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Congestion 1024 is a 2005 megawad for Doom II. All maps are designed so that the playing area fits entirely within a 1024×1024-sized area. Authors were allowed to define sectors outside of this area for the purposes of gameplay, detail and scenery, as long as they are not reachable. MAP01 and MAP19, however, include accessible areas outside of the 1024×1024 boundary.

This project was influenced by the Exquisite Corpse community WAD.

Although the soundtrack contains songs from other sources (notably the theme of Memento Mori II MAP10: Clear for Death as the theme of MAP01: Water Facility,) much of it consists of original compositions by Ray Schmitz (shitbag).

A spiritual successor, Claustrophobia 1024, was released in 2009.


  • MAP01: Water Facility by Nick Laurent (hobomaster)
  • MAP02: Garden of the Descent by iori
  • MAP03: Dilapidation by Ray Schmitz (shitbag)
  • MAP04: Outpost 1024 by Ian Cunnings (The Flange Peddler)
  • MAP05: Autumn in Hell by Ray Schmitz (shitbag)
  • MAP06: Departure Point by Nick Laurent (hobomaster)
  • MAP07: Dead Small by Lee Szymanski
  • MAP08: A Jagged Stroll by Ray Schmitz (shitbag)
  • MAP09: Monday Morning by Jeffrey Graham (Psyren)
  • MAP10: Gothika 1024 by Ray Schmitz (shitbag)
  • MAP11: Caco District by Thomas Lutrov (Lutrov71)
  • MAP12: Warehouse 667 by Ray Schmitz (shitbag)
  • MAP13: The Focus II by Coen Blazer (DoomedAce)
  • MAP14: House of Shadows by Jeffrey Graham (Psyren)
  • MAP15: Bantam by Mike Watson (Cyb)
  • MAP16: Deja View by Lee Szymanski
  • MAP17: Omega Outpost by Lee Szymanski
  • MAP18: Tutorial #99 by Nick Laurent (hobomaster)
  • MAP19: Lip Service by Brandon Potgiesser
  • MAP20: Claustrophobic Sting by Ian Cunnings (The Flange Peddler)
  • MAP21: Corpse Yard by Coen Blazer (DoomedAce)
  • MAP22: Prison Escape by Kimmo Kumpulainen (Jimi)
  • MAP23: Close Quarters by Michael Philleo (Job)
  • MAP24: Zyklon B by Justin Nagy (Stealthy Ivan)
  • MAP25: Stein und Stahl by Brandon Bannerman (Catsy)
  • MAP26: Marbelous by Richard Hardacre (Cycloid)
  • MAP27: Tower of Hades by Ian Cunnings (The Flange Peddler)
  • MAP28: A Bridge Too Far by Ian Cunnings (The Flange Peddler)
  • MAP29: Magus by Brandon Potgiesser
  • MAP30: Nullified Departure by Ian Cunnings (The Flange Peddler) and Thomas Lutrov (Lutrov71)
  • MAP31: Archville Madness by Kimmo Kumpulainen (Jimi)
  • MAP32: Nullspace Junior by Russell Pearson

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