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Doom Editing Utilities (often referred to by the abbreviation DEU), is a DOS-based level editor created by Raphaël Quinet, Brendon Wyber, and Renaud Paquay. It was one of the first complete Doom editors to be developed. The first public domain release of DEU was by Brendon Wyber on January 26, 1994. The last version of DEU, version 5.21, was released on May 21, 1994 (although a beta of version 5.3 was also released).

DEU is capable of many features, of which editing levels is only one. The initial interface to DEU is a command prompt, at which several commands can be typed to edit WAD files. Commands to edit or create new levels open up the level editor.

DEU does not support Doom II. However, a version for Doom II was released later.


Several editors have been made derived from the source code of DEU:

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