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Pinkies are an enemy type from Doom (2016), an unintelligent, brutish demon that relies entirely on speed and raw physical power to overcome their prey and devour them. They first appear in Argent Facility (Destroyed).

Pinkies are the returning form of the classic Demon enemy. Notably, this Doom game is the first one where "Pinky," a longtime fan nickname for the Demon used by gamers to distinguish it from other monsters, was officially adopted as the actual in-game name for the monster, while "demon" now instead refers to any Hellspawn, from the lowly Imps to the mighty Barons of Hell.

In-Game Description


These demonic animals are unnamed by those in Hell. They were colloquially named Pinkies, due to their unusual skin pigmentation, when first discovered by the Lazarus Project's Tethering Operation (MTC 2146/351). Their aggressive nature against the living is well documented.


Pinkies will charge once their prey is detected, using a cortical bone plate that covers their face as a battering ram. They accelerate quickly but have limited control while charging. Their inability to stop quickly or turn makes them vulnerable to charging over ledges or into hard surfaces, stunning them. At close range, the Pinky has a significant bite which it will use to fend off attackers. They have limited visual perception and rely primarily on pheromone detection to locate enemies. The thinner skin on their flanks does not offer as much protection and should be considered a point of weakness.

Gnawed carcasses of Pinkies have been extracted from portals, suggesting they are considered a delicacy in Hell.


Unlike the Doom 3 Pinky, this version is more similar to the original Doom version. Like in the original Doom games, the Pinky is a large, pink, bulky, muscular boar-like beast and huge tusks that are used to bite and shred foes as well as during Glory Kills. It has similar beady, glowing eyes and a gaping maw filled with sharp fangs. The Pinkies seem to have a thick layer of armour on them, covering their backs, legs, arms, and foreheads. Their flesh is pink in colour, while the armor is a shade of reddish-pink with a knurled, almost chitinous appearance and ridged with tusk-like spines, giving them a very dinosaur-like appearance.

Combat Characteristics

Introduced midway through the game rather than near the beginning, and after several other major foes, Pinkies are particularly ferocious and dangerous opponents, much tougher and far more aggressive than their classic counterpart with the ability to severely damage or outright kill players. The Pinky's main method of attack is to charge at the player in an attempt to butt them and follow up with highly damaging goring/biting attacks - their charging attack is always accompanied by a loud guttural squeal similar to a boar.

Tactical Analysis

The best way to defeat one is to attack its vulnerable, fleshy pink back with the Super Shotgun or simply use the Chainsaw, which requires three fuel to get through its thick hide. Pinkies can also be coaxed into charging and slamming against walls, stunning themselves briefly, or distracted with the Hologram to allow easy access to its backside. Due to the Pinky's heavily armoured body, the player should avoid attacking from the front, as it can take a great amount of damage before finally coming down. If forced to attack the Pinky from the front, the player should make use of the Gauss Cannon to quickly pierce its thick hide. Players should aim for the weak spot, its tail. A few shots from the Super Shotgun or either of the Combat Shotgun's mods will dispatch a Pinky easily. If timed right, the player should be able to make use of the double jump to go over the Pinky as it charges or strafe to the side, though going over it is very tricky to time right and players should only attempt it if moving to the side does not seem available. When they start charging, they generally cannot stop going in the direction they're headed, so strafing sideways will usually result in the Pinky missing the player and ramming into the nearest wall or other obstacle, whereupon it takes a second or two to recover and turn around.

Worth noting is that significant amounts of explosive damage, via barrels or the Rocket Launcher's remote detonation mod, are capable of blowing off the armor guarding the Pinky's face, enabling it to be damaged more easily from the front. However, the hitbox for the demon's face is still a great deal smaller than that of its backside, so care should be taken when the opportunity is presented.


  • The note in the Pinky's first bio that Pinkies are "unnamed by those in Hell" is almost certainly a reference to the fact that their counterparts in previous games were simply known as "Demons," despite the fact that nearly every single enemy in the franchise is some kind of demon or other.