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Doom: The Possessed Cut is a 2006 fanedit of the 2005 film Doom by faneditor Scaperat that removes much of the humour from the narrative, as well as many elements that the faneditor considered to be "annoying". As with all fanedits, it is only available to those who already own a copy of the film. As of June 2017 it is no longer available for download.

Doom: The Possessed Re-Cut[]

Doom: The Possessed Re-Cut is also a 2006 fanedit of Doom created by faneditor CBB. Like its predecessor, it aims to change the aesthetic of the movie to be more consistent with that of the video games (i.e. a horror aesthetic), and again removing the humour and certain scenes the editor considered to have "bad acting". Notably, the Ego Shooter scene is cut down to bare minimum and Portman has a much smaller role in events.

Reception for The Possessed Re-Cut has generally been positive with feedback receiving on average 4 stars, though reviewers were critical about certain elements such as the frequency of Sarge's swearing and the inclusion of the romance sequence.