The Tyrant is a high-level enemy in Doom Eternal, based on the classic Cyberdemon.


Codex Description:  Demon Lords to the black soul pits of Babel, the Tyrants have long served as wardens and slavers of the infernal pits. Weaponized and cybernetically altered by the UAC, the Tyrants are tasked with overseeing the collection and extraction of sin-branded souls from the mortal world, their role in Hell ordained by the unholy sigil of the Elder Hell-gods. A sadistic master of lesser demons, the Tyrants are feared for their cruelty and malice.

Physical Appearance

The Tyrant is a recreation of the original Doom's Cyberdemon rather than the more bulky and heavy-set variant encountered in the previous game. It is tan in color, with long curving black horns and two small, beady black eyes set very far apart from each other. The Tyrant has a flat face with flush nostrils, and lacks any kind of lips, exposing sharp teeth with two large upward-facing tusks as the lower canines. It lacks the split jaw found on the Doom 2016 version of the monster.

The creature's pelvis and entire right leg are cybernetic replacements, while the left leg has a cybernetic upper section but is mostly organic. Its left arm has been replaced with a weapon which is very similar in design to the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon's weapon. The abdomen of the Tyrant is exposed, revealing a mixture of wires and gore inside of the body. It has some kind of port on the left side of its chest similar to the Argent Accumulator port of its predecessor. When superficial damage is sustained it is revealed that its skeleton is made of metal, this is probably to further reinforce its already impressive armor.

Combat Characteristics

A Tyrant is a slow-moving powerhouse, extremely tough and able to dish out high damage, with its main weakness being slow turning speed. It shares some of the attacks of the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon, though some are pared down in respect to its status as a regular enemy rather than a boss fought on its own.

Its primary attack is to aim its arm cannon directly at the Slayer to lock on a powerful "seeker wave," producing laser beams from the tips of the four outer tubes of the launcher. This will produce a lock-on warning and the lock can be evaded using dashes or double jumps.

Less commonly, typically if it has no line of sight, a Tyrant will point its gun at the sky, producing a series of warning circles on the ground before firing off a barrage of missiles that hit the marked points. This attack is significantly toned down from the version used by the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon, only hitting a relatively small area rather than saturating most of an arena.

At close range a Tyrant will form an energy sword resembling the Crucible blade from its right forearm and swing it at the Slayer, dealing high damage if it connects.


Tyrants are one of the bigger threats in the late game, and it is vital to never lose track of where they are and what they are doing. Their high HP warrants the use of the most powerful weapons the player has to put them out of commission as soon as possible. Late on they are often encountered in pairs, and the Master Levels are particularly fond of featuring them.

As noted above, their Achilles' heel is their slow turn speed: this allows the player to get in close and stay behind them quite effectively, and at very short range they go down quickly to hits from the Super Shotgun. If it is fully leveled, repeatedly using the Meat Hook to swing behind a Tyrant and deliver a point-blank shot will both deal enormous damage and top up a significant amount of armor. The Rocket Launcher is also a good weapon at dealing damage to it. However, the easiest way of putting a Tyrant down is to fire both shots from the BFG. A fully loaded Unmakyr is an even better weapon at dealing with it as it still maintains ammo even after the target is killed.

Unlike the Cyberdemon of 2016, the Tyrant is not classified as a boss enemy and will die in a single swing of the Crucible or a single Berserk hit like any other normal demon.

Tyrants are surprisingly prone to infighting, and since demons in Doom Eternal cannot actually kill each other with infighting they sometimes start off fights distracted by low-level enemies until the player intervenes.



  • While appearing to have an entirely organic head at first, damage to the left side of a Tyrant's face will reveal a metal plate underneath the skin with a red robotic eye. This is most likely a reference to the Terminator franchise, in which the titular android is iconically often revealed to be as such in a similar manner.
  • A loading screen tip advises that the best way to defeat a Tyrant is to "shoot it until it dies," a clear reference to the infamous faked GamePro "protip" for the original Cyberdemon battle in the Tower of Babel instructing to do the same.
  • The codex entry for the Tyrant notes that it is slow to turn and that the player should use this to their advantage. This may be another reference to the classic Cyberdemon, who was similarly slow to turn and easily bested through the use of circle-strafing.
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