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DeePsea is a Doom level editor and WAD resource manager with support for any source port via custom configuration files. 3D texture alignment uses a variant of the Risen3D GL port, R3Dedit. R3Dedit is based on a real gaming engine thus provides a realistic view of the level with actual skies, special support as well as optionally showing the placement of all sprites.

It was developed by Jack Vermeleun of SB Software and is a shareware application. There is no time limit, but the maximum size of levels a user can create is limited to 800 linedefs or 1200 sidedefs for the unregistered version. DeePsea's development is ongoing.

DeePsea features

All PWAD tools are unlimited in the shareware version.

  • Map editor with 3D texture alignment (supports both line drawing or sector drawing)
  • Extensive level error checking
  • Extensive lump management tools
  • Create PWADS and IWADS
  • Import/Merge/Export any file (including WADS) with duplicate error checking
  • Direct picture format image editor, with support for tall patches
  • Texture editor
  • Palette editor
  • Colormap editor
  • Script editor and compiler
  • Sound and music playback
  • Automatic regular or GL node generation using DeePBSP
  • Automatic list of all textures used in a level or PWAD
  • Open dialog browser shows the contents of WADS without having to open them

Trivia: almost every feature within the program can be accessed by pressing the F7 key.

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