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Cultist Base, also known as the "Cursed Citadel," is an Arctic facility that was owned by the UAC that Deag Ranak took over to make Doom Hunters. It serves as the third level of Doom Eternal. In this level you will face a Doom Hunter as a miniboss.


The UAC Cultists operate from a remote facility located in the Arctic tundra of Greenland. The entire region is filled with ruins, and remains of demonic skeletons, of various types of enemys, including Doom Hunters, and a skull of a Baalgar demon, and what is apparently a Titan skeleton under the sea. These skeletons and ruins appear to be dug up, and used in the research at the citadel.

Built over the ruins of an ancient Argenta settlement, the Cultist facility has been designed as both a gothic monument to the ancient architecture and a state-of-the art science facility. Tablets and memory banks found at the settlement indicate that the Order of the Deag discovered Earth millennia ago and found it to be populated with powerful, primeval beasts. They named these creatures 'Agaddons', due to their similarity to the mythic cyclopean giant from Argent D'Nur's past, the Aggaddian. An ancient Argenta colony from around 60 million years ago.

The Facility also manufacture numbers of demons type most notably the Revenant, the Mancubus, and the Doom Hunters that has gone mass produced.


After retrieving the celestial locator and powered it up, VEGA directs the Slayer to a citadel in the Arctic where Deag Ranak has taken refuge, the Slayer teleported in two the ruins of the location and fight his way to the facility. When he opened the shutters of one area he was, the citadel itself was presented in front of him, after that Deag Ranak confronts the Slayer via a hologram taunting him before disappearing, through out he fights and on his way to the citadel Deag Ranak encourages the demons to fight him, while saying he's weak, probably to motivate them into facing him head before being killed by the Slayer. Once he entered the facility Deag Ranak gives a speech to his cultist promising them a new world in exchange for eating his soul with words suggesting he might know some personal information about the Slayer and a shared history between the two, nonetheless they continue to die by his hands. VEGA later informed the Slayer that his Super Shotgun is nearby and describing it as a relic from his past that the Priest had kept it hidden from him thought this remote location, the Slayer then attempts to reclaim his Super Shotgun via a Revenant drone since there was no way the Slayer could reach his weapon from where he is. He successfully reclaimed the Super Shotgun and proceeds further through the facility, Deag Ranak yet again taunts him when he reaches a big corpse of an Aggadon hunter on a cross that Slayer must push to unlock a path forward. Deag Ranak taunts him again then dares him to come find him and that he'll be waiting, the Slayer then fights his way to the terrordome locating in the other side of the location, he slew all the demons then heads towards the train to advance on his quest to kill the Hell priest.


  • Mancubus
  • Whiplash

Fast Travel Points

  • Grotto of Penance
  • Station of Inquisition
  • Basilica of Adjuration
  • Forge of Transfiguration
  • Promenade of Culling
  • Station of Annointment


  • The cold arctic conditions and sci-fi aspects of the level recall the VEGA Central Processing level in Doom (2016).
  • With its ancient gothic architecture, desolate setting, and oppressive sense of evil transcending that provided by Deag Ranak, the level brings back a spirit of Lovecraftian horror recalled by the original Quake which, while an interest of John Romero, was never really developed any further until now.