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Doom: The Battle For Mars is a real-time strategy game set in the Doom universe. On August 27, 2007 the project was officially canceled, the last released version being Beta 3. In the game the player controls a UAC army of marines and robots. The aim of the player is to eliminate the opposing demonic forces.


The player builds various buildings such as barracks, radar domes, mineral pumps, tech centers and oxygen storage in order to eliminate the demon opposition.

The player uses several variants of the marine for combat, such as majors that wield plasma guns, bomber that carry rocket launchers, BFG gunners and commanders carrying chainguns, as well as medics that will heal units. In addition to the marines, the player can also construct robots and cyborgs as well as UAC aerospace fighters to engage the enemy.

The demon forces consist of several known-and-new faces, including spider masterminds, pinky demons, imps, cyberdemons and arch-viles, with the new faces being hell lords, paladins, stone imps, soul collectors and fire demons.

The gameplay differs somewhat from most real-time strategy games. The player must use an energizer ship to harvest energy from certain types of trees, and that energy, will power the mineral pumps that give the player money to build his/her army. Energy is also used in the creation of certain units, such as the major and BFG.

Known bugs[]

  • When you create Major or Commander, they die just after training with error message. Some users suffer from the bug and some do not.
  • When Pinky attacks, sometimes an error message appears.
  • Energizer hangs around radioactive tree and does not harvest energy. Fixed by selecting Energizer and clicking several times on the tree.
  • Bombers do not move at all. Solution has not been found. Some users suffer from the bug and some do not.