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The Doom 3 novels were an in-progress series of three novels based on Doom 3 written by Matthew Costello, who wrote the scripts for Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. Only the first two books have been released, as the third has been canceled.


Cover Name Initial release
Doom3novel Doom 3: Worlds on Fire February 26, 2008
Doom3novel2 Doom 3: Maelstrom March 31, 2009


On Mars[]

  • John Kane: Main protagonist.
  • Maria Moraetes: TBD
  • Andy Kim: TBD
  • Theo: a young child of a scientist and civilian on Mars, survives the demon invasions through skilled dodging and running.
  • Uri: TBD
  • Kellyn MacDonald: a scientist working in Delta Labs, who learns about Betruger's intentions and informs the UAC, leading to them sending Elliot Swann and Jack Campbell to investigate. He survives both the first and second waves and writes and observes what he sees in Delta onto his PDA while hiding. Betruger finds him, and after taunting over him, he cuts his legs off with his zombified claw and leaves him to be eaten by demons. After being discovered by Kane he informs him about the soul cube and gives him the information in his PDA. He is killed soon after while Kane had his guard down.
  • Axelle Graulich: TBD
  • General Hayden: TBD
  • Elliot Swann: TBD
  • Jack Campbell: TBD
  • Malcolm Betruger: TBD

On Earth[]

  • David Rodriquez: TBD
  • Julie Chao: TBD
  • Tommy Kelliher: TBD
  • Ian Kelliher: TBD

Relationship with Doom 3[]

  • Unlike in the game, there is a noticeable amount of female – both military and civilian – staff on Mars City. This ranges from receptionists like Molly, to Theo's mother to marines like Maria. In the game the only two women ever mentioned are Dr. Elizabeth McNeil and Theresa Chasar.
  • John Kane arrives with an entire replacement squad or two, rather than coming alone as the Mariner Transfer did.
  • John Kane is a private (he loses a leg near the end), while the Marine Transfer in Doom 3 was a corporal.
  • The "First Outbreak" occurs in March 13, 2145. The second outbreak is less, clear, however the book ends around March 14 or 15. Doom 3 takes place in November 15-20.
  • There are many survivors, only one survivor in Doom 3 recovered by Recon Zulu. The Lost Mission confirms there were other survivors picked up by the DarkStar.
  • The Fleet is renamed to the Armada.
  • The book features two "outbreaks" of hellish energy – creating zombies and releasing demons. In the game there is either only one or a single consistent outbreak. However, the book ends before a 'second' outbreak actually happens.
  • When people are turned into zombies in the book it describes mutations such as growing fangs or claws, a change of blood consistency, and the graphing of nearby objects such as weapons or tools onto the body. In the game, they appear to be just walking corpses and have to use their appendages as weapons. Zombification is also described happening to a Golden Labrador Retriever in the novel.
  • Imps are described as being able to warp in and out of reality, and are never described as spitting fire.
  • Kane only ever uses a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, grenades, flashlight, soul cube, and BFG – and never uses a plasma gun, chainsaw, or chaingun although they are mentioned in passing. He also is never described as using his fists and never with a Berserk artifact.
  • Elliot Swann's and Jack Campbell's roles are changed with Campbell being the one pushing to not call the Armada and with Swann supporting to do it. Also, instead of being calm through the crises, Swann is depicted as utterly terrified.
  • Malcolm Betruger's transformation into the Maledict is only hinted at in a scene where he is starting to grow claws on his hands. His fate is not made clear in the novel unlike in the last cutscene of the game.
  • Thomas Kelly's role as head of the Mars City military is superseded to General Hayden, though he's still in charge of leading marine teams and is transformed into the Sabaoth tank demon.

Relationship to Doom RPG and Doom II RPG[]

  • The UAC website made for the game was filled with references to characters from the novels including Ian Kelliher and his father Thomas Kelliher.
  • It's strongly suggested that events of Doom RPG take place before or just after events of Doom 3 itself.
  • The Mutant Dogs from the novel appear in Doom RPG, as Hellhounds.

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