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Delta V Jump-Boots, otherwise known as thrust boots, are a required component of the Praetor Suit. They will be acquired during the campaign as a set objective in the level Argent Energy Tower, and so are impossible to miss. They are not boots in the traditional sense, rather seen as frames with jets placed strategically to mount onto the Praetor Suit's boots. They allow a player to double jump by pressing the jump key while in midair, allowing greater mobility. They can even be used to survive death from long falls, as they will still boost the player upwards in whatever direction they are moving regardless of previous velocity.


  • Delta V refers to changes in velocity, which suits the Jump-Boots, as they can alter the player's course midair as previously mentioned. For example, when falling off from a platform on the Argent Tower climb, jumping again prior to impact will push the player up again, negating potential death.
  • The Slayer still has the Jump-Boots in Doom Eternal, and early in the game adds the ability to dash forward through the air a set distance twice like Wile E. Coyote. Although seemingly unclear, it's likely that this new Dash ability is a modification made to the Jump-Boots.