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See classic Doom for the collective range of id Tech 1 Doom games. For the PC and PS3 port, see Doom Classic.

DOOM Classic - Game Review Gameplay Trailer for iPhone iPad iPod

Game review of Doom Classic

Doom Classic (iOS) is a Doom game that allows Ultimate Doom to be played on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It has the graphics of the Atari Jaguar port of Ultimate Doom and music from the SNES port of Ultimate Doom. it is found on the Apple Appstore under the name 'Doom Classic' and currently costs £2.99 or $4.99. It cannot currently be bought from the appstore on the latest version of iOS.


Doom Classic offers players 3 different control schemes and the amount of enemies is reduced slightly to mitigate slowdowns on mobile hardware.. Doom Classic has no multiplayer capabilities, instead only the single player levels from Ultimate Doom are available. The controls feature a stick which is moved around with options in the settings to change sensitivity, placement and size.

Control Schemes[]

The game comes with three different control schemes:

  • Single Thumbpad: The movement and aiming joystick is in the bottom left and the fire button is in the top right.
  • Twin Thumbpad: The movement joystick remains in the bottom left, the rotating joystick is on the bottom left and the fire button is in the top right.
  • Dir Wheel: The movement joystick is in the bottom left and the aiming joystick is replaced with a turning wheel located in the bottom right. The fire button is still located in the top right
Control scheme IPad

The three control schemes in Doom Classic mobile

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