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The Doom 3 novels and Doom 3 game have very different dates for when the events of the story take place. The novels place the outbreaks earlier in the year during March 2145, where as it was November in the game. Other details throughout are very different than in the game as well (including number of individuals who landed on Dropship, the number of survivors, as well as characters who do not appear in the game, and the final outcome of the Marine). However it is notable that at least some of the original material from the novels had influence on Doom RPG's extended lore.

However, these novels are generally considered to be an alternate retelling of Doom 3, the story generally mirrors that of Doom 3 with some major differences in the characters stories.

Doom 3 Novels timeline[]

  • 2-1,000,000 B.C.[1] - Ancient Martian civilization is built.
  • 400,000 B.C. - Height of the Martian civilization.[2]
  • 90,000-10,000 - Ancient languages develop on Earth, some may have originated from Mars.[3]
  • 1944 - Global warming begins changing the Earth until it is unrecognizable in 2144.[4]
  • 1962 - A sci-fi movie "To Serve Man" about the 1950's is made.[5]
  • 2078 - Destruction of the old Pentagon. A new building is designed to replace it in Wyoming.[6]
  • 2095 - Great medical breakthroughs are developed over the next half century.[7]
  • 2126 - Military Council Ruling is enacted.[8]
  • 2135[9]
  • 2144[10]
    • April 27 - Dr. Kellyn McDonald's folder is checked and opened by Betruger, and then closed and locked.[11]
    • February 5 - Kellyn McDonald
    • March 11
    • March 13
    • March 14


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