"...Th...the...the...Beast...does he...hehe...not seek enhanced power? Gifts to aid him in his...noble conquest...perhaps in return for my—"
― Deag Ranak begging for his life [src]

Deag Ranak is a Hell Priest in Doom Eternal, one of three coordinating the demonic invasion of Earth at the behest of the Khan Maykr.


Deag Ranak was once a high-ranking member of the Order Deag, a priestly caste of sorcerers who stood below the great Khan Makyr in the ancient society of Argent D'Nur. He appears to have been one of the priests who investigated the "Elixir," Argent Energy, following the incursion of Hell's forces on his homeworld.

Though he seems to have once been an honourable man, consumption of the Elixir tainted and corrupted him just like the other members of the Order Deag. Along with the other two High Priests of the Deag, he served as leader to the forces loyal to the Khan Makyr during the Argenta civil war, and was instrumental in the betrayal of the Night Sentinels, arranging a false mission that left Argent D'Nur's mighty protectors scattered across the shores of Hell, with only the Doom Slayer surviving.

Ranak appears to have been the Priest most directly responsible for the invasion of Earth, having prepared a Hellgate for the demonic incursion and also briefly coordinating with Olivia Pierce on Mars to set off the initial events. He is not the most powerful of the Hell Priests, but certainly seems the most influential, and is described by the title "Viceroy to the Chaos Throne."[1]

Doom Eternal

Ranak before and after corruption

Following the demonic invasion of Earth, Ranak became the overseer of a massive facility at the North Pole run by Union Aerospace Corporation cultists, creating numerous monstrosities to aid the demon horde and seemingly also tasked with preparing for the arrival of the Doom Slayer. To this end, he supervised the retrieval of an Agaddon Hunter found in the tundral wastes, reanimating and augmenting it to create a cyborg demon he dubbed the Doom Hunter.[2][3]

Ranak joined his fellow Deag, Grav, in performing a ritual to accelerate Hell's takeover when the Doom Slayer interrupted, throwing the severed head of Nilox at their feet. Khan Maykr was forced to intervene, teleporting her remaining Hell Priests out of the tower to unknown locations before the Slayer could kill them. Ranak was sent to his Arctic facility, where he immediately began preparing for the Slayer's inevitable assault.

Despite Ranak's preparations, the Doom Slayer fought through the facility, slaying the Doom Hunters and cornering the Hell Priest. In a desperate attempt to save himself, Ranak offered to aid the Slayer's mission by granting him power and knowledge; uninterested by the offer, the Slayer simply decapitated Ranak mid-sentence with the Doomblade.


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