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==External links==
==External links==
*{{idgames|id=15700}} (note: despite being erroneously placed in the doom2 directory, it is not a [[Doom II]] mod)
*{{idgames|id=15559}} (note: the first release, suffers from bugs in the [[Eternity Engine]])
[[Category:WAD series]]
[[Category:WAD series]]
[[Category:PWADs by name]]
[[Category:PWADs by name]]

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Doom: The Lost Episode is a 9-level episode PWAD which aimed at creating a thematically consistent fifth episode for The Ultimate Doom with maps taken from the alpha, Jaguar Doom and PSX Doom and then "remastered". It was developed to be compatible with both ZDoom (and derivatives) and the Eternity Engine. To reinforce the "pseudo-official" aspect of the mod, an intermission map is provided (in ZDoom). The endgame graphics uses a vertical scroll like Heretic episode 3.

Although reception was mostly positive, the mod has been criticized for the weirdness of its "surreal space" theme and the use of Doom II elements (including the super shotgun and several of the monsters) in a Doom episode.


The "lost episode" is entitled "Evil Unleashed" as an allusion to the Doom Bible.

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