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The Cyber-Mancubus is a cybernetic version of the normal Mancubus that possesses more armor and a substantially more powerful toxic bile weapon. It is first seen in the Advanced Research Complex.

In-Game Description


The Mancubus strain of demon has long been a subject of fascination among Lazarus Project scientists. Eager to understand the biology of these creatures, a team of biogeneticists (led by Dr. Pierce herself) was formed to research and manipulate the behavior and effect of the creatures.


The work of Dr. Pierce and her biogeneticists proved successful and several Cybernetic Mancubi are currently held in captivity within the Lazarus Project laboratories. They are held under the strictest UAC security protocols, so there is no chance of an escape [citation needed].


The Cybernetic Mancubus differs from its naturally occurring brethren in several ways. The chitinous growth on each arm has been replaced with a UAC developed rifling barrel, which allows the Mancubus to fire its bile at much greater distances. The resulting ejection however, does not ignite. The bile is still highly toxic, and will quickly poison any organic creature it hits. Their behavior has also been modified to make them favor a longer engagement distance to compliment their long range bio-sniping weapon.

While attempts have been made to provide better fitting armor to these cybernetic monsters, they invariably outgrow their uniform within a few weeks.


The Cyber-Mancubus looks like its normal counterpart, but with a few technical differences as it has been equipped with a dark cyan armor and modern machinery. For instance, the top of its head has been covered with a helmet which holds its mouth open and a visor, which are both connected to an apparatus on its back. The latter also connects with tubes to its arm cannons, which replaces its natural flamethrowers. The chest plate of the Cyber-Mancubus has the UAC logo on it rather than the demonic rune its predecessor had and the scar under the chestplate has now been closed and refined. Little details like green lights and small louvers are also located on some parts of the armor.

Combat Characteristics

The Cyber-Mancubus utilises attacks similar to that of the regular Mancubus. However, instead of flame, it launches organic bile from the Mancubus' body that is highly corrosive. It also deals out higher damage than the Mancubus and takes more hits to kill. It has a unique attack where it shoots out two plasma balls, creating hazardous pools of liquid that persist for a short period of time.

Tactical Analysis

The Cyber-Mancubus is a slow monster, so in order to kill it the player should use the Heavy Assault Rifle with Micro Missiles or the Rocket Launcher with Lock-On-Burst. The Chainsaw requires 3 "ammo" fuel to insta-kill the Cyber-Mancubus.