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[MKDooM]: CRINGE! is a Doom episode by Mark Klem.

This episode is divided into separate PWADs for the sound, graphics, music and levels.

Eric Sargent is the author of the secret level of the episode.

Notably, nine of the twelve new songs in this episode were later reused, in improved form, in Memento Mori. They are:

  1. The intermission screen song (Memento Mori intermission screen)
  2. The text screen song (Memento Mori text screen)
  3. E2M1 theme (Memento Mori MAP01)
  4. E2M2 theme (Memento Mori MAP06)
  5. E2M3 theme (Memento Mori MAP08)
  6. E2M4 theme (Memento Mori MAP03)
  7. E2M5 theme (Memento Mori MAP14)
  8. E2M6 theme (Memento Mori MAP13)
  9. E2M7 theme (Memento Mori MAP02)