DooM News was a Doom news site that operated from 1998 to 2000. At the peak of its popularity the site was one of the three major Doom news sites, the other two being Doomworld and DoomNation.


DooM News was originally created and maintained by Justin Madigan, who was later replaced by DoomFreak. The site was first hosted by AOL[1], but in March 1998 it moved to a new host, Tha DooM Shack. In June 1999 DooM News merged with its host and started using the moniker Tha DooMShack News.

In late 2000 Tha DooM Shack went permanently offline along with the whole Shack network, which was a killing blow for Tha DooMShack News as well. After the site's death DoomFreak planned to create a replacement, but eventually never carried out his plans.

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