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Delta-Q-Delta is an album of 13 songs, plus a bonus song, contemporary "rearrangements" of Doom II music. Delta-Q-Delta was a non-profit collaboration of musicians and lovers of Doom II, the soundtrack of which having originally been composed by Robert Prince. It was released and spotlighted as OverClocked ReMix's 11th Site Project on August 8, 2008. The name of the project comes from Doom's IDDQD god mode (invulnerability) cheat code, itself named after a fraternity called Delta-Q-Delta formed by Dave Taylor during his college days.

Two additional songs for this album were created by Ashley Carr, entitled "Dance of the Mancubus" and "Still Waiting," which were rearrangements of "Shawn's Got the Shotgun" (MAP07) and "Waiting for Romero to Play" (MAP18), respectively. However, after he learned that they would be ineligible for posting on OverClocked ReMix due to the source material being based on rock songs, he withdrew them from the project. They are both available at his website.

These files are free and available for download at the project's homepage.

Track listing[]

Name Arranger Length Original track
1 megAsfear The Orichalcon 1:51 Title Screen Music (d_dm2ttl)
2 Running from Evil Horde Evil Horde 4:18 Running from Evil (MAP01)
3 Adrian's Sleep analoq 2:25 Adrian's Asleep (MAP25)
4 Westside Archvile Mazedude 5:47 Message for the Archvile (MAP20)
5 The Countdown Jovette Rivera 4:54 Countdown to Death (MAP03)
6 Crushing Headache The Orichalcon 3:52 In the Dark (MAP06)
7 Silent Healer Mazedude 4:33 The Healer Stalks (MAP02)
8 Icon of Sinwave Big Giant Circles, Flik 6:07 Opening to Hell (MAP30)
9 31 Seconds John Revoredo 2:59 Into Sandy's City (MAP09)
10 The End of Hell Mazedude, Ailsean 3:56 Endgame Music (d_read_m)
11 No Smoking Area phoenixdk 3:41 Bye Bye American Pie (MAP23)
12 The Duel Evil Horde 3:30 The Dave D. Taylor Blues (MAP08)
13 Red Waltz djpretzel 3:37 Intermission Music (d_dm2int)
* Ablaze phoenixdk 5:49 The Demon's Dead (MAP10)

* bonus track


  • Christopher Aaby ("phoenixdk") – arranger
  • Lee Barber ("The Orichalcon") – arranger, project director
  • Christopher Getman ("Mazedude") – arranger
  • Jimmy Hinson ("Big Giant Circles") – arranger
  • Jouni Lahtinen ("Necrophilissimo") – album design
  • David Lloyd ("djpretzel") – arranger, website design
  • Aaron Matthews ("analoq") – arranger
  • John Revoredo – arranger
  • Jovette Rivera – arranger
  • Janne Roivainen ("Evil Horde") – arranger
  • Chris Serani ("Flik") – arranger
  • Sean Stone ("Ailsean") – arranger

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