Doom Center (or Doomcenter) was founded in March of 2001 by Ben "bigd" Swarts as an affiliate site of the Media and Games Online Network, or MGON. It established a name for itself early on by publishing a large amount of feature articles, such as WAD previews, interviews, and profiles of various community members, known as "WADsters". It also offered a downloads section with various Doom-related files, as well as discussion forums.

Several community members spent some time as contributors to the site, such as Dean "deathz0r" Joseph, John "anarkavre" Corrado, and Boris Iwanski. However, only Swarts and Bill "Bloodshedder" Koch (who joined in May of 2001) would remain with the site until its closing in January of 2003, shortly before MGON declared bankruptcy. The two then became staff members at Doomworld.

The domain is currently parked with a robots.txt disallowing crawlers. Thus, is unable to index the site.

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