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DELTA LABS - UNKNOWN - "The Delta Complex is the most advanced research facility on Mars. Sector 1 contains the power systems, energy core distribution center, and services the administrative functions of the entire Delta Complex."

Delta Labs - Unknown: Union Aerospace Research Division is the eleventh level of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. The player fights through parts of Delta 3, Administration, Delta 2B, and Delta 4 from Doom 3 that have been corrupted by Hell.

This is the most unique level in all of Doom 3, because the entire Delta Complex is in constant dimensional flux with Hell and shows a horrifying alternate version of the area every few seconds, warping the player's vision. Bloody skeletons appear when in flux with Hell and can be interacted with until the flux stops. In the BFG Edition, this dimensional flux has been removed altogether.


  • Teleport Station 3
  • Decon Chamber 3
  • Chamber 3 Terminal
  • Chamber 3 Access
  • Hydrogen Storage Transfer
  • Executive Offices
  • Executive Office Access
  • Data Library
  • Central Processing
  • Common Area Access
  • Common Area
  • Research Lab Corridor
  • Specimen Research Lab
  • Research Control
  • Stasis Chamber
  • Lift Access
  • Lift
  • Analysis Corridor
  • Analysis Control
  • Research Control Corridor
  • Teleporter 4 Main Chamber


This is very fitting difficulty-wise and feeling for being the penultimate level. You start off in the meat tunnel from the teleporter, and are greeted by a nice gentleman in ragged clothes and is on fire. Shoot him like the rude guest you are, and listen to Betruger taunt you as a Revenant and Hell Knight spawn in. You can also grab a BFG 9000 if you missed it in the last level. You are in Delta Labs Sector 3, or at least a dilapidated version of it. Go through the still somehow working decontamination chamber and go to the security office you found a PDA inside in the original level. Fight a Revenant and some goofy Hell Zombies, along with some flaming ones. Hop through a broken window and grab some goodies before heading to the broken bridge and killing a Revenant, Hell Knight and some Forgotten Ones. Teleport to the next section.

You’re now in… Administration? You are in the room with the hellgrowth near the end of the level that used to have a PDA in it. Fight off Vulgars and a Revenant and head to the catwalk/bridge where you saw Campbell and Swann. Some Zombies come for you, kill them, and walk to an area with some Ticks, who are back in this level all the way from Delta Complex. A Revenant will spawn behind you, so beware and now you are back at the room where the Pinky scared you. Kill some Forgotten Ones and jump down only to realize that there won’t be a round two, only a disappointing fight with a Vulgar. Grab some shells and hop back up and teleport to the next section.

You’re now in Central Processing, no, not that one, you’re actually in Delta Labs Sector 2B, and just in a room labeled Central Processing. Go around some stuff and find some ammo next to a corpse and walk into the next room. Except a Hell Knight will spawn behind you, and when you turn around to kill it, a single Zombie will come out of a monster closet. Go into the next room and kill yet another Hell Knight, and go over to a counter and pick up the final PDA of the whole game, belonging to Patrick Hook, with a bunch of Emails about a locker code. Go to a junction and grab some rockets and enter the Specimen Research Lab, where you once saw Dr. Michaels dissecting an Imp. Some Vulgars spawn in, then go to the final storage cabinets, both with the code 634. Go through some rubble and enter an open room with a Hell Knight in a dark corner, and Vulgars spawning in. After, go into the Specimen Stasis Museum, unfortunately with no demon corpses or cool Emails to download, only Ticks. Kill some Zombies and take an elevator to the Soul Cube analysis room, with more zombies. Go to a C-shaped catwalk and kill a Vulgar, and then go to one of the final rooms of the original level. Kill two Revenants and teleport to the next area.

Your wild goose chase to get the Artifact to Hell has finally come to an end, as you are now before the Delta Sector 4 Teleporter. There are no Hell Knights though, just the level exit.


  • Patrick Hook




  • BFG 9000
  • Grenades
  • Bullets
  • Shells
  • Clips
  • Ammo Belts
  • Plasma Cells
  • Rockets
  • BFG Cells

Cabinet Codes[]

  • Storage Cabinet #116: Supplies - 634
  • Storage Cabinet #117: Supplies - 634


  • Not all places that are revisited here were located within the Delta Labs in Doom 3 (e.g. the room of the Demon introduction cutscene from Administration).
  • The main portal is shown active as seen in Delta 4 and not deactivated as later seen during the Delta Complex map. This, together with the existence of fresh bodies, zombies, and a recently-dated PDA, all indicate that the Delta Complex had not been abandoned, but that Betruger's latest invasion has warped it worse than Erebus or Phobos, most likely due to the existence of the teleporter to Hell within it.
  • The room with the tanks where demonic specimens are kept is visited at one point, except that the tanks are now all empty, possibly suggesting that research on the demons was halted after the events of Doom 3.


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