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For information about the weapon from Heretic, see Ethereal Crossbow.

Using the crossbow with electric bolts.

The poison crossbow.

The Crossbow is a weapon in Strife. The Crossbow uses two different types of bolts. One type is an Electric bolt that does improved damage to mechanical targets like Sentinels and Stalkers. However, the base damage is weak against mid to high tier enemies such as Crusaders and Inquisitors. The second bolt type is the Poison bolt. It is useless against machines, however fatal to human or humanoid targets, such as Peasants, Acolytes, and all variations of them as they will be instantly killed in a stealthy way. The crossbow, when used with poison bolts, can be used to pick off people like Harris or Governor Mourel to avoid sounding the alarms they set on death.

The ammo capacity for electric bolts is 50, and 25 for poison bolts. Both are doubled (making the capacity 100 and 50, respectively) upon finding an Ammo Satchel. Picking up a Crossbow gives 8 electric bolts. This weapon can be obtained inside the Sanctuary or through accepting the quest from Rowan or Harris.

Electric Bolts can be bought at the main weapon store in town at 5 coins for 20 Electric Bolts. Poison Bolts can be bought from Irale's black market, next door to the main weapon store for 200 coins, about midway into the game.