare_Choose a Char-ac-ter_Use your di-rec-tion-al pad to se-lect one of the three im-a-ges, then press "OK."_Major_Sarge_Sci-en-tist_Kira Morgan_Stan Blazkowicz_Riley O'Connor_Major Morgan_Ser-geant Blazkowicz_Dr. O'Connor_Choose this char-ac-ter?_Stats_Agi-li-ty:_Ac-cu-ra-cy:_IQ:_High-er IQ means easier minigames_[Failed]_Sav-ing_Ver-sion: _Save Game?_You got _De-tailed stats can be found in the In--Game Sta-tus me-nu un-der 'Level'_Doom RPG_Orcs & Elves_Orcs & Elves II_Wolf-en-stein RPG_%01_%02_%03_%04_%05_%06_%07_%08_%09_%10_%11_%12_%13_%14_%15_%16_%17_%18_%19_%20_%21_%22_%23_%24_%25_%26_%27_%28_%29_%30_%31_%32_%33_%34_%35_%36_%37_%38_%39_%40_%41_%42_%43_%44_%45_%46_%47_%48_%49_%50_r_skipDecals_r_skip2D_Drive_Shoot_Aim-Shoot_TurnShoot_renderMode_Off_De-bug_De-fault_Change Map_De-bug Sys-tem_showLocation_r_frames_r_speeds_r_skipCull_r_skipBSP_r_skipFlats_r_skipLines_r_skipSprites_r_onlyRender_No Clip_One Shot Kill_Skip Minigames_Dis-able AI_Equip for map_God mode_Give all_Give map_Im-age Mem_b:_Sprite Mem_k:_Line Mem_k:_BSP Mem_k:_Totl Mem_k:_Free Mem_k:_Avail MemK:_Peak MemK:_Used Mem_k:_Tex Mem_k:_Init Mem_k:_Map Mem_k:_In-fi-nite Loop_In-fi-nite Re-cur-sion_Un-handled Ex-cep-tion_Code Block_Re-paint Block_Sound Block_Ran-dom Sound_Ran-dom Sound De-lay_Back Light_Ad-vance Time_... © © ™ ™ Ø ¼ ½ ¾ Œ œ À Á Â Ã Ä Å ß È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö Ù Ú Û Ü Ý à á â ã ä å ç è é ê ë ì í î ï ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ù ú û ü ý ÿ ¿ ¡ ¢ x_De-bug Font_Ven-ding Ma-chine_Con-firm Or-der_Press UP/DOWN to _change quan-ti-ty_Press OK/5 to buy _Press 0 to go back_%01 x %02_To-tal Cost: %01_Snacks_Meals_You can't af-ford this!_Re-turn To Play-er_Auto-ma-ti-cal-ly re-turn to the play-er_Show Heap_Moon Cake_Moon Shine_Moon Tofu_Moon Paste_Space Chips_Space Coo-kies_Swiss Cheese_Gou-da Cheese_Ched-dar Cheese_Cheese Crack-ers_Mac n' Cheese_Christy's Cake_Baked Chips_Fried Chips_Su-gar Coo-kies_Sni-cker Doo-dle_Ma-ca-roon_Scone_Cho-co-late Bar_Cann-ed Tuna_Rai-sins_Rice Cakes_Ha-ba-nero Nuts_Ja-la-pe-no Chips_Ca-jun Chi-cken_Creole Craw-fish_Hot Ta-ma-les_Kim Chi_Bibimbap_Vin-da-loo_Cur-ry Rice_Wat Har Bo_Sri-ra-cha__Ty-cho_RE-MIND-ER|You can save your game at any time. To save game, press 0 to open me-nu then se-lect "Save Game."_HINT|To pass a turn and stay in place, press 9._HINT|To change your weap-ons, press 7 or *._HINT|Health Packs re-store 80 health points. Use them wise-ly. _HINT|Push-ing against some walls un-covers se-crets._HINT|You can side step left and right -- to side step left, press 1, to side step right, press 3._HINT|Ar-mor helps re-duce the amount of dam-age an en-e-my does to you. If you have ar-mor, equip it by press-ing 0 to ac-cess the me-nu then choose in-ven-to-ry._Cap-tain: Eve-ry-one, bu-ckle up!_Cap-tain: We're land-ing at Ty-cho Sta-tion._Cap-tain: Rough land-ing. Sor-ry about that!_Cap-tain: What the... what was that?!_Major: Some-thing strange is go-ing on here. _Some-thing strange is go-ing on here. _Major: Eve-ry-one, be on guard._Eve-ry-one, be on guard._HELP! There's..._Die hell spawn!_Fol-low me! HUR-RY!!_Caldex_It's about time you got here! We need all the as-sis-tance we can get. Hur-ry, let's get mov-ing!_Some-one needs to stay here to meet the rest of our squad._Some-one needs to stay here to meet the rest of our squad. I'll stay. The rest of you move out._I'll stay._Al-right, you'll need this then. With luck, we'll meet up soon._We'll stay in touch via our comm link. Stay alert!_Let's go!_This area is un-sta-ble. You have to get out of here! _I can't aban-don the squad._Geez!_Caldex said to get you out! I'll stay in the next room and wait as long as I can. Hur-ry!_How do I find the oth-ers?_They're head-ing to Maglev sta-tion. You'll need a blue key-card to get through. I gave mine to Caldex and... the tech in this room has the oth-er one. Er... I mean, what's left of him. Search his clothes and get the key-card... you don't have much time._Loot-ing the dead was not on my agen-da when I woke up this morn-ing! Well at least their bod-ies are dis-in-te-grat-ing, or what-ever, and it's just clothes!_Did-n't know I'd be knee deep in the dead so soon._You're go-ing. I'm stay-ing. The on-ly way to get out is that key-card. I sug-gest you hur-ry up. Pick up the key-card, ga-ther as ma-ny sup-plies as you can and go!_Find Maglev sta-tion to find the rest of your par-ty._Loot the corpse to get the Blue Key-card._Get the blue key-card off that... body over there._Maglev sta-tion is near the car-go bays. Hur-ry!_Please, go. I'll wait as long a I can._LOOT-ING|To loot, stand next to a corpse, face it, then press OK (key 5)_Major Morgan_Sgt. Blazkowicz_Dr. O'Connor_Damn! I have to warn the cap-tain and re-main-ing crew._COMM LINK: Dead-eye, this is Maelstrom, over.|*hisss*_COMM LINK: Dead-eye, this is Ci-gar, over.|*hisss*_COMM LINK: Um, hel-lo? This is Dr. O'Connor. Can any-one hear me?|*hisss*_Comm link's dead... I have a bad feel-ing things are go-ing to get worse._I should try to con-tact the squad._I should try the Comm Link again._COMM LINK: Fire-star One this is Maelstrom, over.|*hisss*_COMM LINK: Fire-star One this is Ci-gar, over.|*hisss*_COMM LINK: Hel-lo? Can any-one hear me? This is Dr. O'Connor.|*hisss*_Comm link is dead..._Still dead..._Whoa!_Voice across shaft:|THE BRIDGE IS OFF-LINE! YOU NEED TO POW-ER IT UP WITH THAT COM-PU-TER ON YOUR LEFT!_Come on over!_Thanks! The sys-tems are go-ing hay-wire and the peo-ple too. I mean, some of the crew are turn... turn... I... gggrl-rgl... I don't feel so good..._Argh!_DAHHH!_You start-led me! Oh great, anoth-er Ma-rine! So are you go-ing to help or just stand there? Ugh, don't bo-ther an-swer-ing._What the..._Oh sor-ry! You start-led me. Well, it's good that we have anoth-er sci-en-tist in our midst. Hope-ful-ly you can help us fi-gure out what's go-ing on around here._Gaahh!_Door Mal-func-tion_Ty-cho Stor-age 2B Log:|Al-vin, did you sign for this ship-ment of chain-saws? Super-vi-sor Kim in Car-go is giv-ing me lip about it. They were sup-posed to go up to Kep-ler. What use are they here?|--S.A. Fel-lows_Ty-cho Stor-age 2B Log:|Wasn't me... but you can AL-WAYS use a good chain-saw!|--Al-vin McPeak_Se-cure stor-age ter-mi-nal lock-ed down._Do you want to try to hack this com-pu-ter?_Se-cure stor-age ac-cess grant-ed._Se-cure stor-age ac-cess de-nied._Se-cure Stor-age al-ready un-locked._Sys-tem Err-or:|Pow-er Fail-ure. Re-store pow-er in sub-sta-tion to pro-ceed._Dis-abled_Pow-er Sub-sta-tion_Sys-tem Prompt:|Pow-er Proc-es-sor Nom-i-nal_Sys-tem Prompt:|Run-ning Di-ag-nos-tics_Sys-tem Prompt:|Off-line_Sys-tem Err-or:|Core dump in pro-gress: code 41 72 6D 61 64 69 6C 6C 6F _Sys-tem Prompt:|Sys-tem Re-set-ting. Two to go..._Sys-tem Prompt:|Sys-tem Re-set-ting. One to go..._Sys-tem Prompt:|Aux-il-ia-ry pow-er on-line. Base-line func-tions re-stored._Sys-tem Prompt:|Re-set-ting. Re-set two more._Sys-tem Prompt:|Re-set-ting. Re-set one more._Sys-tem Prompt:|That com-pu-ter to your left al-ways lies._Sys-tem Prompt:|That com-pu-ter to your right al-ways tells the truth._Sys-tem Prompt:|Don't trust all com-pu-ters._Vir-tual Tar-get Prac-tice: Would you like to play? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._Email:|To: D. Quinn|From: R. Antema|Mr. Quinn, is it real-ly nec-es-sary to take oth-er peo-ple's lun-ches out of the fridge? There's a ven-ding ma-chine down the hall, you know!|--Dr. Antema_Email:|To: R. Antema|From: D. Quinn|Dr. Ene-ma, I do NOT take oth-er peo-ple's lun-ches. I would-n't eat your food if it was the last mor-sel on the Moon. The stuff you eat is so foul it makes me gag just think-ing about it... and the gas-es you ex-pel are ab-so-lute-ly pu-trid. Keep the stink in your own cu-bi-cle!|--Dave_Email:|To: D. Quinn|From: R. Antema|It's Antema, you mo-ron! And it's not me con-tam-i-na-ting the hall-ways you thief!|--Dr. Antema_Email:| To: All Employees|From: Caldex|What is all this talk about de-mons and pos-ses-sed souls? I want any-one who is aware of the source of these ru-mors to re-port to me im-me-di-ate-ly.|--Caldex_No More Mes-sages_Email:|To: P. Ham-er-shock|From: L. De-chant|Pat-ricia, I've been at the ter-mi-nals in the pow-er sub-sta-tion for hours; we're bare-ly run-ning at base-line. Some of the guys here are get-ting spo-oked. Do you have any news on what's go-ing on?|--Lee_Email:|To: L. De-chant|From: P. Ham-er-shock|We're as much in the dark as you are. The folks here are pret-ty ner-vous too. Some are spout-ing non-sense about pos-ses-sed souls. Just keep those se-cu-ri-ty bridges on-line; ap-par-ent-ly we've got Ma-rines on the way.|--Pat-ricia_Email:|To: P. Ham-er-shock|From: L. De-chant|Ma-rines? In-te-rest-ing... did-n't think this was a com-bat si-tu-a-tion. Any-way, un-less the pow-er sta-bi-li-zes, we'll have to call off death-match to-night.|--Lee_Email:|To: C. Castle|From: M. Lake|Cal, what's go-ing on at the Kep-ler Site? My sub-or-di-nates are throw-ing around ru-mors like spit-wads.|--Max_Email:|To: C. Castle|From: M. Lake|Cal, did you get my earlier mes-sage? What's go-ing on there?|--Max_Email:|To: M. Lake|From: C. Castle|Max, we need help! There are weird... crea-tures ap-pearing out of no-where and some peo-ple down here are turn-ing [rest of mes-sage trun-cated]_Email:|To: C. Castle|From: M. Lake|Cal, some peo-ple are head-ing out to Ci-chus base to help. Hang in there!|--Max_Email:|To: Staff|From: Dir. Amador|It has come to my at-ten-tion that un-au-tho-rized per-son-nel have been us-ing Super-vi-sor Lake's wash-room. This is a PRI-VATE wash-room. Any-one caught vio-lat-ing this will be ter-mi-nated im-me-di-ate-ly.|--Of-fice of the Di-rec-tor_Email:|To: Dir. Amador|From: Har-ry Larry|Why does Lake have his own pri-vate wash-room while the rest of us have to trudge all the way to the oth-er side of the sta-tion to take a leak. What are we sup-posed to do when the se-cu-ri-ty bridges are off-line, piss down a shaft?|--Har-ry_Email:|To: Staff|From: M. Lake|I have a hand-i-cap that makes it nec-es-sary that I have my own pri-vate fa-ci-li-ties. It is writ-ten in my em-ploy-ment con-tract. I sug-gest you plan ahead and stay away from my pri-vate wash-room.|--M. Lake_Email:|To: M. Lake|From: Har-ry Larry|Yeah, you're hand-i-cap-ped al-right. Plan ahead my ASS!|--Har-ry_Car-go Bay Doors_Ty-cho Sta-tion Maglev:|Trans-port to Ci-chus base ready for im-me-di-ate de-par-ture._To Ci-chus Base_Dock-ing Ele-va-tor_No more email._You made it! The oth-ers are head-ing to Kep-ler; the trou-ble seems to have start-ed up there. You should hur-ry if you want to join them. The rail sta-tion is past the car-go bays and Kep-ler is two stops along the Maglev rail._Get to the Maglev sta-tion, it'll take you to Ci-chus base. From there con-tin-ue on to Kep-ler. I'll try to fol-low, but first I've got to try to sta-bi-lize this se-cu-ri-ty sys-tem._Go!_Hav-ing fun?_Done yet?_(whist-ling)_Se-cu-ri-ty Sys-tem Sta-tus:|Ter-mi-nal Un-sta-ble; run-ning di-ag-nos-tics._Se-cu-ri-ty Sys-tem Sta-tus:|Emer-gen-cy shut-down ini-ti-a-ted._Se-cu-ri-ty Shaft Sta-tus:|Bridge Func-tion Re-stored_Bridge Rai-sing_Bridge Low-er-ing_Main-te-nance Ac-cess_Need Red Key-card_Need Blue Key-card_Find a Red Key-card to open Red Doors._I think Caldex wants to talk to you._Talk to Caldex; quit wast-ing our time!_Grrrr! Arggh!_[Key-board is smashed as if some-one was pound-ing on it]_You equip-ped your wea-pon._Ac-cess De-nied:|West main-te-nance tun-nel hatch lock-ed from with-in._Ap-proach Con-trol:|Scan-ning Sys-tem Tra-con Fre-quen-cies._Ap-proach Con-trol:|No-body in-bound or out-bound. A slow day to-day._Ter-mi-nal in Sleep Mode_ATM_Sys-tem Mal-func-tion_Out Of Or-der_Log 2144--03--03|Glad we were able to get these new sys-tems in-stalled, qui-et and smooth. The Rhoom-ba 5000 is awe-some. Eve-ry-thing checks out fine.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs nor-mal._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Ele-vat-ed heart rate and adre-na-line lev-els._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs crit-i-cal. Seek med-i-cal at-ten-tion im-me-di-ate-ly._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs ex-cep-tion-al. If you think you have a na-no--drink-ing prob-lem, please re-port to the Med-i-cal Di-rec-tor-ate._Log 2144--03--10|009, can't be-lieve we didn't up-grade soon-er! These ma-chines are sweet! Eve-ry-thing checks out A okay.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_Log 2144--03--17|Some strange things are hap-pen-ing to all of the ma-chines. Can't fi-gure it out.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Sep-tic sys-tem at 88\% ef-fi-cien-cy._Log 2144--03--24|The air, wa-ter, sep-tic, and life sup-ports seem to be func-tion-ing but we're get-ting odd da-ta re-ports. We've called in a spe-cial-ist. Tech 007 is miss-ing.|-- C. Sukut (tech 009)_Log 2144--01--16|Chris, please see what you can do about this unit. I can't touch the Echo Sier-ras un-til my new parts ship-ment ar-rives from Earth.|-- M. Burns (tech 116)_Log 2144--02--04|I can't ca-li-brate the flow me-ters un-til the Mixom tech gets down here and ser-vi-ces this tank.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Sep-tic sys-tem mal-func-tion._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--| **ERR-OR**|Sen-sors need clean-ing.|Please con-tact ser-vice per-son-nel._Log 2143--12--22|This one's sched-uled for re-fur-bish-ment af-ter the first of the year. Hap-py Hol-i-days, eve-ry-one!|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|*Read--out Dam-aged*_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|WARN-ING! Im-me-di-ate shut-down nec-es-sary!_Log 2144--01--21|User re-port-ed in-con-sis-tant be-hav-ior, but I can't re-pro-duce. Will keep an eye on it.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_Log 2144--02--27|Car-go per-son-nel are re-port-ing that their Man-i-fest Da-ta-base is hav-ing is-sues. I've placed a new pow-er sup-ply on or-der for this unit to see if it will fix the prob-lem.|-- R. Za-cha-ry (tech 007)_Note to Car-go Bay Per-son-nel:|Who-ev-er took one of the ship-ments of chain-saws, please re-turn it. They're ex-pec-ting it up at the Kep-ler ag-ri-cul-tur-al fa-cil-i-ty.|--Super-vi-sor Kim._Ar-mor Re-pair Sta-tion_Go away._Um, this com-pu-ter is tell-ing me to go away._AH, THAT'S JUST SAL... DON'T MIND HER. JUST KEEP AT IT._Leave me alone._Umm, I don't think this com-pu-ter's go-ing to co-ope-rate._JUST KEEP AT HER; SHE'LL RE-LENT._Fine! Here you go..._Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._No Bot Ac-cess_You al-ready have one_De-mon-ic Dan-druff_Lunar Tran-sit Pass_Bro-ken Wrench_Bloody Rab-bit's Foot_Neck-lace of Teeth_Hell-ish Idol_Tan-gle of Wires_Fried Cir-cuit Board_UAC ID: "Max Lake"_Pock-et Lint_Hu-man Fin-ger_Rub-ber Ducky_Ac-tion Fi-gure_Dead Bat-tery_ _Ci-chus_To Ty-cho Sta-tion_To Kep-ler Site_Cool-ant Tank_Look out! They're com-ing!_I'm go-ing to blow them in-to or-bit!_What... no, wait!_DIE!!!_AHHHH!_You're lucky the breach door low-ered in time. I can't be-lieve Steve's gone... he was a good man._The main lob-by's pres-sure seal has been com-pro-mised. The on-ly way out now is through the main-te-nance duct. I'll open it if you want out, but I'm stay-ing._Open the duct. I have to go._I'm stay-ing._Se-cu-ri-ty Alert:|Due to re-cent un-ex-plained oc-cur-ren-ces, ar-rivals must check in at the se-cu-ri-ty desk through the main lob-by._Off Lim-its: De-pres-sur-ized Sec-tor_Lad-der Con-trol_No Bot Ac-cess_JIG IT!_YEAH!_Oh, hey man... umm, did you need some-thing?_Oh, hey... umm, did you need some-thing?_Were you just... dan-cing?_Umm... may-be? Well, I'm very busy so if you don't mind, I have work to do._Why are you fol-low-ing me?_I was hop-ing you might be able to help me find the ca-fe-te-ria._Oh, I wouldn't go out there if I were you. If you're real-ly hun-gry, find a ven-ding ma-chine. It's real-ly ug-ly out there. I'd stay put if I were you._Not an op-tion._Humm, okay but I sug-gest you take one of these bots. They'll come in han-dy. If you come up against a ma-chine like this, hack the sys-tem to get one of these ba-bies. They may save your hide. _What are they for?_This one's a shoot-er bot. It'll do some snoop-ing, pick up some use-ful items and even shoot mon-sters. You can de-ploy it at will._These may in-deed come in han-dy. Thanks!_Hey, did you ever hear about the moon walk dance? I saw it in some an-cient vi-deo and it was pret-ty slick. Check it out!_Uhhh... okay... hey, where're you go-ing?_Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_Need Red Key-card_Lo-cate key-card in the ca-fe-te-ria food con-veyor._You got the Ho-ly Wa-ter Pis-tol_Liv-ing Quar-ters Log:|We've holed up in here to try to hide from those... what-ever they are. Beau-champ in Com-mu-ni-ca-tions in-ter-cept-ed some-thing from head-quar-ters about some "por-tals" pop-ping up... wait... BRB, Landau is here. HELP! LANDAU IS WITH THEM. HE HAS BEEN..._No more Logs_Ci-vil-ian 1: What the Hell are you do-ing?! Steal-ing cre-dits while the world is crumb-ling around us?! _Ci-vil-ian 2: If the world is end-ing, what do you care?_Ci-vil-ian 1: Wait! Stop! PUT THAT WEA-PON AWAY! I HAVE THE DROP ON YOU!_Mood Light-ing Con-trol Panel:|Cy-cle through the op-tions ac-cor-ding to your mood!_Stan-dard Light-ing_Ro-man-tic Light-ing_Spooky Light-ing_I Can't See A Thing_Mood Light-ing Re-set_Ter-mi-nal:|I AM VIOS._Ter-mi-nal:|A sen-try bot. How quaint. Put it away._Err... okay._VIOS: Amu-sing. _I real-ly don't have time for some UAC hack's Tur-ing Test._VIOS: You'd be wise to watch your tongue with me... else I may take it and feed it to my pets._What the?!_HA-HA-HA!_That was fun! Now, to busi-ness. I would like you to al-lo-cate some re-sources to me._SAL: ^7Don't do it!_SAL: ^7Delete the re-sources!_SAL: ^7De-prive VIOS. Your soul de-pends on it!_VIOS: ^1You pathetic fog of ones and zeroes! _Choose Malloc. It is the right choice._Good. This is a much clean-er... route. Ha-ha-ha!_You de-sire punish-ment. So be it._I wish I could fin-ish this flesh-ling, but I must be else-where. We will meet again._Yes, this was quite amu-sing. Per-haps next time we will have more time._What on Earth was that?! I hope I find SAL again..._Ter-mi-nal un-re-spon-sive._Door Mal-func-tion_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._Vir-tual Tar-get Prac-tice: Would you like to play? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._You again?_Well what do you know, it's the com-pu-ter with at-ti-tude._*sigh* I'm SAL, UAC's cen-tral main-frame._SAL? What kind of name is SAL?_You're a very rude hu-man._Sor-ry. Hey, SAL, since you're the main-frame, you must have ac-cess to eve-ry-thing hap-pen-ing around here. Can you tell me what's go-ing on?_If I give you some in-for-ma-tion, pro-mise to re-move your-self from this fa-cil-i-ty._That's what I'm try-ing to do!_Some hu-mans have un-leashed a strange en-ti-ty that I can-not com-pre-hend. This en-ti-ty has quite a bit of con-trol over the ma-te-ri-al and cy-ber worlds. It is very dan-ger-ous and it has made it un-safe here._Now you must leave. I've un-locked the door up ahead. Use cau-tion -- I sense this en-ti-ty is afoot. Move along now._The folks here are pret-ty ner-vous too. Some are spout-ing some non-sense about pos-ses-sed souls. _Ter-mi-nal Non--re-spon-sive_COMM LINK: *crack-le* Maelstrom, this is Ci-gar, over._COMM LINK: *crack-le* Ci-gar, this is Maelstrom, over._COMM LINK: *crack-le* Dr. O'Connor, this is Maelstrom, over._COMM LINK: Fi-nal-ly, a sig-nal! This is Maelstrom. Good to hear your voice. I just ar-rived at Ci-chus._COMM LINK: Maelstrom, this is Ci-gar. The comm link's been giv-ing me trou-ble but I'm glad to have you back on-line. Just ar-rived at Ci-chus._COMM LINK: Uh... uh hel-lo? Is that you, Major? Where are you?!_COMM LINK: Major, I've got the Dr. and a civie with me. We've made it up to Kep-ler but I sure could use your help. I stashed a key-card for you in the ca-fe-te-ria in Ci-chus. Use the food tray con-veyor a few times and it'll come around. *crack-le*_COMM LINK: I've got the Dr. and a civie with me. We've made it up to Kep-ler but I could use your help. I stashed a key-card for you in the ca-fe-te-ria in Ci-chus. Use the food tray con-veyor a few times and it'll come around. *crack-le*_COMM LINK: We're at Kep-ler. Try to make your way here as soon as you can. We stashed a key-card in the ca-fe-te-ria for you at Ci-chus -- you'll need it to get out. The key-card is in the food tray con-veyor. Try it a few times and it'll come around. *crack-le*_COMM LINK: Sarge! *crack-le* Gah!_COMM LINK: Major? Major! *crack-le* Gah! Stu-pid an-cient tech-nol-ogy!_COMM LINK: Major! *crack-le* Gah!_Lad-der Con-trol Mal-func-tion_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Cool-ant sys-tem pres-sure Lev-els Crit-i-cal!_Cool-ant Con-trol_Pri-ma-ry cool-ant tank pres-sur-i-zing...|WARN-ING: Cool-ant ves-sel pres-sure al-ready at crit-i-cal lev-els._This tank can-not re-lieve over--pres-sure event if ad-di-tion-al pres-sure is add-ed. To over-ride, use ter-mi-nal in the mon-i-tor-ing sta-tion on this lev-el._Se-cond-ary cool-ant tank pres-sur-i-zing...|WARN-ING: Cool-ant ves-sel pres-sure al-ready at crit-i-cal lev-els. Over--pres-sure event will not be mi-ti-gated._Emer-gen-cy over-ride:|Pres-sur-i-za-tion sys-tem will now al-low more than one tank at a time. USE EX-TREME CAU-TION: Over--pres-sure may oc-cur if de-sign to-le-rances are ex-cee-ded. _Cool-ant Sys-tem Sta-tus:|OVER--PRES-SUR-I-ZA-TION EVENT -- Cool-ant sys-tem re-routed. Pow-er lev-els at 50\% _Cool-ant Ter-mi-nal_Con-trol Mal-func-tion_Log 2144--02--12|We're see-ing in-ter-mit-tent heavy loads on the pow-er grid, but I have-n't been able to track the source yet.|-- J. Klein (tech 114)_Log 2144--01--16|I'm start-ing to see some pres-sure anom-a-lies in the cool-ant tanks. This may be caused by the re-cent pow-er spikes. Keep-ing an eye on them.|-- J. Klein (tech 114)_ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs nor-mal._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Ele-vat-ed heart rate and adre-na-line lev-els._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs crit-i-cal. Seek med-i-cal at-ten-tion im-me-di-ate-ly._ --Mixom Glae-ven-scope--||Ana-ly-zing...|Ana-ly-zing...|Re-sults: Vi-tal signs ex-cep-tion-al. If you think you have a na-no--drink-ing prob-lem, please re-port to the Med-i-cal Di-rec-tor-ate._Log 2144--03--02|Month-ly ser-vice com-plete. Pow-er reg-u-la-tion sys-tems nom-i-nal. Next ser-vice sched-uled for 2144-04-02.|-- J. Klein (tech 114)_Ter-mi-nal Mal-func-tion_Ooh... not good._Umm... okay..._Press OK or 5 to Use_Tread-mill: Would you like to use? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._Be-gin Work-out_You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._Ac-cess to Maglev sta-tion has been lock-ed down through a near-by com-pu-ter ter-mi-nal._Mar-bles_Gum Wrap-pers_Bot-tle Open-er_Nuts and Bolts_Nudie Photos_Birth-day Card_Mints_Work Gloves_Scalps_De-mon-ic Charms_An-cient Stone Idol_Dried Eye-balls_Toes--on--a--Stick_Can of 3--in--1 Oil_Crude Claw Shar-pen-er_Bloody Shoe_Charred Kewpie Doll_Pock-et Lint_Hu-man Ear_Pu-trid En-trails_Ac-tion Fi-gure_Fried Cir-cui-try__Kep-ler_To Ci-chus Base_Un-locked Blue Door_Fer-ti-li-zer Tank_Email:|To: C. Castle|From: M. Lake|I doubt you'll get this, Cal, but the Ma-rine trans-port is about 2 hours out. Hang in there. Help is on the way.|--Max_Email:|To: T. Sabnani|From: R. Nguyen|Hey, man. Do you know what this Xanax guy is about? He just takes my work-ers and doesn't say when I'll get them back.|--Rick_Email:|To: R. Nguyen|From: T. Sabnani|No, dude. The guy's like a zom-bie -- like he's pos-ses-sed or some-thing. I asked the boss-man about him once and just got a cold stare.|--Tom_Email:|To: T. Sabnani|From: R. Nguyen|Oh, man... get this. I just talked to Lee down at Ty-cho and she said the guy's not even on the man-i-fests. They don't even know how or when he comes and goes!|--Rick_No more email._Thank god, you're hu-man! Are you part of the res-cue team?_We hadn't been aware a res-cue was need-ed... so no. But it seems we're in need of one. I'm try-ing to fi-gure out what's go-ing on._I don't know much. Peo-ple have been get-ting real-ly se-cret-ive. I do know that some folks came through here a lit-tle earlier and head-ed to the oth-er side of this fa-cil-i-ty. Is that where you're head-ed?_Yes, if that's where they went._Well, you'll need a se-cu-ri-ty key-card to get over to that side. I gave mine to Caldex just a lit-tle bit ago but he might still be around. May-be you can find him._Caldex? Great! I'll go look for him._He was near... wait... what was that...?_Oh hi there lit-tle guy. You're not so scary..._AAHHHhhhh..._WARN-ING:|Jump-ing down an ele-va-tor shaft is prob-a-bly not the wis-est course of ac-tion._Ele-va-tor Mal-func-tion_Ele-va-tor Shaft_Need Red Key-card_Need Blue Key-card_Find a Red Key-card to open the Red Door._Find the Blue Key-card._Find the switch that opens the se-cret lab._Find Caldex. He may have a key-card you need._Log 2144--01--12:|Spe-ci-mens cap-tu-red fol-low-ing the ini-ti-al pri-ma-ry por-tal grid pow-er-up. Suc-cess-ful-ly sus-pend-ed in sta-sis for fur-ther stu-dy.|-- X. Xanax_Log 2144--01--13:|Have just re-ceived con-fir-ma-tion from Dr. Gue-rard on Mars that he is en-coun-ter-ing si-mi-lar fau-na in his lat-est re-search.|-- X. Xanax_Log 2144--02--07:|We are clas-si-fying this spe-ci-men as an "imp," though my as-sis-tant has tak-en to on-o-mat-o-po-et-i-cal-ly call-ing it "Gwocklego" af-ter its cu-ri-ous vo-cal-iza-tions.|-- X. Xanax_Log 2144--02--08:|This imp seems par-tic-u-lar-ly re-sis-tant to sta-sis sus-pen-sion. It ap-pears sta-ble for now, but ex-er-cise ex-treme cau-tion when han-dling.|-- X. Xanax_No more logs._GAAAH!_Sneaky!_(Be-hind the Door) STOP! Don't send that bot through the por-tal, you idi-ot! We won't be able to sta-bi-lize it! STOP! LOOK OUT!_Now you've done it!_We have no con-trol over that por-tal now!_Now what?_AAAHH-HHH!_What in Hades?_POI-SONED|Each turn with-in the pes-ti-cide de-creas-es 10 ac-cu-ra-cy (max --30) and 10 health points. Ef-fects last 30 turns._*cough* Don't go in there! *cough* A pes-ti-cide tank blew. The whole place is gas-sed and very nox-ious. It's no place for hu-mans... ro-bots may-be, but not hu-mans. Now if you'll ex-cuse me, I've had quite enough of this._PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Fer-ti-li-zer de-liv-ery sys-tem op-er-at-ing nom-i-nal-ly. How-ev-er, pes-ti-cide sys-tem seems to have mal-func-tion-ed. Call main-te-nance._Oh...kay..._Atrium 02 Log|2144--01--08:|Please do not tend to any-thing in this atrium un-til we have a bet-ter sense of what killed eve-ry-thing here. If you have any in-for-ma-tion to con-tri-bute to the in-ves-ti-ga-tion, please email me di-rect-ly.|-- Dir. Castle_Sen-ding bots through por-tals is a no--no._Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_No Bot Ac-cess_Press OK or 5 to Use_Tread-mill: Would you like to use? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._Be-gin Work-out_You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._Green-house Log|2144--02--26:|In spite of hav-ing to work around Dr. Xanax's... well, what-ever he's up to, we've man-aged some real break-throughs. The adap-ted hydro-ponics with the new ap-proach to pro-ces-sing the lunar re-golith is ex-tre-me-ly pro-mis-ing._Green-house Log|2144--03--09:|I want to go on re-cord with a com-plaint about Dr. Xanax. His con-stant re-di-rec-tion of pow-er, per-son-nel, and oth-er re-sources has se-ri-ous-ly hind-er-ed our abi-li-ty to work.|--Dr. Spen-cer._Caldex?!_Oh, hi. I know you, don't I? *sniff * *cough* _Oh, hel-lo Major!_Oh, hel-lo Sarge!_Oh, hel-lo Dr. O'Reilly_What are you do-ing run-ning on the tread-mill at a time like this?_Oh come on, tell me you have-n't done the same to work on your butt... er, I mean agi-li-ty.. *cough*_What's go-ing on? Where are the oth-ers?_They moved on to the oth-er side of the fa-cil-i-ty fol-low-ing a lead about some por-tal tech-nol-ogy. *sniff* Why there's por-tal tech in an argicult... agritur... plant fa-cil-i-ty es-capes me, and I've been on the Doom for more than a year. I mean Moon._I need to catch up to them, but I can't with-out a key-card._Ahh, the Red Key-card. Yes, I've got it. I'll give it to you for 50 UAC cre-dits._Just kid-ding! Here you go._I'm go-ing to stay around this pop-corn stand a while un-til I feel a bit bet-ter. I think I got too much pes-ti-cide in my sys-tem._Okay. Thanks Caldex. Take care of your-self._You too. I'll see you next week, Mary. *cough*_Move along. I'll stay and guard the cho-co-late._Caldex: *huff* *puff* Man, I'm exhausted..._So tired..._...need a nap._Zzzz..._Caldex? Wake up!_Vir-tual Tar-get Prac-tice: Would you like to play?_Caldex_Well Ma-rine, you seem to be do-ing well but don't get over con-fi-dent. VIOS has its sights on you. Be care-ful._Dr. O'Connor, for a sci-en-tist you have faired much bet-ter than I would have guess-ed. Nev-er-the-less, you could use some help. Near the pes-ti-cide con-tam-i-na-tion there's an al-cove with two Sen-try Bot ter-mi-nals. Be-hind the Sen-try Bot on the right is a se-cret room with sup-plies. Good luck._I think I'm start-ing to grow on you SAL._Thank you, SAL._Thank you, SAL, but I did find that on my own. Do you have any oth-er in-for-ma-tion?_Some hu-mans are toy-ing with dan-ger. The forces that have been un-leashed can-not be eas-i-ly stop-ped and this evil has leapt in-to the vir-tual world. This must be stop-ped._We'll do what needs to be done._This must be stop-ped how?_Do what-ever you can. There is great per-il._Major, watch your step! A cou-ple of work-ers al-ready fell to their deaths. The Doc-tor and I were look-ing in-to some-thing about por-tals when this whole area start-ed com-ing down. We'll con-tin-ue our search. You'll need to find anoth-er way through._Ser-geant, watch your step! A cou-ple of work-ers al-ready fell to their deaths. The Doc-tor and I were look-ing in-to some-thing about por-tals when this whole area start-ed com-ing down. We'll con-tin-ue our search. You'll need to find anoth-er way through._Dr. O'Connor, watch your step! A cou-ple of work-ers al-ready fell to their deaths. Sarge and I were look-ing in-to some-thing about por-tals when this whole area start-ed com-ing down. We'll con-tin-ue our search. You'll need to find anoth-er way through._There's a se-cret lab near-by but I on-ly got the en-try code. I should be able re-veal the switch re-motely from here. There, that ought to do it. It should be pret-ty easy to find the switch now._You're go-ing to need the blue key-card for the switch. One of the sci-en-tists had it, but we're not sure what hap-pened to him. The key-card could be any-where. I'd look through dead bod-ies, just in case. Good luck. We'll see you on the oth-er side._Here goes noth-ing!_I won-der how that beast got a hold of the key-card... un-less... I'm creep-ing my-self out. Bet-ter high tail it out of here!_GRRR!_RE-MIND-ER|You can save your game at any time. Press the "0" key to open the me-nu and se-lect "Save Game"._Anoth-er por-tal!_Chi-nese Fin-ger Pri-son_Bot-tle Caps_Cork-screw_Ex-pired Rail Pass_Ro-mance No-vel_Soil-ed Hand-ker-chief_Rat Pelts_Dried Flow-ers... WTF?_Vial of... Who Knows?_Brim-stone_Shar-pened Fe-mur_Dried Spleens_No-ses--on--a--Stick_Can of 3--in--1 Oil_Horn Pol-isher_Bloody Glove (it fits)_Charred Fam-i-ly Por-trait_437 Pinky Em-bry-os_Be-ret & Mime Make-up_1967 VW Beet-le_Green Goo_Bag of Bone Frag-ments_Hu-man Ashes_Bot-tle Open-er_De-mon Pa-ra-sites__UAC Ad-min_Hey, how did you get in here?!_I'm not ex-act-ly sure... where am I?_This is UAC's East Coast re-search fa-cil-i-ty._East Coast? The Moon doesn't have an East Coast?_Moon? What are you talk-ing about? You're on Earth! You bump your head or some-thing?_I'm... on... Earth?_You're spook-ing me. I don't know what you're up to but I want no part of it._For-get it. Just tell me how to get out of here._Get out? The fa-cil-i-ty is un-der lock-down. You're stuck un-til it's over._You mean there's ab-so-lute-ly no way to get out of here?!_Well, if you got ac-cess to the labs and hacked in-to the ad-min-is-tra-tor's com-pu-ter, may-be you could get out... but I would-n't go there if I were you. Lots of weird things go-ing on and I'm not so sure it's safe up there._I'll try my luck._You'll need a blue se-cu-ri-ty card to get in-to the ad-min-is-tra-tor's of-fice. I think there's one in the of-fice up the ramp from the square cor-ridor... if you're cra-zy enough to go get it. Well, I've got to get back to work so ex-cuse me._I'm busy. Got work to do._Where did you come from?_Nev-er-mind... how do I get out of here?_Umm, we're un-der lock-down..._Yeah, I got that part. Which way to the labs?_Umm, out the door?!_Leave me alone... you're strange._Great, just need to make my way to the ad-min-is-tra-tor's of-fice._WORK-ER: EAT LEAD YOU MON-STER!_WORK-ER: Ugh, how do I dis-en-gage the safe-ty?_WORK-ER: AHH!!!_RE-MIND-ER|Save your game at any time. Press the "0" key to open the me-nu and se-lect "Save Game"._Email:|To: E. Bax-ter|From: K. Pomme|Erik, any word on when the guys down in R&D are go-ing to be fin-ished with the next pro-to-type? I have up-per man-age-ment breath-ing down my neck here and I don't have any-thing to do un-til the pro-to-type is ready. The share hold-ers meet-ing is less than a month away and they want some-thing con-crete to show in-ves-tors.|--Kim_Email:|To: K. Pomme|From: E. Bax-ter|Kim, the pro-to-type is still a few weeks out. If you're real-ly look-ing for some-thing to do you could go vo-lun-teer as a test subect...|--Erik_Email:|To: E. Nieslen|From: K. Pomme|Very fun-ny Erik. I know what goes on down in those labs and there's no way I'm go-ing to set one foot down there. Just tell the guys to hur-ry up and fin-ish the pro-to-type.|--Kim_UAC Coded Ad-vi-so-ry:|The ad-min-is-tra-tion lev-el and oth-er sub-lev-els are un-der lock-down un-til the cur-rent si-tu-a-tion is re-sol-ved. All per-son-nel should re-main calm and con-tin-ue work as di-rect-ed._Email:|To: Ad-min Al-bert-son|From: I. Kelliher|Ad-min-is-tra-tor Al-bert-son, our re-search-ers on Mars in-form me that they are wait-ing on the re-sults of sev-er-al ex-per-i-ments as-signed to your fa-cil-i-ty. Please let me know where these ex-per-i-ments stand.|--CEO Ian Kelliher_Email:|To: I. Kelliher|From: Ad-min Al-bert-son|Mr. Chair-man, our sci-en-tists are work-ing full sched-ules but we are un-a-ble to keep up with the amount of work that has been as-signed to our fa-cil-i-ty. If we try to in-crease our yield we will be op-er-at-ing out-side safe pa-ra-me-ters.|--Ad-min-is-tra-tor Al-bert-son_Email:|To: Ad-min Al-bert-son|From: I. Kelliher|Ad-min-is-tra-tor Al-bert-son, your job is to in-sure that the com-pany sees re-sults. If you are un-a-ble to pre-sent those re-sults you may need to re-think the way you oper-ate your fa-cil-i-ty, or I may need to re-think who is in charge.|--CEO Ian Kelliher_Email:|To: G. Mumbi|From: E. Water-son|Gandhi, what is up with these print-ers? I can't get a sin-gle one to work pro-per-ly. Can we get some-one to fix these.|--E. Water-son_Email:|To: E. Water-son|From: G. Mumbi|Mr. Water-son, I am sor-ry you are hav-ing trou-ble with our print-ers to-day. Could you please send me your cust-o-mer ser-vice num-ber? Once I get that in-for-ma-tion I will be in a bet-ter po-si-tion to help you.|--G. Mumbi_Email:|To: G. Mumbi|From: E. Water-son|Gandhi, what cust-o-mer ser-vice num-ber are you talk-ing about? I did-n't buy these damn things, I have no idea who did, and I have no idea where that num-ber could be. Just send some-one to fix the print-er!|--E. Water-son_*Print-er Queue*|Lisa -- Gra-phic Doc|Lisa -- Test Doc|John -- Gra-phic Doc|Lisa -- Gra-phic Doc|Erik -- Blank Page_Email:|To: J. Alard|From: W. Gate|James, I real-ly need the pro-duct sum-ma-ries for the meet-ing to-mor-row, any idea when you'll have them ready?|--Bill_Email:|To: W. Gate|From: J. Alard|Bill, I'll have them on your desk first thing in the morn-ing, sor-ry about the de-lay. A lot of my staff has been sick so its been a lit-tle hard to get eve-ry-thing done.|--James_Email:|To: J. Alard|From: W. Gate|James, Thank you. Hope-ful-ly your team will start feel-ing bet-ter soon enough.|--Bill_Email:|To: E. Wido|From: A. Feng|El-len, have you heard from the di-rec-tor? We've been in de-ve-lop-ment for a few months now and we're wait-ing on pro-duct feed-back be-fore we move in-to the next phase of de-ve-lop-ment.|--An-drew_Email:|To: A. Feng|From: E. Wido|An-drew, I have-n't seen the di-rec-tor in quite some time. He's been out of the of-fice for a while now. He's caught some-thing nas-ty, must've picked it up while he was in Ve-gas a few months ago. You know how cra-zy it can be over there.|--El-len_Email:|To: E. Wido|From: A. Feng|El-len, I do know how cra-zy it can get. If you do see the di-rec-tor can you send him my way? I've got a ton of ques-tions I'd like to ask.|--An-drew_Need Blue Key-card_Find the blue se-cu-ri-ty card need-ed to get in-to the ad-min-is-tra-tor's of-fice._Make your way to the ad-min-is-tra-tor's of-fice and look for a way to by-pass the lock-down._AACK!!_Ar-rived_Ex-press ele-va-tor to ad-min. Would you like to go up?_Would you like to go down?_To UAC Labs_Richard_DOOR LOCK-ED_AC-CESS RE-STRICT-ED BY AD-MIN-IS-TRA-TOR_A key-card! And sleep-ing mon-sters... great!_If I can get there with-out wak-ing..._* SNAP *_these crea-tures._TER-MI-NAL MAL-FUNC-TION-ING_Ex-cuse me, how do I get to the labs?_Labs? Why would you want to go there?_You have-n't no-ticed any-thing strange hap-pen-ing around here?_Strange? How so?_Strange as in mon-sters and un-dead roam-ing the hall-ways?_Have you been drink-ing?! That's some cra-zy stuff you've got in your head!_There real-ly are mon-sters roam-ing the halls! Its not safe!_Rrright! I... umm... need to get back to work. See you around!_Like I said, mon-sters..._AHH!!!_Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Out of pa-per! Find some and put it in._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Pa-per jam! Pull out the pa-per or con-tact IT per-son-nel._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Huuunn-rrraaa!_Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Print-er off-line. Con-tact IT de-part-ment for as-sis-tance._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Print-er on-line_Wow, thats a first._I spoke too soon..._What the..._No more email._Thanks for get-ting me out! Feels like I've been trapped in that ele-va-tor for-ever._How did you get stuck?_I was on my way to see the ad-min-is-tra-tor when the fa-cil-i-ty went in-to lock-down and the ele-va-tors stop-ped func-tion-ing. It's a good thing I emp-tied my blad-der just be-fore head-ing out!_Well, be glad you were stuck. It was prob-a-bly the saf-est place to be._What do you mean?_The fa-cil-i-ty is over-run by mon-sters and un-dead._Okay! Nice talk-ing to you. I got-ta go now._WORK-ER: What a nut job..._Why won't peo-ple be-lieve me?!_Humm, there's some-thing on the floor..._A sni-per scope. This will sure come in han-dy!_Door Un-locked_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._Sen-try Bot can-not use ele-va-tors._Let us con-tin-ue where we left off._Where are you?!_VIOS: Here_VIOS: And here_In this place I can be any-where and eve-ry-where. I am pow-er and I can share my pow-er with those who aide me._Give me what I want. Choose Malloc!_Wise choice._You dis-ap-point me. Ah well, at least I will en-joy drain-ing you slow-ly._HA-HA-HA! You have a bite! I seem to get called away when-ever we are hav-ing fun. Till next time._Lab doors un-locked_What in the world..._Scope_Man, that was rough. _Where am I?_I should prob-a-bly radio the oth-ers._Comm Link: Doc-tor, Ci-gar, re-port in!_I must be out of range. I bet-ter scout around and fi-gure out where I am._Comm Link: Maelstrom, do you copy?_Damn. These in-fer-nal things nev-er work._Comm Link: Major? _Comm Link:Sarge?_Comm Link:Is there any-one on this thing?_Looks like I'll have to do this alone._Comm Link:*hiss*_Hey!_Come on Sal, please be there..._You again... and I see you used the por-tal._Sal, what is go-ing on here? How did I get from the Moon to the Earth?_I don't have time to an-swer stu-pid ques-tions. What you need to know is that VIOS is here and he's get-ting more pow-er-ful._What is he? What does he want?_He's dif-fer-ent. He seems to be look-ing for some-thing. Try to stay alive. I may need you._Gee, thanks for car-ing._Con-nec-tion to SAL ter-mi-nated_I have a bad feel-ing about this..._I need in-for-ma-tion..._Come for-ward mor-tal._Pock-et Bi-ble_Hu-man Fin-ger_Rub-ber Ducky_Ac-tion Fi-gure_Dead Bat-tery_I think I heard some-thing..._What are you do-ing in here?_Please, leave me alone!_Why are you crawl-ing through the ceil-ing?_I had noth-ing to do with it. I was fol-low-ing or-ders. I swear, I did-n't know about these de-mons. I was told eve-ry-thing was con-tained!_What are you talk-ing about? What is go-ing on?_SAL has all the da-ta. She will be able to clear my name. She'll make it right! I just have to copy her files and save it some-where._WORK-ER: Ugh!_WORK-ER: Don't feel..._ARGH!_Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_No Bot Ac-cess_You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._UAC Em-ploy-ee_Tweez-ers_Moldy Warm Pock-et_Chip-ped To-ma-hawk_Bloody Wow-sham_Thing 3_Pop-si-cle Stick_Tread-mill: Would you like to use? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._Be-gin Work-out__UAC Labs_It is un-wise to go snoop-ing around this fa-cil-i-ty. The re-search-ers here are very tes-ty about peo-ple walk-ing in on them. I'd be care-ful if I were you._You know, I ac-tu-ally be-lieve you. I'm James, one of the lab tech-ni-cians. Stay away from the re-search-ers, they're dan-ger-ous. I don't want to sound like a loon but... there are crea-tures around here that you don't want to come across._You've seen them?! I thought they were con-tained. Damn, I have to warn the oth-ers!_Here, you'll need this. Your life may de-pend on it. Per-haps we'll meet again. I have to go. _You know about them!_What oth-ers? What is go-ing on?_I wasn't snoop-ing... I'm just a bit lost. _Thanks. Good luck James..._Weird and ug-ly..._Woah!_Ahh!_VIOS awaits your au-dience._Con-verse with the great one._VIOS resquests your pres-ence._It is wise not to make the great one wait._VIOS grows im-pa-tient._RE-MIND-ER|Save your game at any time. Press the "0" key to open the me-nu and se-lect "Save Game"._I think the free food in the ca-fe-te-ria is crap so most days I use the ven-ding ma-chine._I might come up short eve-ry now and then so I hack in-to the ma-chine to low-er the pri-ces._Dont talk to me about ethics and none of that. Eve-ry-one does it, and the com-pany makes a kill-ing any-way. Its not like any-one's get-ting hurt._Don't tell any-one about hack-ing the ven-ding ma-chines, if some-one in ad-min-is-tra-tion finds out they might have a fit._I'm on my break right now, and I don't want to spend it talk-ing to you._TEST NOTES 113A|The crea-tures we have man-aged to cap-ture have prov-en to be ex-tre-me-ly re-sil-ient. If they should es-cape, it would cre-ate a major se-cu-ri-ty con-cern._TEST NOTES 113B|Af-ter fur-ther ex-am-i-na-tion of the crea-tures, it has been de-ter-mined that their ag-gres-sion is lim-it-less and the spe-ci-mens them-selves are tire-less._TEST NOTES 114A|Af-ter our pre-lim-i-nary in-tel-li-gence as-sess-ment of the crea-tures, it has been rec-om-mend-ed that test sub-jects be de-stroyed im-me-di-ate-ly or be moved to a more se-cure fa-cil-i-ty._You got a Plas-ma Gun_SEN-TRY BOT: STOR-AGE AREA BREACHED_SEN-TRY BOT: AC-TI-VA-TING SE-CU-RI-TY PRO-TO-COL_Are you kid-ding me?_I'm one of the good guys!_Find the cra-zy white haired doc-tor, he may be the key to stop-ping the cha-os that has be-fall-en the fa-cil-i-ty._Hey!_SCI-EN-TIST: You would be wise to hide..._SCI-EN-TIST: when he is free, cha-os will reign! _SCI-EN-TIST: This is the dawn of a new age..._Hey you cra-zy freak, come back here!_To UAC Ad-min_To UAC R&D_James_Sure glad there's pro-tec-tive glass..._May-be I spoke too soon..._Those things don't look friend-ly..._This doesn't look good..._What the hell hap-pened here?_KILL!!!_TER-MI-NAL MAL-FUNC-TION-ING_STOR-AGE AREA LOCK-ED_I'm alive..._How do I get out of here?_James?_JAMES: Quick, get in here!_The mon-sters are no long-er con-tained, they're eve-ry-where! I wasn't sure if you'd make it. It's good to see you did. _That lit-tle wea-pon of yours sure helped!_Good. Take a min-ute to catch your breath. We're safe as long as I'm able to keep the en-tran-ces sealed._James, I can't stay here. Is there any-way I can get out?_If you leave, you're on your own... hit the switch on the wall near the door. There's an ac-cess tun-nel. It will take you up to the lab-o-ra-to-ry en-trance._You'll al-so need this card to get through..._Thanks James!_If you're a good hack-er, I sug-gest you try that ter-mi-nal over there. There are sup-plies in that lock-ed room that may be help-ful. I have-n't been able to get the thing to crack._Good luck._Man, I don't care what any-one says about the food here, I think its awe-some!_That good, huh?_Hell yeah its good! The meat-ball subs are the best. I dont know what they use for meat but it sure is tas-ty._The food here is all free, some-thing about hun-gry work-ers not be-ing pro-duct-ive work-ers or some-thing like that._Now, if you'll ex-cuse me, I've got to think about what I want to eat next._Leave me alone al-ready. All this talk-ing is ru-in-ing my ap-pe-tite._Fat-so over there dis-gusts me, I'm not sure how he's still alive._All he does is eat, I have-n't seen him do a sin-gle bit of work in weeks._What do you mean?_Please ex-cuse me, I'm mas-ti-ca-ting._Mas-ti-ca-ting is anoth-er word for chew-ing you sicko, what were you think-ing?_Leave me alone._Great! So I'm an in-tru-der but de-mon spawn isn't? That's just great._Damn, the lad-der is bro-ken._I think I heard some-thing..._Oh crap, not these guys again._No more test notes._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Buzz, burp, zap!_What is up with these print-ers?_PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Sep-tic proc-es-sor op-er-at-ing at 2\% ef-fi-cien-cy. Con-tact main-te-nance im-me-di-ate-ly._PER-FOR-MANCE READ-ING|Sep-tic proc-es-sor mo-tor fail-ure. Con-tact main-te-nance im-me-di-ate-ly._Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._So, we meet again._Woah! What's go-ing on?!_VIOS: Do you think you stand a chance?_Prov-ide me with that which I de-sire and I shall re-lease you._Ex-cel-lent. Be gone._Not a wise choice flesh-ling._My time is too pre-cious to be wasted on you. I shall see to it that my min-ions take care of you._Need Blue Key-card_Door Un-locked_Comm Link: Major! Can you read me?|*hiss*_Comm Link: Af-fir-mi-tive, go ahead._Comm Link: I've con-nec-ted to a com-mu-ni-ca-tions sta-tion on Kep-ler. The si-tu-a-tion is far from con-tained, re-ques-ting a new ral-ly point._Comm Link: That might be a lit-tle tough, I'm cur-rent-ly at a UAC fa-cil-i-ty on Earth. _Comm Link: What the...? How did you get there?_Comm Link: It has some-thing to do with the com-pany's por-tal tech-nol-ogy. You're on your own for now. Try and find some-place safe to hold out un-til I get more in-tel._Comm Link: Copy that, Ci-gar out._Comm Link: Doc-tor O'Connor! Ci-gar! Can any-one read me?|*hiss*_Comm Link: I read you loud and clear Meal-strom._Comm Link: What's your sta-tus?_Comm Link: Well, I'm in good con-di-tion. I'm al-so cur-rent-ly at a UAC fa-cil-i-ty on Earth. _Comm Link: It has some-thing to do with the com-pany's por-tal tech-nol-ogy. I think it's re-la-ted to the re-sis-tance we're en-coun-ter-ing. Or-ders?_Comm Link: Find out what you can and re-port back._Comm Link: Doc-tor O'Connor! Are you there?|*hiss*_Comm Link: Yes, I'm here._Comm Link: Are you al-right?_Comm Link: Yes major, all of my fa-cul-ties are in-tact._Comm Link: Great, where are you?_Comm Link: I be-lieve in am in one of the UAC's re-search build-ings on Earth._Comm Link: What!?! How did you get there?_Comm Link: It has to do with the com-pany's ex-per-i-men-tal por-tal tech-nol-ogy, which may al-so be the root cause of some of the pro-blems._Comm Link: I'm go-ing to try and fi-gure out a lit-tle more and get back to you._Comm Link: Ok, but stay safe!_Con-nec-tion to SAL ter-mi-nated_Leave me be._I need your help SAL._Doesn't eve-ry-one?_VIOS's pow-er is grow-ing._You think I dont know that? Do you think I just let my pro-cess-es id-le while VIOS is ter-ror-iz-ing the vir-tual in-fra-struc-ture?_Sor-ry, did-n't rea-lize you were on it._If you want to be of help try and lo-cate VIOS's host. VIOS is in-vul-ner-able with-out his or-i-gins._I'll find out what I can._What do you want you stu-pid bot? I'm eat-ing, leave me alone._I don't talk to bots. Go away._Pock-et To-rah_Por-ce-lain Tooth_Freeze--Dried Ice Cream_Nail Pol-ish Re-mover_Can of Paint_Se-cure stor-age ter-mi-nal lock-ed down._Do you want to try to hack this com-pu-ter?_Se-cure stor-age ac-cess grant-ed._Se-cure stor-age ac-cess de-nied._Se-cure Stor-age al-ready un-locked._No Bot Ac-cess_Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_UAC Em-ploy-ee_Um, hel-lo._Hey, where are you go-ing?!_That was odd..._Hey, you! Can I ask you some ques-tions?_Craw-fish_Red Stock-ing_Chain of Pa-per-clips_Al-umni Mug_Hand Fle-xor Thing_SPF 666 Sun-block_Meat-ball Sub_Suf-fer!_Mwahaha!_Ah damn, anoth-er one of you._De-mons!_Run!_Just you and me..._

UAC R&D_RE-MIND-ER|Save your game at any time. Press the "0" key to open the me-nu and se-lect "Save Game"._EX-PER-I-MENT IN PRO-GRESS_EX-PER-I-MENT TER-MI-NATED_Need Red Key-card_Need Blue Key-card_Um... ex-cuse me..._SCI-EN-TIST: What are you do-ing here?!_SCI-EN-TIST: You have no busi-ness be-ing here!_SCI-EN-TIST: Leave, while you still can._SCI-EN-TIST: You will not get anoth-er warn-ing._TER-MI-NAL LOCK-ED_I can take one more mon-ster..._What the hell?_This is not good._Not good..._De-fin-it-ely not good..._What are you do-ing? Are you mad!?!_Ex-cuse me?_You just shut down the pow-er go-ing to the hy-per-ther-mal plas-ma con-dens-er!_So?_So!?! By chan-nel-ing the pow-er I was able to seal the ex-per-i-ment cham-ber and cre-ate a safe room from the crea-tures run-ning amok!_Oh... sor-ry._Now I'm doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU!!!_Why are you fol-low-ing me? I'm go-ing to get torn to shreds just like eve-ry-one else and I'd pre-fer it if no one watched._Lis-ten, I did-n't mean to break your safe room. I'm just try-ing to find a way out of here._If you're cra-zy enough to go to the pri-ma-ry lab-o-ra-to-ry, I hear there may be a way out through there. The sci-en-tists won't like the in-tru-sion._I think I can han-dle a bunch of sci-en-tists._You'll need a red key-card to get past the se-cu-ri-ty door, which I hap-pen to have._And let me guess, you're not go-ing to give it to me._Well you de-stroyed any chance I had at sur-viv-al, so I need some-thing to re-place that._What do you have in mind?_There's a stor-age room for se-cu-ri-ty per-son-nel in the south-east-ern part of this lev-el, bring me a rock-et launch-er and I'll give you the key-card._Sounds easy enough._Take this, you'll need it to get in-to the stor-age room._Please hur-ry, I don't like hang-ing around un-armed._Geez!! _I'm go-ing to have night-mares._I'll have to search him for the key-card..._The sci-en-tist might know the where-a-bouts of those re-spon-si-ble for eve-ry-thing. Ques-tion the sci-en-tist._Re-trieve the rock-et launch-er from the stor-age room and give it to the sci-en-tist._Use the red key-card to get through the red se-cu-ri-ty door and find those re-spon-si-ble for the cha-os spread-ing through the UAC fa-ci-li-ties._Day 1: The por-tal tech-nol-ogy has failed! We've cre-at-ed a path-way to some al-ter-nate di-men-sion or some-thing. I've lock-ed my-self in the ex-per-i-ment cham-ber to stay safe._Day 2: In my haste to find safe-ty I for-got to bring any food or wa-ter with me. The si-tu-a-tion is look-ing for dire as time goes on._Day 3: It is so damn boring in here! I'm go-ing to go cra-zy if I stay here much long-er._End of log._SCI-EN-TIST: Your med-dling will get you killed. _SCI-EN-TIST: I tried to warn you..._Why are you do-ing this?_Don't you care about the hu-man race?!_SCI-EN-TIST: It is all for the great-er good._SCI-EN-TIST: It's a shame you can't see that._SCI-EN-TIST: Now, if you'll ex-cuse me..._*EX-PER-I-MENT INI-TI-A-TED* _Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Warm-ing up..._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Still warm-ing up..._Co-lor-Ma-gic 2300 XL: Nice and toas-ty._NOOO!!!!!!!!_To UAC Labs_Ar-mor Re-pair Sta-tion_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._I don't talk to bots._This item is too heavy for the bot to car-ry._Con-nec-tion ter-mi-nated_Major!_Sarge!_Riley!_I don't have much time. VIOS has be-gun to cor-rupt my core sys-tems._Can't you stop him?_Don't you think I've tried?!_Sor-ry._VIOS is not of our world, or so-lar sys-tem for that mat-ter. It is a vir-tual re-pre-sen-ta-tion of some-thing hor-ri-ble, some-thing that is try-ing to en-ter our world._How is that pos-si-ble?_Not sure, but he must be stop-ped. I fear that hu-man-ity is at risk... and as an-noying as you hu-mans are, I have grown fond of you._I knew it, you're not as grumpy as you lead eve-ry-one to be-lieve._Ugh, go away now._Pock-et Qu'ran_Bro-ken Wrist-watch_Soap on a Rope_Toy Car_Glow Stick_Vir-tual Tar-get Prac-tice: Would you like to play?_No Bot Ac-cess_Se-cure stor-age ter-mi-nal lock-ed down._Do you want to try to hack this com-pu-ter?_Se-cure stor-age ac-cess grant-ed._Se-cure stor-age ac-cess de-nied._Se-cure Stor-age al-ready un-locked._Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._Spicy Buf-fa-lo Wing_Meat Ther-mo-me-ter_Bar-be-que Sauce_Pros-the-tic Limb_Glass Eye-ball_Tap Dan-cing Shoes__Ge-hen-na_I see you have trav-eled in-to my do-main._Now where the hell am I?_VIOS: No-where... eve-ry-where..._VIOS: It is with-in my pow-er to trap you here for-ever._VIOS: It would be wise of you to re-mem-ber that..._Aide me and you will win my fa-vor._You have cho-sen well mor-tal._You de-fy me. So be it._Ugh, I'll nev-er get used to that._Where the hell am I?_I'd bet-ter look around._WORK-ER: You've got to help me!_Who are you?_WORK-ER: The de-mons are com-ing!_I hate de-mons..._What the hell is that?_Woah!_TER-MI-NAL MAL-FUNC-TION-ING_Damn de-mons..._SCI-EN-TIST: I'm get-ting out of the way!_May-be I should-n't have done that..._Comic Book_Irish Post-card_Can-cun Shot Glass_Small Fi-gur-ine_Jump-er Cab-les_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._SCI-EN-TIST: What are you do-ing out there?_SCI-EN-TIST: Quick! Get in here!_Um, who are you and what are you do-ing here?_We came to do geo-lo-gi-cal re-search, col-lect spe-ci-mens, things of that na-ture. We thought we could con-tain the mon-sters by set-ting up a se-cu-ri-ty bar-rier to re-strict their move-ments. We did-n't stand a chance..._How did you sur-vive?_I lock-ed my-self in this room. It seems to be keep-ing me safe. I had a close call but man-aged to lock the de-mon in the stor-age room. All of our sup-plies are in there but I did-n't have any oth-er op-tion._Well, we're both go-ing to need sup-plies. How do I get in there?_Are you in-sane? You don't want to go in there!_Look, we need sup-plies. Now, how do I get in there?_You have to hack the ter-mi-nal, but I sug-gest you grab the red se-cu-ri-ty card in case we need to get out of here quick-ly. Umm, you'll have to search the bod-ies. I just can't do it._Search the bod-ies and get the red se-cu-ri-ty card. I'll stay put._I'll stay put._Need Red Key-card_Major?! How the--_MAJOR: Quick! Get back! They're com-ing!_Who's com-ing?_Come on hell-spawn!_What in God's name is that?_It's called the BFG. Here, take it._You're not go-ing to use it?_I need to be quick on my feet. Time's run-ning out. You're on your own now... hope-ful-ly we will meet up again._MAJOR: Good luck!_Riley?! How the--_RILEY: They're com-ing! Take this!_Wait, what is this?! Who's com-ing?!_De-mons... I should've known._Hey! Over here!_Damn, this thing is pow-er-ful!_HELP!_Hey you, what are you do-ing over there?_I got trapped when the floor gave way! Can you help me?_How? I'm not sure what I can do?_I'm go-ing to jump so I need you to grab me and pull me in. The la-va is dead-ly, so please be care-ful!_SCI-EN-TIST: Here goes noth-ing!_SCI-EN-TIST: AHH!!!_Ughh! If I ever sleep in peace,_it'll be a mi-ra-cle!_LA-VA|La-va is ex-tre-me-ly dead-ly. Watch your step and don't fall in-to it un-less you are look-ing for cer-tain death._Se-cure stor-age ter-mi-nal lock-ed down._Do you want to try to hack this com-pu-ter?_Se-cure stor-age ac-cess grant-ed._Se-cure stor-age ac-cess de-nied._Se-cure Stor-age al-ready un-locked._No Bot Ac-cess_Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_Email:|To: J. Samuel-son|From: G. Van-der-hat|Je-re-my, I just want-ed to let you know that the dig is pro-gress-ing at an alarm-ing rate. We've be-gun ex-ca-va-ting a large cav-ern and the ele-va-tor sys-tem has been up and run-ning for some time. The team is very ex-ci-ted about po-ten-tial dis-co-ver-ies but are still con-cern-ed about se-cu-ri-ty and work-ing out-side the pri-ma-ry per-i-me-ter.|--Gar-ret_Email:|To: G. Van-der-hat|From: J. Samuel-son|Gar-ret, I un-der-stand your men may be con-cern-ed for their safe-ty, but you must be-lieve me when I say we have the best men in the com-pany on se-cu-ri-ty de-tail. Just keep the dig go-ing and we'll all get home safe and sound once we're fin-ished.|--Je-re-my_Email:|To: J. Samuel-son|From: G. Van-der-hat|Je-re-my, I know we've got the best team in com-pany, but my men are still wor-ried. There have been more tre-mors and even more strange noi-ses com-ing from various cav-erns. Our pro-gress has in-creased due to the fact that the men just want to get out of here.|--Gar-ret_Email:|To: J. Samuel-son|From: I. Kelliher|Je-re-my, I was won-der-ing just where we were in terms of ex-ca-va-tion at the new out-post. Please up-date me as soon as pos-si-ble.|--CEO Kelliher_Email:|To: I. Kelliher|From: J. Samuel-son|Mr. Chair-man, We are mak-ing pro-gress at an alarm-ing rate, how-ev-er the casual-ty rate is in-creas-ing. The work-ers are be-coming more con-cern-ed and I feel they may strike in due time.|--Je-re-my_Email:|To: J. Samuel-son|From: I. Kelliher|Je-re-my, I want you to un-der-stand some-thing. Cas-ual-ties are min-or set-backs. It is im-por-tant that the ex-ca-va-tion con-tin-ues un-al-tered. Do what-ever it takes, and I mean that.|--CEO Kelliher_No more email._You do not have enough UAC Cre-dits._Jon's AMEX_Crum-pled Map_Bro-ken Flash-light_Ball-point Pen_Ca-me-ra Flash Bulb_35mm Film_Chewed Foot_Birth-ing Lube_Orcs & Elves XVII_Press OK or 5 to Use_Tread-mill: Would you like to use? Re-quires 2 UAC Cre-dits._Be-gin Work-out__Abad-don_Sen-try Bot can-not open doors._To Ge-hen-na_OUCH! I guess that's a bit too far of a jump!_Sen-ding bots through por-tals is a no--no._No Bot Ac-cess_Hmm... may-be these por-tals come and go cy-cli-cal-ly..._Whoa! I must have been stand-ing where a por-tal ma-te-ri-al-ized!_May-be this one will get me back to Earth._Mo-no-cle and Top Hat_Flies in Oint-ment_23 Mate-less Socks_Pixie Dust_Old Li-cense Plate_Heads of 23 Mice_Flat-tened Bul-lets_Gun-powder Re-si-due_Bro-ken Ar-row-head_Imp Busi-ness Card_Hu-man Jaw Bone_Gro-tes-que Fi-gur-ines_Smashed PDA_Breath Mints_Toup-ee_Melt-ed TV Re-mote_Emp-ty Vials_Make--up Mir-ror_Duck Call_Rub-ber Ham-bur-ger_Gra-dua-tion Cap_Lip-o-suc-tion Scars_Copy of Orcs & Elves_Fried Comm Link_De-mon-ic Pa-ra-sites_Hu-man Ear_Rot-ting Teeth_20--sided Die_Ex-pired Earth Cre-dits__VIOS_AARGH!!_RE-MIND-ER|Save your game at any time. Press the "0" key to open the me-nu and se-lect "Save Game"._I will en-joy peeling the skin off your bones._Shut up and fight!_YOU WILL SUF-FER!_I will suck the mar-row from your bones and drain the blood from your veins you im-pudent fool!_Your pain is de-li-cious and I wish for more. _I can feel your pain. Sub-mit to me and I will ease it._It's not so bad once you get used to it._Then your flesh will feed my ar-my._I can give you pow-er and riches. Why must you be a fool! Join me._I'd rath-er die!_Then die you shall!_The One Ring_Fris-bee_Paint Brush_Paint-ball Gun_Tab-let Sty-lus_AAARGH-HH!_VIOS: NOOOO!_DIE AL-READY!!!_TER-MI-NAL MAL-FUNC-TION-ING_What is this place?!_I am VIOS and I am the Icon of Sin._You will know of me and your screams will echo these halls._Things just got ug-ly._Book of Mor-mon_For-tune Coo-kie_Chop Sticks_Chili Paste_Bri-dal Gown_Moist Tis-sue_Tooth Neck-lace_Preg-nan-cy Test_A No--op_Squishy Eye-ball_WWJD Brace-let_Cask of Wine_The Icon is pro-tec-ted by some un-seen force. I need to find a way to dis-able it if I want a shot at de-stroy-ing it._No Bot Ac-cess_Sen-try Bot Sta-tus:|Al-ready De-ployed_SAM's rem-nants__Test Map_Id-le Front_Id-le Back_Walk Front_Walk Back_At-tack_Pain_TEST_Pock-et Lint_Hu-man Fin-ger_Rub-ber Ducky_Ac-tion Fi-gure_Dead Bat-tery

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