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Doom: The Dark Ages is an upcoming installment in the Doom franchise The game is set to be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.[1]


The gameplay is slower than Doom Eternal and has been compared to the original Doom in that most of the combat takes place on the ground. The player is able to ride dragons and pilot Atlans.[2]

Exploration plays a role in the game. While The Dark Ages features linear combat sections, there are also wide open areas. The player will end up returning to areas they have previously fought through to explore them.[2]

Glory kills will return,[3] and the game features a parry system.[4]


The game has been described as "darker, grittier, and more cinematic" compared to Doom Eternal.[2]

The Dark Ages is a prequel to the 2016 Doom reboot.[1] According to reports, the game features the Doom Slayer being transported to a Medieval world.[5]


The following weapons have been confirmed:


The game originally had the codename/placeholder title "Year Zero." Work began on the game in 2020.[6] The first Doom game served as inspiration in regards to gameplay. The game's weapons were designed from scratch. The Siege of Minas Tirith, as depicted in the 2003 film The Return of the King, was also used as an inspiration for the game's sense of scale.[2]

In September 2023, the existence of the game was leaked via FTC documents.[7]

In early 2024, a rumor began to circulate about a new Doom game following Bethesda's newly registered trademark "IDKFA," a well-known cheat code in the series.[6] In April 2024, Tom Warren of The Verge reported that Microsoft would be making a Doom announcement later in the year.[8] This was confirmed the following month at Insider Gaming, which reported that The Dark Ages would be announced at the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase.[6]