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The Past...

Your fatigue was enormous, the price for encountering pure evil. Hell was a place no mortal was meant to experience. Stupid military doctors: their tests and treatments, were of little help. In the end, what did it matter - it was all classified and sealed. The nightmares continued. Demons, so many Demons; relentless, pouring through.

Far Away...

The planetary policy was clear. An absolute quarantine was guaranteed by apocalyptic levels of radiation. The empty dark corridors stand motionless, abandoned. The installations sealed.

The Present...

A long forgotten relay satellite barely executing, decayed by years of bombarding neutrons, activates and sends its final message to Earth. The satellites message was horrific, from the planetary void there came energy signatures unlike anything sampled before.

The classified archives are opened. The military episodes code named "DOOM" were not actually completed. A single entity with vast rejuvenation powers, masked by the extreme radiation levels, escaped detection. In its crippled state, it systematically altered decaying dead carnage back into corrupted living tissue.

The mutations are devastating. The Demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the DOOM episode, your commission is re-activated. Your assignment is clear: MERCILESS EXTERMINATION.

Dawn of the Undead[]

An unseen entity from beyond,

cloaked by radiation,

has rejuvenated the rotting carnage of Phobos.

The demons are back.

Your assignment is clear.

Total annihilation.

Entering the UAC Base Phobos[]

One Marine fights against impossible odds...[]

We are receiving sporadic transmissions from Phobos, where it seems that a military base has been invaded. All of our current information is coming from a lone space marine who is fighting the incursion. The M rated images received her on Earth are almost too frightening to believe. We have seen alien beings which seem to have stepped straight out of a nightmare. Even more disturbing, we have seen human zombies who are being controlled by the invaders. Should the marine fail to destroy this threat, it may soon spell the doom of our planet.

You don't join the space marines to go on a picnic.[]

I can't believe this is happening again. I guess it's my fate to repeat history. But this time the invasion seems more real, more terrifying. I can't explain it. None of the rooms in the base are the same as before, end everything is in sharper focus. I even seem to move faster. I hear more clearly. Every sense is heightened. It must have something to with the new N64 technology they've equipped me with.

The technicians and mission planners at Midway have done a great job of prepping me for this new fight. they've equipped me with the best weapons and incredible visual sensor systems, but the fight itself is even tougher than my previous missions. Fortunately I can make use of some cool options, including four difficulty settings, controller preferences and a useful brightness control that allows me to see in the dark.

All of these demons were wiped out during my first mission. I can't explain how they have come back to life. Energy readings indicate that some "force" has been applied here, though, something we've never encountered before. As I move through the installation, the readings grow stronger. Somewhere ahead lies a source, perhaps a vortex leading back to the home world of these alien invaders.

These monsters from planet ugly never stop attacking...[]

They come at me from every doorway, from behind every corner and out of every shadow. Many of them I have met before, but they seem stronger than last time, and smarter. The enemies know no fear. When they sense that I'm close, they come searching. And when they find me, they unleash horrific power in the form of lasers and fireballs. Others just try to rip into me with their claws. As for the zombies, they are armed to the teeth from the arsenal here on the base.

Some enemies fly at you and shoot flaming shots while others stalk you in the corridors.

These Lost Souls seem to warp into existence from another dimension. In some areas, there seems to be no end to them and their fiery attacks.

Shadow Warriors appear in many areas, slipping from the shadows, not quite invisible, but quick as ninjas. In spite of their ferocity, none of these guys is going to win an award for brains.

It's bad enough that the enemy is everywhere, but some of them are invisible until I blast them. I've learned to listen carefully, especially in the darkest pits where these wraiths hide.

The zombies may look like my old marine pals, but they don't hesitate to open fire when they see me. Their duty seems to patrol certain areas of the base. I don't ask questions. When I see one, I just pull the trigger.

The imps seem to be everywhere--the shock troops of the invasion. After I've cleaned some rooms, I walk kneed deep in their remains. Most of these demons just charge me, but some breeds hurl fire balls like missiles.

I barely made it through that last area. It was pitch black, but I found a switch on the wall. When the lights flared, there they were. The enemies. I fired round after round from my shotgun as I backed away, sidestepping and dodging to escape. Then I ran out of shells. I could hear the demons all around, bellowing and shrieking. Sometimes I really hate the corps.


I find weapons scattered throughout the base: standard issue pistols and shotguns, plus heavy-duty chainguns, rocket-launchers and plasma blasters that can take out even the biggest aliens with one shot. At times, I've even had to make use of my fist or chainsaws left behind by maintenance crews.

Getting around didn't used to be so tough...[]

The blueprints of the base indicate that there are more than two dozen separate zones, but I suspect the mission won't end there. If I find the vortex to the demon's world, I expect to find even more mazes. As it is, I want to go on record as saying that the architects who build this place were demented. Not only are there turning passages that make me lose my way, but there are hidden rooms and panels everywhere. I spend my time pounding on walls to activate secret switches. And that's the easy part. Many of the doors and bridges must activated in sequences, forcing me to solve puzzles at almost every step and backtrack through the infested maze.

It was touch and go there for a minute, but I'm still alive. I stumbled across a stash of shotgun shells just as three barrons roared around the corner. I loaded and fired. They sort of lost interest when their heads fell off. If anyone back on earth is receiving me, I could really use some backup. Like now!

You have to unlock the mysteries, not to mention the doors...[]

You can't get anywhere in this place without keys, and every one of them seems to have been hidden by a mad man. I've had to risk my life countless times to find the red, yellow and blue keys that match the color-coded doors. In many areas, the search for the key is more difficult than surviving the onslaught of enemies. And yet there are always demons beyond the locked doors. Securing in this place really sucks...


The stashes of weapons, ammo, med kits and body armor are a real godsend. Without these items, I wouldn't stand a chance. sometimes I have to retrace my steps through the maze to recover supplies I passed earlier. Every once in a while I find alien relics that turn me into a berserker or give me invincible power. Too bad they don't last long. I could make a fortune with this stuff back home.

Sometimes you just have to get warped...[]

I've had it with these transporters. Most of them can be activated only by a switch across the room. You hit the switch then sprint for the transporter. Maybe you make it, maybe you don't. If you do, you flash into existence somewhere far away where a new welcoming committee of demons is waiting to rip you to pieces.

The auto-mapping function on my transmitter has saved me once again. After switching from the area scan to the blueprint layout, I discovered the only possible path was behind what looked like a solid wall. After several minutes of searching, I discovered the switch that opened the secret panel. In some areas, I find that it is easier to navigate by map alone.

This new area I've reached is like nothing I've seen before. I'm standing on a platform above what seems like a bottomless pit. I hear something moving down there. In front of me, there are platforms, but wide gaps separate them. I'm going to try to run across. I don't know it's courage or stupidity. You can give me a medal if I get back. Here goes....


Interlude One[]

You cackle as the",

"familiarity of the",

"situation occurs to you.",

"The gateway to the Demons",

"domain was too accessible.",

"You realize the demons mock",

"you with their invitation.",

"It does not matter...",

"The demons spawn like rats",

"and you have the grade AAA",

"U.A.C. poison they crave.",

"Your bloodthirsty scream",

"shatters the teleport haze.",

"Once again you find yourself",


Interlude: Outpost Omega Secret[]

The vast silence reminds",

"you of the military morgue.",

"You knew the installation",

"had a classified level.",

The U.A.C. had some good",

"reason to hide this place.",

"You wonder what it",

"could be..."

Interlude: The Lair Secret[]

You smile.",

"What strange place have",

"you stumbled upon?",

"The Demons did not expect",

"you to survive this far.",

"You feel their demonic",

"presence waiting for you...",

"Let them taste their guts!"

Interlude: In the Void Secret[]

You wretch as a strange",

"acrid odor assaults you.",

"Death and Demon carcass!",

"No nightmare could have",

"prepared you for this.",

"You realize that this",

"place was not meant for",

"living humans."

Interlude: Hectic Secret[]


"You found...",


"Only the best will reap",

"its rewards."


Finally... The mother of all demons is dead!

The blood pours from your eyes as you stand in defiance.

As the only marine to endure the slaughter- you decide to remain in Hell and ensure no demon ever rises again.

The End...

The Lost Levels[]

Following defeating the Mother of All Demons, Our Hero spent time tearing up hell. The Mother's sister Resurrector kicks the Marine out of hell back into a base on Earth, and tries to kill him. He fought his way through the base to find a portal back to Hell. He fights his way through this new section of Hell, and takes revenge on the sister.



You had not expected to be torn from Hell so soon after your fateful decision. Getting back there was your only concern. The plans of the sister Resurrector to exterminate you have failed.

A grim vision takes hold of your mind as the demon carcasses steam in your wake. Stretched before you is a path of perpetual torment... A path through DOOM...[2]

  1. Nintendo Power, March 1997, pg 40-45 article
  2. This is a direct reference to the first Slayer's Testement: "..his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment."