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Doom 3: VR Edition often stylized DooM 3: VR Edition (with a cubed or third power symbol instead of a 3) and abbreviated in-game as Doom 3 VR is a version of the 2019 remaster of Doom 3: BFG Edition made for virtual reality. It is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 system (and PlayStation 5 via backwards-compatibility). It released on March 29th, 2021. It was revealed at the 2021 State of Play event held by Sony [1]This is the second VR DOOM game, the first being Doom VFR. It received mixed reviews upon release,[2] with praise directed towards technological impressiveness, ease of reading for the text, and the general overall game, but criticism was directed towards the strafe-based combat fitting awkwardly in VR. Responses to it featuring free-range movement rather than teleportation movement were also mixed.

Ways to Play[]

There are two ways to play:

  • The standard way to play is sitting down and using the Duelshock 4 controller on PS4 or Duelshock 5 controller on PS5 (base controller for the systems)
  • The alternate way to play is standing up and using the Aim controller (VR exclusive controller shaped like a gun)


Gameplay is nearly identical to Doom 3: BFG Edition, but in virtual relativity. The only key difference being the addition of a quick turn (default is R3 on both Duelshock 4 and Aim controller). When playing with the Aim controller, there are a few other key differences:

  • With the exception of the Soul Cube indicator, the heads-up display (HUD) is now wrist-mounted.
  • There is no crosshair
  • Other than the fists, chainsaw, shotgun, soul cube, and Grenade the weapons are equipped with laser sights.
  • The grenade now features an arch showing where the grenade will land
  • The flashlight now emits from the guns instead of from a head-mounted light (other than when the fists, chainsaw, or soul cube are equipped or when interacting with screens)
  • Marine will now raise his hand when interacting with screens.