Crash is one of the many playable Characters in Quake III Arena, Quake III: Team Arena, and Quake Live. She has a history related to the Doom universe.


Once, she was Doom's military instructor. Now the Arena Eternal tests Crash's mettle to the extreme-extreme patience, that is. She is the trainer who introduces new warriors to the skills of battle.

She was hired to be the trainer for the Arena Eternal.

She has a history and connection to both Doom (B.J. Blazkowicz III/Doom Slayer) and Xaeros (the master of the Arena Eternal).


  • The match against Crash is an easy one; needing the first to five frags to win. The bot has a auto taunt program that every time you say something to her she says something random back. She is the only bot who does this, giving the impression of talking to the player.
  • According to the devleopers Quake Champions is a prequel to Quake Arena. As she only appears in Quake III Arena and Quake Live (canonacity to the Doom series is unknown), Crash does not appear in any Doom game. And is thus only known in Quake III Arena and Quake Live.
  • Quake Champions appears to set Doom (character)'s Quake appearances as part Doom Slayer complete history. Canonically Quake Champions is a prequel to Quake III Arena. The game also establishes that Doom Slayer is the same character from Quake Arena/Live, but also the original Doom Trilogy/Final Doom/64, as well as Doom 3. According to Tom Hall, the Doom Marine is the descendent of William J. Blazkowicz and Commander Keen.[1]
  • Quake Champions also establishes that the events surrounding Crash, Doom, and Phobos is a sperate event from the events of the original doom. Doom Marine armor represents events of Doom, while the Arena armor represents the backstory given for the characters in Arena. Each suit lists the lore associated with the game it appeared in.
  • Like all the AI in Quake Games, its possible to have a chat with the characters, in which they have various things to say, sometimes funny sometimes related to their histories, etc.