Doom: Rampage Edition was a partial conversion ZDoom megawad created by Tom Kachel with contributions from lumpy, [OFoD]Jippy, and Bryon Turner. This project had been 3 years in the making, but when it was released, this wad quickly became known as one of the biggest disappointments in the Doom community. It "won" the first ever Cacoward for Worst Wad.


The game is set during the events of Phobos Anomaly and a story that followed afterwards. The ending consists of a cast call of the enemies and the people who created Doom Rampage Edition, afterwards the final level ends and is restarted back to the first level. A sequel was planned, but due to the poor reception, Tom Kachel disappeared from the Doom community and the idea was since scrapped.


This was poorly received due to a number of factors. It was criticized for having illegal Mp3s, IWAD material from Doom and Doom 2, and poor textures. The bloated file size and limited bandwidth back then, was the main reason some members of the Doom community had created their own versions, without the mp3s. The gameplay was repetitive and boring, with weapons such as the shotgun, which required no ammo to use. This idea of the Baron of Hell carrying weapons was another factor that ruined it for other people who liked the idea of role playing as the monster himself. Another common complaint was the skybox that most people thought was terrible. Most of the enemies included Marines, with the final boss being the hellmother.

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