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The computer area map (or just computer map according to the manuals) is a powerup that appears as a gray box with a screen, similar to a computer monitor, upon which is displayed a series of green blueprints. Picking one up will cause all unexplored lines in the current level (excluding those flagged not to appear) to be shown on the automap in gray.

The computer area map's power can also be obtained with the cheat code idbeholda. (The iddt cheat code is similar but reveals even more information, although it does not distinguish between seen and unseen areas.)

Computer maps last the duration of the level where they are picked up.

This item is included in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level. However, after one map item is obtained in a single player game, any additional map items on the same level cannot be picked up. In multiplayer it is possible to pick up another computer map after dying and respawning.

Computer area map data
Thing type 2026 (decimal), 7EA (hex)
Appears in Shareware Doom
Registered Doom
Ultimate Doom
Doom II/Final Doom
Radius 20
Sprite PMAP
Class Artifact

Appearance statistics[]

The IWADs contain the following numbers of computer area maps per skill level:

Game 1-2 3 4-5
The Ultimate Doom 15 15 15
Doom II: Hell on Earth 8 8 8
TNT: Evilution 9 9 10
The Plutonia Experiment 4 4 4


  • The computer area map somewhat resembles a Vectrex game console from the 1980s.
  • In Doom 64 the computer area map resembles a large, oblong-shaped computer chip with a black screen and red lines scraggled across it.
  • MAP27: Monster Condo in Doom II and MAP28: The Sewers in The Plutonia Experiment have two computer area maps, making it impossible to get 100% items on those levels without the use of a source port that allows more than one map to be picked up per level.

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