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Doom II RPG comic book

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Doom II RPG comic book

Doom II RPG is the sequel of Doom RPG. It was released for iPhone and iPod Touch on February 8, 2010. It uses the Wolfenstein RPG mobile engine. It was developed by id partners Fountainhead Entertainment via the merger id Mobile. The iPhone version of Doom II RPG contains a digital comic book. It can be played with modern hardware (PC or Android) with the help of touchHLE emulator.

Playable characters[]

You can play the game with three different characters:


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Doom II RPG is the sequel to Doom RPG, set one year after the first game (there is one reference Dr. Guerard in a file dated 2144, 1 year before the incident, the comic dates the events at 2146, and the Doom RPG website dates things between 2144-2145). While the characters do not know much about invasion in UAC bases on Mars, another monster invasion happened on Earth's moon. A team of soldiers accompanied by a scientist have been sent to to the UAC Tychon base on the Moon to investigate. According to the included digital comic present in the iPhone version of the game, the Scientist was not a planned member of the expedition; rather, his ship was commandeered by the Marines in order to quickly reach the Moon. This is not confirmed within the plot of the game itself, though.

Upon arriving on the lunar base, the pilot and soldiers notice something wrong, briefly getting a glimpse of an Imp chasing someone in the distance. The three playable characters are quickly met by a UAC employee, Caldex, who informs the team about the invasion. The player remains behind to wait for the remaining marines, however they quickly perish when the elevator falls with them inside. Meeting radio static, the player ventures into Tychon Station to catch up with Caldex and the other two. Always one step behind, the player reaches Cichus Base then Kepler Site to catch up.

In Cichus Base, the player is introduced to SAL (whose is a nod to HAL 9000 from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey), an AI developed by the UAC to assist in day-to-day operations within UAC research facilities. Shortly after, the player then encounters a malfunctioning terminal and is brought into a virtual space by another virtual entity, calling itself VIOS. VIOS is actively hostile, treating the player like a toy to amuse itself. Its motives are unclear, but SAL warns you not to trust it or assist it in any way. At the end of the brief fight with VIOS, it requests the player to make a decision - MALLOC or DELETE. MALLOC will allocate "resources" to VIOS, thereby assisting it; DELETE will delete those "resources", angering VIOS and triggering a second battle. What the resources/MALLOC are is never specified.

Eventually reaching the Kepler Site, assisted by Caldex and other (short-lived) UAC employees, the player is forced through a portal that opened up, leading to a brief corridor in Hell. There, the player faces off against the Pinkinator, a grotesque bloated creature that spawns Bull Demons. After defeating the Pinkinator, a portal is revealed which transports the player to a UAC base on Earth, specifically within a storage closet in a research facility on the East Coast.

Workers there inform the player that the base was put down on lock-down for unknown reasons - and quickly find out the reason is demons. Digging through computers in this base, the player learns of a Dr. Zanax, a scientist who's spent time capturing and studying the demons in association with Dr. Guerard. The player encounters VIOS again after reaching the administrator's office to bypass the lockdown and head, where VIOS displays more powers and a growing strength. SAL reaches out to the player in the base as well, but grows increasingly weaker, unable to stop VIOS's growth.

Reaching the UAC's Research and Development section of the base, the player learns that several of the scientists are actively assisting VIOS, and even helping facilitate the invasion of demons. After fighting their way through the base, with several jumpscares of an Infernis following them, and another encounter with VIOS where it is being served by scientists. Eventually they are led into a trap by Dr. Zanax to confront a Mastermind demon. After defeating the Spider Mastermind, Dr. Zanax forcibly teleports the player to Hell.

In Gehenna, Hell, the player traverses a UAC dig site where the workers had been studying Hell and capturing demons for Geraurd and Zanax's studies, with the CEO of the UAC pressuring the team to continue working no matter the cost. Traversing through caverns and lava pits, the player briefly encounters one of the other playable characters (who's identity changes depending on the current character), who gives the player the BFG. The player continues to battle through Hell where they encounters the Cyberdemon in Abaddon and finds out VIOS is the brain of another Icon of Sin, where it is finally confronted. VIOS's strength in this encounter is determined by how many times the player chose MALLOC or DELETE, becoming stronger each time MALLOC is chosen. Thus, earlier encounters were made easier at the expense of a harder final battle.

After the VIOS is defeated the game ends with an ominous sign off, letting the player know the fight is not over. The fate of the remaining player characters, Caldex, and Dr. Zanax is left unclear.

Spoilers end here.


Doom II RPG has a new set of weapons, complete with new graphics

The Holy Water Pistol is seemingly rather ironic since it can be refilled in toilets. Also please note the Soul Cube can only be obtained in Hell. The Sentry Bots comes in green/white and red versions, with the first two colors highly dependent on the version of Doom II RPG the player is currently playing.


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Doom II RPG uses the same hierarchical system for monsters as the previous Doom RPG installment, with classes of monsters individualized by color and name. In addition to some of the classes in Doom RPG, Doom II RPG adds some new classes, being derived from Doom II, Doom 3, or are original for Doom II RPG.

Monster class Low rank Medium rank High rank Derived from Weakness Resistance
Zombie Civilians Zombie Civilian Zombie Worker Zombie Tech Zombie
Imp Impling Imp Imp Lord Imp
Sawcubus Lesser Sawcubus Greater Sawcubus Chainstrosity Original Rockets Chainsaw
Pinky Bull demon Pinky Belphagor Demon Rockets
Lost Soul Phantom Lost Soul Nightmare Lost Soul Holy Water Pistol
Cacodemon Malwrath Cacodemon Wretched Cacodemon
Mancubus Behemoth Mancubus Druj Mancubus
Watcher Brier Watcher Sentinel Original
Sentry Bot Green Sentry Bot (allied only) Red Sentry Bot -- Sentry Bot
Arch-vile Infernis Arch-vile Apollyon Arch-vile Rockets
Arachnotron Arachnotron N/A N/A Arachnotrons
Revenant Ghoul Fiend Revenant Revenant


Doom II RPG has four bosses, with two original bosses and two taken from the original DOOM game. VIOS is a reoccurring boss on maps 2, 4, 5, and 9.

Cut content[]

Some content was cut from Doom II RPG during development. This is evident by comparing the game and the game trailer.

  • the original name of the Sawcubus was Chainsaw Goblin
  • Zombie soldiers were to be used instead of zombie civilians
  • The Sentinel was originally depicted as a robed Heretic-style enemy (as seen in a trailer for the game); its artwork was changed before release


  • Moon, Lunar Outpost
  • Earth, East Coast research facility,
    • 4. UAC Administration
    • 5. UAC Labs
    • 6. UAC R&D
  • Hell
    • 7. Gehenna
    • 8. Abaddon
    • 9. VIOS

Cheat mode[]

Similar to Doom RPG and Wolfenstein RPG cheat mode is activated on the menu screen by pressing 3666 for phones while the iPhone and iTouch has this sequence: touch the top left corner, top right, bottom left, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right. From there you can choose cheats such as invincibility mode (aka God mode), walking through walls (noclip), full inventory (give all), complete level overview (give map), level skip (change map), and so on.

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