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Community Chest 3 is a 2007 megawad that contains 32 new levels, made by members of the Doomworld community. It requires a Boom-compatible source port to play. It is the second sequel to Community Chest, preceded by Community Chest 2. Community Chest 3 was one of the winners of Doomworld's Cacowards in 2007.

It was originally started in early 2005 by Andrew Stine as a ZDoom project. When progress later proved lacking, however, the project was cancelled. In the summer of 2006, it was revived by Andy Leaver as a Boom project, and was eventually released on November 22, 2007. On November 26, 2007, a hotfix was released to fix bugs in a few maps (notably MAP05: Living Hell), along with some other changes.


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