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Customizables in Doom Eternal are unlockable ways to customize your online profile and appearance of your characters and weapons. A comprehensive list of all customizables can be found here.


  • Profiles
    • Profile Icons are essentially avatars for Doom Eternal profiles
    • Profile Nameplates are titles put underneath the gamertag of a Doom Eternal Profile
  • Skins
    • Character Skins are customizables that change the appearence of the Doom Slayer, Marauder, Mancubus, Arch-vile, Pain Elemental, and Revenant. The demon skins only take effect in Battlemode however.
    • Weapons skins change the appearance of the Slayer's arsenal which take effect in both the campaign and Battlemode.
  • Menu Backgrounds change the background of the main menu
  • Avatars change whether the Doom Slayer, Marauder, Mancubus, Arch-vile, Pain Elemental, or Revenant represent the player's profile. It also changes which character appears on the main menu. More avatars cannot be unlocked.


There are four basic tiers.

  • Default are ones that are automatically unlocked when the game is launched for the first time.
  • Deluxe is represented by a bronze banner with a star and the letter "D." It encompasses low-level event awards and milestone rewards for milestones that aren't that difficult.
  • Special Edition is represented by a sliver banner and the letters "SE." It is used for milestone rewards for more difficult milestones, mid-level event awards, and customizables that are unlocked in special ways (for example, the Zombie Slayer slayer skin for being in the Slayer's Club).
  • Master's Collection is represented by a gold banner with a diamond symbol and the letters "MC." It is used for Ultra-Nightmare milestone rewards, high-level event awards, and customizables that were a part of the Doom Eternal-Twitch Prime Master's Collection series.