The Cyberdemon as it appears in the Steam store video

The Cyberdemons are enemies in Doom Eternal. Unlike its Previous incarnation, this version is heavily inspired by the original version of the beast. In this game, it is called the Tyrant.

Physical Appearance

The Doom Eternal Cyberdemon is a modern recreation of the original Doom's Cyberdemon. It is tan in color, with long curving black horns and two small, beady black eyes set very far apart from each other. The cyberdemon lacks any sort of nose, and has a large mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, lacking the split jaw found on the Doom (2016) version of the monster. Its right leg is cybernetic and green in color. Its left arm has been replaced with a rocket launcher which is very similar in design to the Doom 2016 Cyberdemon's rocket launcher. The abdomen of the Cyberdemon is exposed, revealing a mixture of wires and gore inside of the body. Like its 2016 counterpart, it appears to have an Argent Accumulator on the left side of its chest.


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