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All Doom 3 cheat codes are activated by typing them into the console. The console can be opened by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Tilde1 keys simultaneously.

  1. The key above Tab, which is marked with a symbol, depending on the keyboard language (eg. ~, ½, §, º...).

Cheat codes[]

god Makes the player immune to damage ("God mode").
noclip No clipping (the player can move through walls, characters and obstacles).
editor Opens the level editor so the player can design a level. Doing this cheat on fullscreen will cause the game to crash.
give all Gives all weapons with full ammo and fills health/armor.
give weapon_<weapon name> Gives the player a specific weapon. The weapon names are: BFG, chaingun, chainsaw, flashlight, machine gun, pistol, plasma gun, rocket launcher, and shotgun.
notarget Unawakened monsters ignore the player. Does not affect monsters that are already active.
give berserk Enables berserk.
give health Fills the player's health.
give pda Gives the player all PDAs in the current level. This also includes all downloadable video disks in the current level.
pm_thirdperson <0/1> Turns third person view on/off.
killMonsters Kills all monsters in the level.
kill Kills the player.
pm_walkspeed### Defines how fast the player walks.
pm_runspeed### Defines how fast the player runs.
pm_crouchspeed### Defines how fast the player moves while crouching.
pm_jumpheight### Defines how high the player jumps.
pm_noclipspeed### Defines how fast the player moves with no clipping mode on.
map <map name> Warps directly into a specific level.
clearLights Removes all major light sources excluding the player's flashlight.
testLight Creates a new light source.


The cheat codes can be bound to any keys or buttons. This can be done by typing "bind <key> <cheat code>" (without the brackets) into the console.

If you enter any of the original Doom cheat codes into the console, the message "Your memory serves you well!" will be displayed. Otherwise, they have no effect.

Spawning monsters[]

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If you wish to spawn a monster, type spawn monster_<type of enemy>_<Name>.


  • zombie_maint_bald (Bald Maintenance Zombie)
  • zombie_maint_nojaw (Maintenance Zombie with no jaw)
  • zombie_maint_skinny (Skinny Maintenance Zombie)
  • zombie_maint_wrench (Maintenance Zombie with no jaw and with a wrench)
  • zombie_maint_flashlight (Maintenance Zombie with no jaw and with a flashlight)
  • zombie_maint (Very skinny opened green shirt zombie)
  • zombie_maint2 (Very skinny zombie with a black body) [Buggy]
  • zombie_maint_fast (Very fast Maintenance Zombie)
  • zombie_labcoat_skinny (Skinny Scientist Zombie)
  • zombie_labcoat_neckstump (Scientist Zombie with no head)
  • zombie_labcoat_limb (Scientist Zombie with a bloody mouth)
  • zombie_labcoat_pipe (Scientist Zombie with no face)
  • zombie_suit_skinny (Skinny Civilian Zombie)
  • zombie_suit_bloodymouth (Civilian Zombie with a bloody mouth)
  • zombie_suit_neckstump (Civilian Zombie with no head)
  • zombie_tshirt_bald (Bald Marine Zombie)
  • zombie_tshirt_blown (Marine Zombie with no face)
  • zombie_fat (Fat Zombie)
  • zombie_fat2 (Fat Zombie with gore)
  • zombie_fat_wrench (Fat Zombie with gore and a wrench)
  • zombie_bernie (Flaming Zombie)
  • zombie_sawyer (Chainsaw Zombie)
  • zombie_commando (Commando Zombie)
  • zombie_commando_cgun (Commando Zombie with a chaingun)
  • zombie_morgue (Very fast half-naked Zombie)
  • zombie_boney (Hell Zombie)
  • zsec_pistol (Pistol Z-Sec)
  • zsec_shotgun (Shotgun Z-Sec)
  • zsec_machinegun (Machine Gun Z-Sec)
  • zsec_shield (Shield Z-Sec)


  • demon_imp (Imp)
  • demon_imp_crawler (Crawling Imp)
  • demon_maggot (Maggot)
  • demon_wraith (Wraith)
  • demon_pinky (Pinky Demon)
  • demon_trite (Trite)
  • demon_tick (Tick)
  • demon_revenant (Revenant)
  • demon_cherub (Cherub)
  • demon_mancubus (Mancubus)
  • demon_archvile (Arch-Vile)
  • demon_hellknight (Hell Knight)
  • flying_lostsoul (Lost Soul)
  • flying_cacodemon (Cacodemon)


  • boss_vagary (Vagary)
  • boss_guardian (Guardian)
  • boss_guardian_seeker (Seeker)
  • boss_sabaoth (Sabaoth)
  • boss_cyberdemon (Cyberdemon)

Resurrection of Evil[]

  • flying_forgotten (Forgotten One)
  • demon_d3xp_vulgar (Vulgar)
  • demon_d3xp_bruiser (Bruiser)

Spawn options[]

You can edit the monsters that you want to spawn, giving it more health, being on your side and making them to fire a different projectile.

If you want the monster to have more or less health type your monster spawn code but after that health <number of health you want him to have>. Example; if you want a tough imp, enter the following command on the console:

spawn monster_demon_imp health 900

You can also spawn a monster on your side. Type your monster code with team 0 behind it, and a monster will be spawned on your side.

spawn monster_demon_imp team 0

If you want the monster to shoot/throw other projectiles, after the spawn code enter def_projectile projectile_<type of projectile you want him to shoot/throw>. If you want an imp throwing hellknight fireballs, type:

spawn monster_demon_imp def_projectile projectile_fireball_hellknight

Finally, you can mix all these commands in a single line.

spawn monster_demon_imp def_projectile projectile_fireball_hellknight health 900 team 0

Also, is important to note that monsters on your side will not attack other monsters unless other monsters hurt them provoking a monster infighting.

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