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"My soul remains guarded, you can't...."
― Deag Nilox last words before meeting his demise.  [src]

Deag Nilox is a Hell Priest in Doom Eternal, one of three coordinating the demonic invasion of Earth at the behest of the Khan Maykr.


Deag Nilox once served as a holy Sentinel Priest in Argent D'Nur and had been the first to discover and manipulate the gateways to Hell. However, he became corrupted by Hell's influence and the taste of Argent Energy and now follows the orders of the Khan Maykr.

Doom Eternal[]

Doom Eternal Deag Nilox Codex

Nilox before and after corruption

Nilox was charged with ensuring the success of Hell's invasion of Earth. He operates on the planet's surface, riding on his personal Hell Barge, and capturing humans to have their still-living blood harvested for his occult rituals.[1]

In his quest for vengeance against Hell and its denizens, the Doom Slayer located Deag Nilox's fortress in the Hellscape of New York City. Storming it, he made his way to Nilox's inner sanctum and immediately incapacitated the Hell Priest. As the Slayer held Nilox's neck in his grip, the Hell Priest told his killer that he cannot kill him as his soul remains guarded. But to Nilox's horror, the Slayer used a holy medallion that nullified his protection and allowing the Slayer to tear his head off.

The Slayer took Nilox's severed head and displayed it before the remaining Hell Priests. Thereafter, Nilox's head is later procured as a trophy and placed in the Fortress of Doom.