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Doom Classic Complete is a Doom compilation that is available for the PS3 and PC. For the PS3 it is available through the PlayStation Store, and on the PC it is available through Steam. On PS3 it is sold for $14.99, £11.99 or 14.99€, while on Steam it is sold for $14.99, £9.99 or 14.99€ depending on the user's current location.


Playstation 3 Version

Doom Classic Complete marks the first time that Doom 2, the complete Final Doom and the Master Levels of Doom 2 have been released on a Playstation console. This port has the following features:

  • The same censorship seen in Doom 3: BFG Edition is present: medpacks have a pill icon instead of the Red Cross, and the levels MAP31: Wolfenstein and MAP32: Grosse have been modified.
  • Save games during a level, but no option of quicksaving/quickloading.
  • Quick access to the weapon slots on the D-pad, in order: Up is the Chaingun and Pistol; Left is the Rocket Launcher, the Chainsaw and the Fists; Down is the Super Shotgun and the Shotgun; and Right is the Plasma Gun and the BFG.
  • Trophy support, with 6 silver trophies and 7 bronze trophies.
  • Online Leaderboards, which track the levels' completion time.
  • The Yellow keycard bug in MAP31: Pharaoh has been fixed.
  • The Master Levels now have an order for singleplayer.
  • Support for both online and split-screen multiplayer and coop for up to 4 players. However, playing on split-screen causes severe framerate drops and can hinder considerably the experience. Trophies cannot be earned in multiplayer.
  • The soundtrack has a lowered pitch, and as a result is noticeably low res compared to the PC. Also, some sounds have variations in pitch too. No support for the original Playstation soundtrack either.
  • No option for aiming up and down.

PC Version

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