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The Death Wyvern patrolling in the Hypostyle

The Death Wyvern is the first boss encountered in Hexen, which guards the exit to the Hypostyle.

Killing the Death Wyvern is the key to unlocking the bars in front of the exit, and hence completing the Shadow Wood hub. The Death Wyvern is a returning (non-boss) enemy in Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel, where four of them are patrolling the outdoor areas of a single level.

The Death Wyvern is a formidable opponent, and should be dispatched immediately, if not sooner. It may be thought of as a much more difficult relative of the Afrit, as both creatures fly in a manner making them hard to hit and shoot damaging fireballs. It resides alone in a secluded cavern, but when encountered with other creatures, its attacks are far more vicious. The Wyvern moves along a set pathway, usually in circular patterns, and attacks any players that get in its line of sight by shooting medium-fast fireballs which explode on contact. When an attack hits the ground or a wall, not only will it make short work of anything standing there, but after a short delay, that same spot bursts into flame again, making the Death Wyvern's single attacks more damaging than other enemies in the game.

Death Wyvern close-up in its "throne"

The Death Wyvern cannot turn around in mid-flight, and is only capable of changing directions in wide arcs, so the best way to take one out is with the Wings of Wrath (available in the Hypostyle at the other side of the Wyvern's arena), as the player can just fly behind the Death Wyvern while attacking it with close-range weapons. Without the Wings, each player's third weapons (Hammer of Retribution, Firestorm, and Arc of Death) are able to kill the Wyvern after several hits, although aiming the weapons is a challenge. The Death Wyvern has 640 hit points.